Sensoy Gunesh: doomed to become a star

The famous series of Turkish production "Kesem Sultan" very quickly won the hearts of grateful Russian television viewers. And besides, he lit a lot of new stars. One of these amazing discoveries has become a talented young actress Gunesh Shensoy.

How it all began

The creators of the series for a very long time could not find a decent candidate for the role of the young Kesem. There were many and often the most contradictory requirements for the future performer. For example, she had to look spectacular, but still remain a fragile romantic creature, able to reproduce this complex image on the screen.

The tormenting discussions came to an end only after the photo of Shansoy Gunesh fell into the hands of the director of the series. He immediately appreciated her worth. Moreover, Gunesh herself turned out to be a talented actress with an impressive list of skills.

In childhood, the girl was engaged in singing and dancing. I managed to finish the model school and take acting lessons.Without a doubt, such a biography played in favor of the approval of her candidacy for the role of Kesem.

Magnificent century

Climbing to glory

It is impossible to call the beginning actress a modest and inconspicuous person. Before the start of the fateful shootings, she was active in social networks, laying out her own photos and videos for a curious public.

We can say that being an ambitious man, Shansoy Gunesh found her way to star Olympus, thanks not least to her own purposefulness.

The first shooting in the trailer of the series made the young actress incredibly famous, because this video has become the object of attention of a million viewers!

Fall from a pedestal

However, the joy of the young talent did not last long. The director saw the discrepancy at the age of the actress herself and her screen heroine, who fell into the harem, being older than 13-year-old Gunesh. Immediately, the storyline with young Kesem was removed from the script, causing an uproar both in the ranks of the girl’s fans and in her own soul.

Fall from a pedestal

New wins

Now matured Gunesh Shensoy continues to storm the world of big cinema.The main role in the drama "Mustang", which appeared on the screens in May 2015, was a stunning result of such confidence and self-confidence.

In addition, Shensoy participates in fashion shows, makes commercials and leaves no attempt to find new interesting projects, relying on the support of relatives and friends.

film "Mustang"

The story of this gifted girl is an example of how a combination of talent, dedication and having a big dream help a person overcome defeats and frustrations, finding new ways to conquer his height.

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