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Cherepovets, being in size, economic potential and population more than Vologda - the regional center of the region in which it is located, is located not far from the Rybinsk reservoir, at the place where the Yagorba river flows into Sheksna. The very first written mention of this city dates back to 1362.Resurrection Cathedral Cherepovets address

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It was then that the Resurrection Monastery was erected here. The founders of this ancient monastery are the venerable Athanasius and Theodosius. Small villages gradually began to appear around the monastery. The largest of which was considered Fedotievo. It was in his place that the city of Cherepovets was later formed. Vologda region is generally rich in monuments. The region is famous for its works of cultural heritage - handwritten books, handicrafts, paintings and, of course, stone and wooden architecture.One of them is the Resurrection Cathedral (Cherepovets), the history and description of which are presented in this article. It was part of the eponymous male monastery, which by its decree in 1764 abolished the Empress Catherine II. Today only the Resurrection Cathedral (Cherepovets) reminds of the existence of this ancient monastery.Vologda Region


In the city there is not a single person who does not know about the existence of this shrine. Towering on the Cathedral Hill, the majestic Resurrection Cathedral (Cherepovets), whose address is Sovetsky Avenue, Building 1, attracts the attention of locals and tourists at any time of the year. In the summer, the multifaceted overflow of its roofs, glistening in the sun, is striking, and in winter - the majestic domes, powdered with snow and, thanks to the whiteness, merging with the rest of the temple. Having a very good location, the Resurrection Cathedral (Cherepovets) became one of those few places in the city that remained beyond the control of the bustle of life. Here it is possible in the atmosphere of peace and quiet to reflect on what is really important for a person. There is a beautiful park near the temple, so it seems from a distance that it was built in the garden.

Description of the Resurrection Cathedral

Cherepovets, being a fairly large and developed city, annually receives thousands of people who come here. Many come here on business or just as tourists. But there is not a single person who, having visited him, would not have visited the Resurrection Cathedral. Cherepovets, after all, arose precisely because of the eponymous male monastery, since it was precisely the settlement around it that became the beginning of this city. Therefore, this shrine is often called his heart. The monastery was burned several times, and finally, in 1732, the first stone church was built, which later became the Resurrection Church.Resurrection Cathedral Cherepovets pilgrim trips

The architecture of the cathedral is very typical for the second half of the eighteenth century. It contains very few features characteristic of the Old Russian style. Mostly dominated here are the classic lines characteristic of the Moscow school. Initially, the Resurrection Cathedral (Cherepovets) was simply a cubic structure. Today, going inside this monastery, you can see its most ancient components, for example, a place for prayer, located between the columns, as well as the altar part. In the nineteenth century, the temple expanded sufficiently at the expense of western extensions.


Currently, the Resurrection Cathedral (Cherepovets) has three altars.They were completely restored at the very beginning of this century. However, it should be noted that the restoration work in the church and in the area adjacent to the monastery are held constantly. In particular, quite recently a source in which fish swim is arranged in front of the belfry.

Towards the Sheksna River, on the cathedral’s territory, tourists can see a memorial wooden cross erected in memory of St. Theodosius and Athanasias, who founded the Resurrection Monastery. A little further along the Soviet Avenue there is a chapel of the prep. Philip Irapesky. It also belongs to the temple complex. Above the main entrance to the Resurrection Cathedral (Cherepovets) a beautiful mosaic depicting the face of Jesus Christ was made.Resurrection Cathedral Cherepovets

The history of the monastery

The appearance of the cathedral overgrown with many legends and traditions. The most famous says that one of the bright Sundays in Sheksna, a Moscow merchant sailed in the direction of Beloozer, carrying his goods for sale. Suddenly everything around me quickly turned dark, and the ship ran aground. This phenomenon impressed the merchant, who began to pray. Soon before the eyes of all those present on the ship appeared an incredibly amazing picture.The neighboring mountain covered with forest seemed to be engulfed in fire, and along the valley, rays of very bright light began to emanate from it, as if indicating the desired path. The ship got off the ground and swam closer, but this phenomenon quickly disappeared.

The merchant was so greatly shocked that he went ashore and climbed this mountain. Here, a gaze appeared to his gaze: a small river squirmed in unusual zigzags on a valley covered with dense forest, and the Sheksna's silver ribbon stretched to the east. The merchant marked this place with a cross. A year later, he returned here again to build a small chapel on this site. He decorated it with the icon of the Resurrection of Christ.Description Resurrection Cathedral Cherepovets

After a while, two monks visited the chapel - Athanasius and Theodosius. They set up the Resurrection Monastery here. For the first time the monastery and the Vologda region in this connection are mentioned as early as the middle of the fifteenth century in the chartered diploma of Belozersky Prince Mikhail Andreevich.

Interior decoration

Resurrection Cathedral (Cherepovets) received its status only in 1987. In the eighties of the last century, it was begun to be restored. In 1985, its domes were restored, seven years later the iconostasis was gilded and stone floors were laid.At the beginning of this century, the Resurrection Cathedral (Cherepovets) finally acquired its present appearance.

Among the main treasures of the cathedral are the relics of many holy saints. To the left of the main entrance you can see the shrine with the remains of John the Baptist and the Great Martyr Barbara, and on the other hand, the Monk Alexander of Svir. The main decoration of the temple is frescoes. They depict the appearance of Christ to Mary Magdalene, his rising from the grave, the carrying of the cross, as well as the Gethsemanan struggle and many other paintings.Resurrection Cathedral Cherepovets history


Resurrection Cathedral (Cherepovets) for almost two decades is considered the Orthodox center of the city. There is a library and a Sunday school at the temple. Church classes and talks with parishioners visiting the Resurrection Cathedral (Cherepovets) are constantly held. Pilgrimage trips carried out by believers to many parts of the region, for example, to the villages of Nelazskoye or Sepanovskoye, made these settlements known. Thanks to such actions, their parishes became famous. Many Cherepovets parishioners happily make pilgrimage trips organized by the Resurrection Cathedral.This temple is known not only in the city itself, but also beyond. Many travelers decide to visit Cherepovets only to see this shrine and enjoy its beauty.

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