Rescue motherwort: instructions for use

The motherwort completely corresponding to its own name instantly populates abandoned land, wastelands. Of all the variety of species of this unique herb, only three are considered medicinal - medicinal or hearty, five-lobed and Turkestan, common in Central Asia. Representativemotherwort instruction manualfamily of Labiaceae, this perennial has a very unassuming appearance, but it is impossible to confuse it with representatives of other families. This is a strong direct plant, reaching a meter in height, well leafy, the stem is covered with light, frequent hairs, for which it is often called "hairy." In addition, this unique giant is a real fount of wonderful healing qualities, the first mention of which dates from the end of the fourteenth century. Already in those days, our wise ancestors knew a great deal about its remarkable properties to exert a general calming and strengthening effect, to cope with heart neuroses, insomnia, enhance immunity and stabilize the human nervous system.

Characteristics of the substance

Motherwort grass, collected during the flowering period and dried, is a medicinal plant material. The active substance is motherwort herb extract. Its composition contains flavonoid glycosides, alkaloids, saponins,motherwort instructiontannins, iridoid monoterpenes, ascorbic acid, diterpenic bitterness, essential oils, mineral salts.

Release form

Preparations produced by Russian manufacturers on the basis of the motherwort herb are made in the form of an infusion, liquid extract and alcohol tincture, which is a transparent greenish liquid with a grassy bitter taste and a slight odor. In addition, Pustyrnik is made in the form of tablets of 14 mg in packages of various capacities - 10, 30, 40, 50 and 100 pieces each.

Application area

The unique herb, which contains unique compounds of vitamins, essential oils, organic acids, alkaloids, tannins, flavonoids and mineral salts, is widely used in traditional and traditional medicine, as well as homeopathy. Motherwort, instructions for use of which is considered in the article, is used:motherwort overdose

• in the treatment of CNS disorders (various types of neurosis, insomnia, hysteria, vascular dystonia, panic attacks, menopausal syndrome, epileptic seizures);

• in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases as a means to lower blood pressure and relieve spasms of large vessels, manifestations of tachycardia and cardiac arrhythmias, prevention of strokes and heart attacks;

• as a painkiller and diuretic;

• for excretion of salts and slags.

Essential oils that are part of the leaves and inflorescences of motherwort, help bring the central nervous system in order: eliminate manifestations of chronic fatigue, agitation, irritation, insomnia, increase stress resistance, eliminate vegetative disruptions and panic attacks. It is difficult to overestimate the use of such a procedure as a bath with the addition of an extract of this herb, soothing excited nervous background, enhancing immunity, mood and eliminating negative thoughts. The content of rutin in the tool helps to restore blood circulation and strengthen the elasticity of the walls of blood vessels.It has long been proven the effectiveness of motherwort in preventive purposes to prevent the development of angina, atherosclerosis, heart attacks and strokes. In homeopathy, it is used in complaints of heart problems, flatulence and hyperthyroidism.

pharmachologic effect

Providing a sedative effect, motherwort regulates the state of the central nervous system, lowers increased nervousness, weakens the convulsive effect of analeptics, is successfully used in the treatment of neurasthenia, normalizes heart rhythms withmotherwort testimonyvegetative dystonia, lowers blood pressure, has a positive effect on the course of diseases such as angina, cardiosclerosis and myocarditis, relieves vascular spasms, has diuretic, anti-inflammatory and tonic effect. Motherwort (instructions for use especially notes), providing a strong sedative effect, however, is not a hypnotic, but relieves CNS arousal and facilitates the onset of sleep, contributing to the most complete relaxation of the body at this time. Herbal components of the drug eliminate even the slightest degree of addiction or psychological dependence on it.This remarkable property allows you to use motherwort for a long time without resorting to replacing it with other drugs.


Reception of the drug "Pustyrnik" carry out inside for an hour before meals, 1 tablet three times or four times a day. To enhance the overall sedative effect possible combination with the preparations of Valerian, without going beyond the permitted doses. Means in a liquid state is applied orally for an hour before meals:

• infusion - 50-100 ml twice a day;motherwort drug

• tincture - 30-50 drops three times a day;

• liquid extract - 15-20 drops three times a day.

Pregnancy and lactation

Motherwort tablets, the instructions for which prohibits use during pregnancy, stimulate the smooth muscles of the uterus, which can lead to the threat of miscarriage or more unpleasant consequences. There is no direct ban on taking the drug by nursing mothers, however, it is useful to get a preliminary consultation of your doctor before using it. It is possible that he will make their own adjustments to the dosage or duration of administration.

Contraindications and side effects

Absolutely all drugs have their own contraindications. Consider the negative aspects of the action of Pustyrnik. The instruction notes: due to the content in the preparation of substances that slow down the conduction of neurons, and, consequently, the work of the central nervous system, the drug should be taken from those whose production activity requires high concentration of attention and speed of reactions. Acceptance of motherwort will require the rejection of the management of road transport in order to avoid accidents. Categorically you can not use drugs based on this herb:

• People suffering from bradycardia (slowing heart rate with a rate of contraction less than 55 per minute).motherwort application

• Persons with persistent low blood pressure. The property of motherwort drugs to lower blood pressure makes the use of funds extremely undesirable for hypotensive.

• Sufferers of gastrointestinal diseases in the acute stage (gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, erosive gastritis).

Use with caution should be allergic and persons prone to hypersensitivity or intolerance to the components of the drug "Motherwort."Instructions for the use of drugs based on this plant warns: when allergic reactions occur, urgently stop taking the remedy and take measures to alleviate the symptoms that have arisen - inject an antihistamine.


Uncontrolled use of the drug in maximum doses is fraught with cardiac disturbance and central nervous system depression, and overdose with motherwort can cause serious poisoning and functional disorders in the work of the heart, blood vessels, and the nervous system.

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