Route M2. Destination - Crimea

The M2 route is a 720 road to Crimeakm, leading from Moscow and ending in Yalta. Most often this route is used by tourists from Moscow, Tula, Orel, Kursk, Belgorod (the highway passes through these cities) to get to the Southern coast of Crimea.

Like all routes in Russia and Ukraine, this road also has its own peculiarities and problem areas, so let's talk about its individual sections.

route m2Moscow-Serpukhov

The first hundred kilometers of the Moscow region is the mostwell-maintained and well-maintained part of the highway "Crimea". This is a modern highway in two lanes for each direction, without intersections, pedestrian crossings and railway crossings. The roadway is flat, often repaired.

The route M2 through the territory of the Moscow region passes slightly east of Podolsk, Chekhov, Serpukhov, Klimovsk.

The points of qualified medical care are on the 36th, 51st and 74th kilometers of the road. On the way there are many cafes, gas stations, hotels and shops.


This site occupies 91 km. Route M2 here narrows to one lane in each direction, but the road surface is still of high quality. The first problematic area is the bridge across the Oka, on which traffic jams often accumulate. To travel around it does not make sense - the nearest bridge is far enough.

Congestion is also found on the Tula bypass road, so it is better to go through the city - and it turns out faster, and the sights can be seen.

On this site there are many steep descents and ascents, so warriors need to be especially careful.

routes of RussiaTula-Orel

The M2 highway runs here for 190 kilometers. The road is still the same narrow, with an acceptable quality of the road surface and a lot of turns on the secondary roads. Special caution requires the passage of a steep turn at the 268th kilometer of the road.

The main problem of this section of the highway is deep curbs without fences.

Orel - Kursk

The distance between these cities along the motorway is 160 kilometers. The route M 2 in the Kursk region is becoming very bad due to the quality of the road surface. The road is narrow, many hummocks, dangerous curbs.

Exceeding the speed in the Kursk region is not recommended, because there are many traffic police posts with radars. Permanent posts are on the 388th, 406th, 407th and 466th kilometers.

route m 2Kursk-Belgorod

The path takes 140 km. About the quality of roads in the Kursk region, we have already said. Particularly difficult in this respect is a section of the road - 30 kilometers from the village of Medvenka to Oboyan.

In the Belgorod region, the situation is significantly improved - the coating again becomes smooth and practically free of defects. In some places, the M2 route again expands to two lanes.

Belgorod - Nehoteevka

This area to the border with Ukraine is 38kilometers. The track becomes simply chic - wide, with a new asphalt. Near Nekhoteyevka jams often occur, which is connected with the passage of a border post and customs.

Next begins the territory of Ukraine, but the quality of roads there is the same as in Russia.

So do not break the rules, stop to rest on time, and then a long trip to Crimea will bring only pleasure and a lot of new impressions.

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