RSh-12 - assault revolver (photo)

RSh-12 - assault revolver caliber 12 mm - oneof the heaviest and massive pistols in the world. It was developed at the beginning of the 2000s at the Tula KBP for a 12.7 x 55 mm cartridge, which was also suitable for the assault machine ASh-12.

The gun has a solid metal frame andleaning to the left a drum for five rounds. Why this weapon is considered one of the best in the world for shooting at close range, we will try to find out in this article.

Revolver RSh-12. Prehistory of creation

According to many experts, the pistol is the most powerful military revolver in the world, which uses a large-caliber cartridge from a sniper rifle.

The origin of weapons occurred in the 2000s inTula, where at that time the rifle "Exhaust" was designed. After all, decades ago, special forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs used the same weapons as the army. For example, if AKM was the main combat weapon for the army, the spetsnaz owned AKM (SL). These machines used the same kind of cartridges - 7.62x39 mm.

In the late 80's - early 90's, the special forces switched to a 9x39 mm combat cartridge and, naturally, to the new armament - VCT Vintorez and AS Val, and after a while - to SR-3 Vikhri.

rsh 12 assault revolver

The Birth of a Pistol

In the zero years was created an updated sniper rifle for a 12.7 x 55 mm ammunition. For this cartridge in 2011, the PCB was equipped with the assault machine ASh-12 and RSh-12 (assault revolver).

Ammunition for the pistol

To understand what power hasdescribed weapons, it is necessary to plunge into the history of the creation of his patron. For example, let's take the United States, where revolvers using .357 "Magnum" are very famous. This cartridge is about 9x33 mm in size. It is much higher in power than 9x19 mm "Parabellum", it has a stronger stopping effect and punching energy.

Such pistols are used by some armies of countriesNATO. Also Americans like .44 "Magnum", which corresponds to the caliber of 10,9x33 mm. This is even more powerful cartridge, superior in its parameters, even the famous ammunition for the "Colt".

Such revolvers with powerful cartridges canmeet with the common people and some American officers who bought it themselves. All these ammunition for pistols and even a cartridge with a caliber of 12.7x33 mm are fading in front of our sample of 12.7x55 mm, which is more powerful than all those described in 1.5 times. Just under such a patron and developed a pistol (revolver) RSh-12.

revolver rsh 12

Variety of cartridges for a revolver

Under the RSh-12 and the AS-12 submachine gun, several types of ammunition were created:

1. PS-12A is a very light bullet. This type of cartridge is designed for shooting in a metropolis with peaceful inhabitants. After all, such a bullet in short sectors passes on to the enemy all his strength, often leading to the loss of limbs. However, even at a distance of more than 100 meters, it loses its power and is not capable of damaging the casual passer-by.

2. The revolver, whose photo we see in the article, is also equipped with a PD-12 cartridge, which has the same characteristics as the PS-12A, but has two bullets, which are located in the cartridge case one by one. Thus, when firing at the enemy, not one but two bullets fly, which increases the compactness of the fire. In this case, they also lose their lethal force after 100 meters.

3. PS-12 with a heavy bullet. By its design the cartridge is similar to "Magnum", only more powerful. It has excellent stopping parameters and breakdown force. His task is to hit body armor, and the force of impact is such that even if the bullet does not penetrate the armor, then its owner may not survive such a hit.

4. The assault gun 12 is equipped with a PS-12B cartridge with a bullet of armor-piercing power. So, all of the above ammunition is designed to fire on non-armored targets. Their task is to get rid of it as far as possible when it hits the target.

PS-12B, having an armor-piercing bullet, not onlyhas a stopping effect, but can penetrate the defense of the 6th grade and higher, leaving no chance to any opponent dressed in common models of bulletproof vests.

5. Sniper ammunition SC-130, which is also the main ammunition in the rifle "Exhaust", permits to conduct accurate fire at a distance of 200-300 meters.

gun revolver

Revolver RSh-12: characteristics

Such powerful cartridges produce and recoil,comparable to the .44 "Magnum". How did the designers succeed in leaving such returns at acceptable levels with such cartridges? This mystery is great. But there is a suggestion of specialists that, while almost all revolvers in the world produce a shot from the top of the drum, the RSh-12 (assault revolver) fires from the lowest, that is, its trunk is located somewhat lower than that of other similar pistols . Thanks to this, the strength of bestowal is less.

Appearance of the gun

This best revolver in the world has very largeform. In length it is about 35.7 cm. Under the trunk there is a Picatinny plate, on which are installed LCU and tactical lights, and also a tactical handle can be mounted to hold the weapon. Above the barrel is set the same bar, most likely for optical sights.

According to some reports, the revolver shop consists of a quick-change drum for five rounds.

revolver pictures

Application of the gun

Thus, this weapon is too heavy andPowerful to use it as an auxiliary weapon. Revolver, reviews of many military experts are particularly emphasized, mainly created for use as a main weapon during the storming of buildings. Its external parameters, however large they are, are still smaller than a carbine or a shotgun, but the cartridges are much more powerful, allowing you not to notice walls or bulletproof vests when shooting. In addition, the gun can be equipped with a silencer or a butt.

Unfortunately, there is no complete information about this weapon, since it is classified. There is a suggestion that the pistol has already entered service with the special forces of the FSB and the GRU.

best revolver

Additional Information

A revolver, a photo of which we can observe indescription, is used during the storming of buildings in a small room. His bullet, even if he can not penetrate high-class bulletproof vest, will throw the opponent's body with a severe trauma three meters backwards, which is a plus for close contact, since even a seriously wounded enemy who is nearby will try to do you harm.

Another advantage of this weaponry is thethat his bullets do not ricochet from the wall or from any other surface. Thanks to this, shooting from it is safe for the shooter, in contrast to the work of "Kalash".

This revolver gun is great for knocking out door locks.

assault revolver 12

Why is this type of weapon chosen?

Because the revolver in the case of a misfire triggerThe drum beats on another cartridge and it is not necessary in this case to juggle the bolt, which is an extra time. Also, it is impossible to skew the ammunition, as it happens in other types of pistols.

Some advantages of weapons

In addition to the main advantages of the gun can be the following advantages of this weapon:

- RSh-12 - assault revolver, which is very convenient to use in close quarters and in hand-to-hand combat, which is advantageously different from long-barreled weapons, which can not be penetrated by bulletproof vest.

- Another important advantage is thispistol: he does not leave after himself shot cartridges. The only thing that criminalists can find is soft, deformed bullets that do not have a clear connection with the revolver.

"The revolver is undemonstrative to gunpowder." His cartridge can contain both smoke powder, stored for many years, and pyroxylin, with a limited shelf life.

"He's also not picky about ammunition." It can be charged with a cartridge with a shot, signal, light and noise rocket, as well as a rubber bullet, gas or a syringe. In this case, the cartridge itself can be equipped with different volumes of gunpowder for different purposes. For example, for operations for trauma and lulling - one quantity, and for punching armor - another.

- You can use thin solid bullets with rings and feathers, which have an incredible armor piercing ability.

Due to its technical characteristics andindicators, versatility in application and great power, the revolver was able to hit not only domestic users, but foreign military men and specialists are talking about it with might and main.

revolver reviews


Once again, the domestic industryshowed a high class of production of weapons. As the Soviet arms development was famous in its time, and some species became so popular and famous all over the world that they won respect not only among military specialists, but also among other people, that until now, after many years and decades, they stand in the arsenal of many countries. This, for example, is our Kalashnikov assault rifle or the T-62 and T-70 tanks and so on.

Also, modern Russian developments in the sphere of armaments are always of particular interest to foreign military personnel.

In this case, our weapons, as we see in the examplerevolver РШ-12, differs in design simplicity, thoughtfulness and practicality. Everything should be compact, useful and without unnecessary "vypendrezha." Weapons should as accurately solve the tasks posed with minimal time and energy.

At the moment, more accurate information about thisweapons are classified, like the revolver itself. The price of it is also unknown, since not only did not see it in the market, very little is known about it in the army. As already mentioned, it seems that the special purpose gun of the FSB and the GRU was used for this gun. As a rule, secret developments and weapons never enter free trade, or they start selling them, but after some time. This revolver was created only in 2011. So it remains only to wait for more detailed information about it.

But still there is pride in ourdesigners and manufacturers that they once again did not disgrace the domestic military-industrial complex and presented such an impressive surprise to our Western "partners", surpassing their "Magnums" and "Colts". There is a certainty that in the near future we will hear a lot of interesting things about this revolver.

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