- what feedback about the site? - what feedback about the site?

  • RubSerf.Ru - the first surfing sponsor with payment of rubles

    Users are given paid browsing sites. Sometimes during the viewing of the site, a ball may fall out. You can collect it by gaining experience! Balls can then be sold!

    When viewing sites you get experience (exp) and over time your rank grows. The rank affects the chance of falling balls!

    Referral system 10% -10% -5%!

    The minimum payment is 10 cents!

    Ability to view the status of ordered payments

    Detailed view of referrals

    Manual and automatic control of the presence of dangerous elements on sites.

    You can chat and also access inside the account via the internal mail.

    The system of complaints against sites that violate the rules

    Live Referrals Exchange

    Sale of advertising places. If you have a website: put the code of the block and sell the links!

  • Links are not very many, in comparison with other boxes, and virus sites very often come across. I already almost do not surf there, only sometimes I derive referral kopecks. On Seosprinta generally in this regard it is much more convenient and profitable to work.

  • Another site for penny earnings. The main job offered on the site - is surfing sites, that is, viewing advertising pages for a fee of several cents.

    At the moment, this resource does not break from work, it does not have enough daily advertising materials - for which payment is supposed. On the day, I collect no more than one ruble on ordinary clicks.

    To consider this site seriously (for earnings) is not necessary, if only in addition to those - on which you already work and such pieces fifty, then the meaning of some all the same is.

  • In my opinion, now the service of active advertising - has become a very valuable postal worker with which it is convenient to work, both for customers and performers.

    The main advantages of this web resource are:

    • a lot of surfing, costing up to 8 cents;
    • the administration or the program constantly checks all announcements and warns with a special badge about unsafe visiting of this or that site;
    • there is an autosurf;
    • incredibly cheap cost of advertising from 2.32 rub. 1000 clicks
    • the minimum withdrawal amount is 10 cop. (comes to the wallet for 2-3 minutes);
    • two kinds of unique bonuses (gaming - collecting cheap pennies, and a solid list of services with an instant bonus to WebMoney).

    Of course, there is absolutely no perfect, but in this case I see only one drawback - the low cost of assignments - mainly 15-50 cents.

    Reviews about the site
    Reviews about the site
  • An excellent box with a payment in rubles, which is very important. Experience, an excellent referral system, the minimum request for payment in 10 cents inspires confidence in this project. In the Internet, many reviews about this site, if you wanted an excellent box with rubles, you on Rubserf. en

  • is poksov so to speak the postman who in my opinion is no different from the same he also honestly works nobody deceiving for many years and on the site about the same prices for tasks and clicks, you can earn by reading letters and attracting referrals, links can earn a lot, but within 100 rubles per day, if you spend 3-4 hours on this business, the site itself is good and as I said honest with the withdrawal of funds on webmoney.

  • This site assumes that you need to surf, read letters, perform various tasks. The site pays very little, therefore as the basic earnings it to consider it is not necessary. However, the fact that the site exists already 2 a year, speaks of its reliability. Payouts: for reading the letter 12 cents, for viewing the site 10 cents, you can withdraw money from 10 cents already.

  • The site is one of the many axes, sites of active advertising systems. But unlike other boxes - this one has been working for a long time and honestly pays the earned money to all users (you can withdraw it to WMR wallet, Yandex wallet, Payeer wallet). Compared with other similar sites, this one in terms of convenience like a simple interface, design. You can earn by clicking on the links, reading letters, performing paid assignments. There is also an autosurf and manual surfing - for which loans are paid, which can be exchanged for money. For autosurfing, for convenience, you can download the program.

    Links and not a lot and not enough, where that medium. Many minilinks with payment less than a penny (but with a reflex will be a penny and more).

    I, for example, cursed half of the links - I earned 0,77 rubles - I'm fed up, it takes a lot of time, during this time it's better to fulfill the paid task.

  • Rubserf is the next SEO-site for earning cents and promotion of sites. On the site, as on similar sites, advertising links, letters are viewed ... On this site there is a good application "Auto Surfing", which is worth installing and starting when you turn on the computer. This application itself looks through advertising sites and for this you are credited with COINs, which can be exchanged for money. Of course, you can not make big money here, but in addition to a couple of SEO sites, you will already have more money. On Rubserf, unfortunately, there are no tasks on which money is usually earned, but there is already the above quoted quot; Autosurfingquot ;.

  • Penny Books.

    On bonuses you can pound cents forty per day.

  • This site offers earnings on surfing. Site like honest, pays, but quite a penny. But you can withdraw money from 10 cents. For viewing one site you can earn up to 6 cents, and for reading the letter up to 12 cents. It is also desirable to have many referrals to make earnings less. But my opinion is better for him not to waste his time, as they pay a penny, but the time the site takes away a lot.

    The site is not exactly scam and the domain is already registered as 2746 days.

  • The site really pays, you can earn a little on the site somewhere not more than 1 a ruble on surfing. Recently, surfing has become even smaller. So a day picks kopecks 50. What are the chips on the site? Each participant at the time of surfing comes exp, i.e. an experience. The more experience, the more likely that during surfing balls will fall, which can be handed over to the farm. Each ball costs from 0,05 cents to 1 pennies.

    The easiest way to quickly gain experience is to put an avatar. For the avatar, each participant after each surfing gets an additional 1 exp. Here is the screen of my account: - what feedback about the site?

    At me while 10 percent of probability of falling out of a ball. We gain experience and change the rank very slowly, but the idea of ​​the site is interesting.

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