Samsung, 32-inch TV: reviews of the best models

The company "Samsung" is working not only on the creation of "exploding" smartphones and "smart" watches, but also develops excellent televisions. The manufacturer is one of the leaders in sales of TV. In addition, the company has developed a special technology matrix, which makes the colors in the picture rich and vivid.


Usually the manufacturer, which is engaged in the manufacture of televisions, trying to release models in each price segment, at the same time that they occupy special technical categories. This also includes the screen size. The company allocates only a couple of models in a certain group where the displays fall, for example, 40 tv 32 inches

Everything is different in the case of the company "Samsung". TV 32 inches is currently represented by a dozen models. Although they all share the dimensions of the device, the cost and technical component are different.


Samsung TV 32 inches UE32H6410 is currently the most expensive on the market, given the size of the display. Outwardly, he is very attractive.Frameless design, which, although imperfect, is still barely noticeable. The TV stands on two small legs, which help to visually soar it above the surface.

The case is not the thinnest of the models presented, but it still boasts sophistication. Behind the gray panel is occupied by a pair of gratings to exhaust air. There is also space for connectors. In total there are three slots for USB, four for HDMI, one for AV, SCART, RGB, Bluetooth, etc. There is support for wireless Internet connection, headset jack and CI +

This Samsung, 32-inch TV model UE32H6410, equipped with several functions. So, there is the famous technology “Picture in Picture”, 24p True Cinema, DLNA. For those who do not know: “Picture in Picture” allows you to display a window with a second, smaller one over one image. 24p True Cinema plays movies at 42 frames per second. In normal mode, the user watches the movie at a frequency of 25 frames per second. samsung tv 32 inches

The DLNA feature allows you to create a home network and combine multiple devices in your home. Among other things, it is possible to record video on a flash drive, set a timer for sleep, or put a block for children. The TimeShift option helps to stop the program and continue it from where you left off.


Despite all the seemingly positive aspects of this model, there were still buyers who were not satisfied with this option. 32-inch Samsung TV UE32H6410 was praised for the lack of light and glare, acceptable color reproduction, picture detailing, convenient operation.

But dissatisfied reviews were much more. It turned out that the TV transmits not quite the correct color. That is, if everything is set up manually, it is still tolerable, but when they first turned on, users felt uncomfortable. The system itself was also not as powerful as it was advertised. As a result, instead of a quad-core processor, the buyer received a braked device.

It was inconvenient and the lack of decent software on a smartphone to control the TV. More precisely, in fact it is, for "apple" phones and branded, and for everyone else, even with burglaries and tricks, you can only achieve channel switching and volume.

Well, the last. The wi-fi module turned out to be mediocre. Even with high-speed Internet, it does not always work stably, and often shows a low speed.As a result, over 45 thousand rubles, the Koreans turned out to be a weak device with a bunch of flaws and errors.

Beautiful and inexpensive UE32H4510

Today, almost all Samsung TVs are 32 inches. Smart TV. Unfortunately, everything does not always work smoothly, as, for example, in the case of the previous model. But the next TV - UE32H4510 - received a maximum of positive reviews. In addition, he was beautiful and 32 inch smart tv

It is sold in white, has an interesting stand, which visually creates the illusion of a curved display. This option is much thicker than the previous one. But, given the preferences of customers, this moment can not be called a disadvantage. But a clear slip here remains the resolution. Unlike the previous version, where it was Full HD, this was limited to smaller numbers - 1366x768. On the other hand, rather, this is why the device works quickly and efficiently.

This model has the same functions that were described in the previous one. The only difference is the support of only one independent tuner. Also, the interface panel has received fewer connectors, but this set is quite enough for normal use.


This TV "Samsung" 32 inches Smart TV got a good one. Customers praised its speed and ease of use. Although here, rather, they sacrificed permission again. With it, the processor can safely, without unnecessary loads and braking, to cope with the tasks.

An interesting point was that on the box of this model, the manufacturer indicates the presence of a quad-core processor, although the official website says that it is dual-core.

Buyers praise the speed of transfer from a flash drive, work with a mouse, which, by the way, for some reason is not written anywhere. But with the keyboard there are already interruptions. Users are not always satisfied with the color rendition. Apparently, this is a problem of almost all budget models from Samsung. Initially, the color rendition of the TV is not tuned, and after that “cold” colors are still tv 32 inches smart tv

Liked and very attractive design. And there is a tendency among buyers, which indicates that many have acquired this model for the sake of white color, and in addition have also received quite good “stuffing”. Previously, this TV cost about 17 thousand rubles, now, due to the instability of the currency, it has risen in price to 30 thousand rubles.And still it continues to cost its money.

Trendy UE32J6500AU

Tries to do all the most modern company "Samsung". The 32 inch TV is also presented in a trendy curved "format." A display of this form has now become popular. Companies often use it in their products. The same thing happened with the model UE32J6500AU. By the way, this TV turned out far from frameless. Despite this, the framework is very neat, although noticeable. The stand also turned out to be massive, which is unlike the style of the company.

The device is endowed with interesting features that have already been encountered in models. There is the same “Picture in Picture”, stopping the TV program and its playback, support for interfacing with other devices, etc. The interface panel is also complete, it has all the necessary connectors: three USB, four HDMI, Ethernet, Wi-Fi and 32 inch samsung stores

The 32-inch curved display received a decent resolution of Full HD 1920x1080 pixels. The aspect ratio is 16: 9. There are LED lights, stereo, Smart TV and operating system Tizen.


And although this Samsung TV (32 inches + Smart) received a few reviews, they are all positive. Buyers praise the UE32J6500AU for its interesting look and high-quality picture. By the way, technology with a curved screen is a visual snag.It allows you to make the screen more visual, and the image is better.

Buyers responded well to speed, although not all users were lucky with the system shell. It is rather connected with the assembly. On the market there were defective models, which later had to be handed over or exchanged.

Costing 20-25 thousand rubles, this model has conquered many buyers. And some use the TV not only for its intended purpose, but also as a monitor for a PC. Rarely, but the complaints concerned the sound. Some did not have enough bass or, conversely, high frequencies. But objectively, the sound of the model is average and you should not expect anything extraordinary from it. And the moment with stereo sound seems far-fetched marketing ploy. The sound is “flat”, but with a good volume margin. So if you are a connoisseur or music lover, then it is better to connect speakers to the TV.

A budget option

If you choose a TV 32 inches Samsung stores, then immediately you can carefully consider all the advantages and disadvantages. But, as practice shows, it is better to buy in online stores. It turns out cheaper, and in some cases you can get on promotions or discounts.Say, now you can buy UE32J5550 with a 30% discount, which is almost 10 thousand tv 32 inch reviews

This model also turned out to be interesting. But it also applies to the budget option. Previously, it could be purchased even cheaper than now. And yet, even now, unlike the previous versions, this can rightly be called budget. Many buyers are now looking for a medium-sized TV with Smart TV technology. This model fits perfectly.

About the design of this TV "Samsung" 32 inches got the most flattering reviews. It is refined, although it has not completely lost its frame, it still looks like a picture, especially if you hang it on the wall. The leg is located in the middle. It is massive and stable, which is also very good.

This TV received a resolution of Full HD 1920x1080 pixels. The aspect ratio of the screen is 16: 9. Everything is standard, nothing extra or special. There are LED lights, stereo sound and, of course, Smart TV.

The interface panel is free. It has a place to connect a flash drive, Internet cable, HDMI, etc. There is a place for headphones, support for CI + and Wi-Fi. The latter is especially nice, as many people now like to surf the Internet on TV and watch videos. Of the basic functions, the Picture in Picture and DLNA modes are always available. There is a child lock and a sleep timer.

This "Samsung" 32-inch TV is presented in gray. Its weight is only 4.7 kilograms, which, unlike previous models, is small. For the sound of the two speakers are responsible for 10 watts. And audio decoders are Dolby Digital.


This model has not received a single “unit” on Yandex.Market, and this is already an achievement. Basically, this TV "Samsung" 32 inches (Smart TV) has good reviews. Buyers praise the image quality, clarity and correct color reproduction. Although some still needed additional configuration.

With the Internet, the TV cooperates steadily, transmits well and receives a signal. Also excellent speed of information transfer from a flash drive. Despite all its advantages, many people call this model “for the kitchen”, although this technique will also suffice for someone in the living tv 32 inches smart reviews

The main disadvantage of this device is called its remote. It was not convenient for everyone, and even not always correctly working. And if the first is a matter of habit, then the second can be a serious system error. Also, not everyone was able to immediately understand the menu Smart TV. But if you carefully read the instructions or search the Internet manual,You can find a step-by-step explanation that will greatly simplify the work with this function.

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