Safety and rules of conduct in the aircraft

Aircraft is, oddly enough, the safest mode of transport. Despite this, many people are afraid to fly and get to other cities and countries by car or train. The fear of being aboard an airliner is completely unjustified. Indeed, according to statistics, a person’s chance to suffer from a shark in the Black Sea is higher than during a flight. However, a huge number of people annually use the services of airlines. If comfort and speed of movement come to the fore, then in these aspects no other type of transport can compare with the “airship”. To avoid unpleasant consequences and enjoy the flight, you need to follow the usual rules of behavior on the plane, which we consider in this article.

Before boarding

An airport is a separate universe that obeys its own rules. Once there for the first time, do not panic. First you need to register, but you should immediately warn that there is always a huge queue in front of the racks. There is one little trick here. You need to look for the inscription drop-off.These counters are designed for those who have independently passed the registration and printed out the coupon, but did not pass the luggage. The last action takes a little time. The passenger who just needs to pass the baggage passes the queue.

airplane rules

Before you fly, tidy yourself up, do not abuse perfume and cologne, because with you there will be other people on board. If you want to make the flight enjoyable, start with yourself. It is recommended to arrive at the airport in advance, as the registration must take place an hour before landing. As soon as you come on board, listen to the instructions of the pilot and flight attendants, and also follow the rules of conduct on the plane.

Stages of travel in the air

Flight conditionally divided into several stages. Consider the main ones: the passengers sit in their seats, followed by the take-off of the aircraft, the set-up of the necessary height, direct flight, descent and landing. At each of the components of the cabin crew make announcements that you need to listen carefully. Follow all instructions, and then the flight will take place for you most smoothly. Do not neglect the simple rules of safe behavior on the plane, because it can lead to unpleasant consequences.

rules of conduct when hijacking an airplane

In most cases, there are no excesses, the flight is calm and without incident. However, you should not lose vigilance, you should be ready for all variants of succession of events. If the flight is long, then you can take a short nap, but it is not recommended to fall asleep tightly, because then you can skip the important announcements of flight attendants.

Fundamental rules

Let us highlight a few basic recommendations, making which you can make the flight enjoyable:

  • Do not disturb other passengers. This means do not interfere, do not endanger others and yourself.
  • Follow all the recommendations of the flight attendant and the pilot of the "airship".
  • You can not smoke and be on board the aircraft in alcohol and drugs.
  • Some airlines require disabling electronic digital technology.

These simple rules of conduct on board the aircraft will greatly facilitate the life of you and other passengers. Moreover, in case of non-compliance with the instructions of the flight attendant, the airline has the full right to restrict your access to flights, and in severe cases to bring to administrative and criminal liability.

The process of landing on an airliner

Traveling by air begins with the fact that all passengers sit down on their seats. Before this, you must go through the procedure of registration and delivery of baggage As soon as landing on your flight is announced, you should immediately go to the named terminal. By the very plane you will be taken by bus, so do in most cases. At major airports, special bridges have been designed that allow direct access to the aircraft. Do not forget here about people with disabilities. For them, a special machine called an ambulift is used.

rules of conduct on board the aircraft

The rules of conduct on the plane at the landing stage are reduced to one thing - calmness and concentration. No need to hurry, pushing through the rest of the passengers, nobody will take your place. Wait until the most impatient people come aboard, then present the ticket to the conductor who directs you to the indicated location.

Takeoff behavior

As you know, takeoff and landing are the two most important points in the course of the entire flight. Therefore, when the cabin crew gives instructions, they should be strictly followed. There is even a detailed instruction of the rules of behavior in the aircraft, photos are also attached.To feel safe, follow these guidelines:

  • Turn off your mobile phone. In fact, the scientists did not prove the fact of the negative influence of electronic devices on the aircraft, but the airlines decided to play it safe.
  • Fasten your seat belt. In the case of a sharp turn or unexpected maneuver there is a chance of departure from the chair, so do not take risks.
  • Open the curtains. This action needs to be performed so that in case of an emergency, the eyes adapt quickly.

Main part of the flight

After takeoff, the airliner gains the necessary height, then the flight stage begins. It is considered the safest, you just keep moving most of the time. Modern "airships" fly at an altitude of 10-12 km, where weather changes are not felt. In fact, the plane at this time is above the clouds. This period is the most pleasant part of the flight, passengers can sleep, listen to music, read, etc.

safety rules

Of course, you can not completely disconnect from the situation, always listen to the announcements of flight attendants. During the flight, the most unexpected and dangerous can happen, and then you have to use the rules of conduct when hijacking an airplane.If the airliner falls into the zone of turbulence, the flight attendant will report this. In this case, you need to fasten the straps and bring the backrest in a vertical position.

Rules of conduct on the plane for children

You should know that all children from two years are full-fledged passengers. Accordingly, they should also use all necessary instructions. And the rules of conduct on the plane as no one canceled. For those parents who first came aboard an aircraft with a child, these rules are intended:

  • when buying a ticket, indicate the age of the baby, usually in such cases the airline provides safer places;
  • take food with you, because some companies provide only drinks;
  • Do not forget the toys, only those that will not distract other passengers, preferably;
  • constantly observe and monitor the actions of the baby, do not lose sight of him for a second;
  • follow the flight attendant’s instructions.

rules of conduct for an act of terrorism in an airplane

To summarize, we can conclude that globally the rules of behavior for children and adults are almost the same. The only feature is the fact that you are solely responsible for the baby. If you follow the safety instructions, the flight should go quietly, without incident.

Airliner landing

As already noted, landing is one of the most dangerous moments of flight. At this time, the likelihood of injury is highest. It is necessary to follow the same instructions as during takeoff. When the plane reduces the height, you only need to sit still and follow the standard rules of behavior on the plane. Care and caution are essential qualities during an emergency.

rules of conduct on the plane for children

The key advice is not to get up until the stewardess says. The fact is, when the plane has already landed, the pilot continues to steer and at one moment may sharply slow down. Sometimes there are emergencies, and the pilot has to take off abruptly. Many people planting ears when landing. If you also suffer from this, drink water or take a chewing gum.

Rules of conduct when a plane is seized by terrorists

Of course, in reality this situation is unlikely, but possible. Therefore, we consider the rules of behavior in this case. First, no matter how difficult it may be, keep calm, do not let panic embrace you. Secondly, in no case do not enter into an argument with terrorists, do not provoke them to any action.

So, the rules of conduct for an act of terrorism in an airplane:

  • if you find forgotten things, do not approach them, call the pilot, any employee of the crew or security service;
  • no need to take abandoned things, even if they look very attractive;
  • if terrorists humiliate and insult you, do not pay attention, try not to get out of balance;
  • you should not be a hero and stand up for other passengers and crew members, this can lead to criminals;
  • do not show dissatisfaction with the actions of the crew, they have clear instructions on which they act;
  • Do not believe the words of terrorists, they can say anything.

rules of conduct in the plane photo

Buying a plane ticket, get ready for different flight scenarios. No need to panic and invent danger. But if there really is a threat, just follow the safety rules on the plane. Tune in to a quiet quiet flight, then it will pass.

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