Seborrhea of ​​the scalp, treatment

Fungi pitirosporum, which causes diseaseseborrhea, is part of the microflora, which inhabits the healthy skin of a person. The rapid development of microorganisms begin as a result of the pathology of metabolic processes in the body, against the backdrop of violations from the work of the nervous system, due to hormonal, immune problems and others.

Seborrhea of ​​the scalp, treatment with sulfuric ointment

The remedy is intended for the treatment of dryseborrhea. Ointment is carefully treated with scalp. The course of treatment is quite painstaking. It is necessary to separate a thin strand of hair, rub a few minutes in the parting area. Thus, apply sulfuric ointment to the entire affected area. The procedure should be repeated daily for as long as 8 days, every day without rinsing. The ninth day - for rest, this day, nothing to process hair. On the tenth day, it is recommended to wash the head with shampoo against dandruff using boiled water. After 24 hours, prepare a solution of boric acid and treat it with a head for three days. The procedure should be performed before going to bed, from above, wrap the hair with a towel and keep it until the morning. Solution: in 150 ml of water add 2 teaspoons of boric acid. Next week do not perform any water manipulation. Then carefully wash hair. The course of treatment with sulfuric ointment is completed. If necessary, the entire cycle can be repeated.

Seborrhea of ​​the scalp, herbal treatment

An infusion of wormwood is prepared in the ratio: 10 parts of water per 1 part of dry grass mass. Wash the head with infusion of wormwood regularly every other day for a month. Take a break for a couple of weeks. If desired, the course of treatment with infusion of wormwood repeat.

Infusion of birch leaves is prepared in the ratio: one tablespoon of crushed dry leaf per 1 cup of boiled water. It is recommended to wash your head every other day, do 15 procedures.

The infusion of dry chamomile is prepared in the ratio: 10 parts water and 1 part shredded raw materials. Based on two or three procedures a week, do a total of 15 procedures. Treatment repeat in a couple of weeks.

Sage infusion is prepared in the ratio: 1 part dried grass to 20 parts boiling water. Wash your hair every other day, only 12 procedures. The course of treatment if necessary, repeat after a couple of weeks.

Seborrhea of ​​the scalp, treatment with propolis

Separate the thin strand of hair, parting carefullygrease with medicine extract of propolis. Wait until the head is dry, and leave for the night. The remedy is removed in the morning with the help of alcohol, you can use vodka. Wet a cotton swab, wipe the skin. The procedure is done in a day, only 30 times. Repeat two months later.

Seborrhea of ​​scalp, treatment with vegetable oils

For the treatment of dry seborrhea, mix 1 partsea ​​buckthorn oil with 9 parts of olive oil. Before washing the hair, apply a mixture of oils to the scalp, in the spacing between the strands. Wait 10 minutes, then wash your hair. The course of treatment can last for 1.5 months.

Seborrhea, how to treat henna

The preparation is prepared in the ratio of 1 part henna to2 parts of hot water, to 5 parts of a nutritious cream. Everything is thoroughly mixed and rubbed into the scalp. The procedure can be performed once or twice a week. For a full-fledged treatment, you need to perform about 8 procedures.

Greasy head seborrhea, treatment

The site of the affected skin with oily seborrhoeasystematically degrease. Pustules are to be removed. Then apply salt compresses. If the disease occurs in severe form, then a course of treatment with hormonal drugs is prescribed. Effective therapeutic effect is provided with ointments and creams containing estrogen. The inflammatory process in the sebaceous glands dissolves under the action of antibacterial agents.

The course of treatment of oily seborrhea provides for a transition to special nutrition with an emphasis on sour-milk products, fruits and vegetables.

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