Sergey Dovlatov, "Compromise": a summary

The collection of short stories is a book, the author of which is Sergey Dovlatov. "Compromise" includes 12 short stories that were created from 1973 to 1980. In a single book, the author collected them in 1981. It is known that at one time he worked in the Russian-language Estonian newspaper Dovlatov. “Compromise” is a collection, the plots for the stories of which were taken precisely from this experience of Sergey Donatovich (his photo is presented below).

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The main character of the book is a journalist who, left without work, begins to turn over his newspaper clippings for 10 years of "pretense" and "lies". He worked in the 70s when he lived in Tallinn. Each text is a compromise from the newspaper followed by the memories of the author. Events, feelings, talk it describes Dovlatov ("Compromise").

Political myopia

Having listed in his note the countries from which specialists arrived at the scientific conference, the author listens to the accusations from the editor of his political myopia.It turns out that the states of victorious socialism must necessarily go at the beginning of the list, and then all the rest. For the information provided, the author is paid only 2 rubles (he expected to receive 3).

"Rivals of the wind"

Sergey Dovlatov compromise

Turns to the description of the next note Dovlatov. "Compromise" continues the story of the work of the main character on the material on the Tallinn Hippodrome. The author actually agreed with jockey Ivanov, the hero of the note, to “paint” the racing program. Together with him, he won money by betting on a previously known leader. It is a pity that the race track is now over: the jockey fell out of a taxi drunk and has been forced to work as a bartender for several years now.

Nursery rhymes

In the heading "Estonian Primer" of the newspaper "Evening Tallinn", the hero writes nursery rhymes. In them, the Estonian beast responds to the Russian greeting. The instructor of the Central Committee calls the author and is indignant: it turns out that he is a beast?

Birth "doomed to happiness"

A person “doomed to happiness” was born - these are words about the birth of the 400,000th Tallinn resident ordered by the author. The hero goes to the hospital. Here the first newborn baby, which he tells the editor by phone (the son of Ethiopian and Estonian), is “rejected”, as is the second (the son of a Jew).The editor agrees to accept only a report on the birth of a Russian son, a member of the CPSU, and Estonian. His father brought money for what he called Lembit his son. The author of the report with him celebrates a joyful event. Happy father talks about the "joys" of his family life. Waking up from a friend in the middle of the night, the journalist tries in vain to recall the events of this evening.

Telegram to Brezhnev

dovatov compromise summary

Another interesting story contains the book "Compromise" (Dovlatov). It refers to the work on another note - a telegram to Brezhnev, an Estonian milkmaid, which was published in the newspaper "Soviet Estonia". A woman writes about the high yields of milk, and that she was accepted into the party. Attached is the response telegram of Brezhnev. The main character recalls how he was sent to write this report in the district party committee, along with Zhbankov, a photojournalist. The first secretary received journalists. Two young girls were assigned to them, ready to fulfill any desires. Alcohol flowed like a river ... Naturally, journalists did not fail to take advantage of a favorable situation. They met only briefly with the milkmaid.In a short break of this "cultural program" a telegram was written. Zhbankov, saying goodbye in the district committee, asked at least a beer "for treatment." The secretary was afraid that they might notice. Zhbankov sympathized with him about the “job” that the secretary had to perform.

Moral article

The article entitled "The Most Difficult Distance" is written on the moral theme of the Komsomol member, athlete Tiina Karu. Her heroine asks the author to help her “liberate herself” in bed, invites him to become her teacher. The author, however, refuses. Then Tiina asks if he has any scum friends. The author replies that such "prevail". After going over several candidates in his mind, he decides to stop at Osa Chernov. Tiina after several unsuccessful attempts becomes a happy student. She presents the author with a bottle of whiskey as a sign of gratitude. Having opened it, he begins to write this article on a moral topic.

No compromise

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Another note describes Dovlatov ("Compromise"). It is called "They prevent us from living." It tells about E. L. Bush, a worker of the republican press, who got into the meditator.The author recalls her as he met the hero of this article. Bush is a talented man, a drinker who is popular with aging beautiful women and is not able to compromise with his superiors. He interviews Paul Rudi, the captain of a West German ship, who turned out to be a fugitive Estonian, a traitor to the Motherland. KGB officers advise Bush to testify that Paul Rudi is a sex pervert. Indignantly, he refuses and thus causes the unexpected phrase of the KGB colonel that he is better than expected. Bush is fired, he becomes unemployed, lives with another woman, the hero settles with them. A former journalist is once invited to an editorial party as a freelance writer. After everyone got drunk at the end of the evening, Bush scandals, kicks the tray that the editor-in-chief's wife brings. He explains his action to the hero as follows: after the lie, which marked the speech and behavior of those present, he could not do otherwise. The hero, already 6th year living in America, recalls with sadness about the handsome and dissident, troublemaker of the poet Bush, the fate of which is unknown to him.

Misunderstanding at the funeral

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The following note is devoted to the farewell of Tallinn with Hubert Ilves. Rereading this obituary about the Hero of Socialist Labor, the director of a television studio, the author recalls the hypocrisy of an equally hypocritical careerist who attended the funeral. The sad humor of the memories is that, because of the confusion in the morgue, the “ordinary” dead man is buried in a privileged cemetery. However, the solemn ceremony is decided to complete, planning to change the coffins at night.

Concentration camp victims

We describe the work on the last note, which tells Dovlatov ("Compromise"). A summary of the main events is as follows. Report called "Memory is a terrible weapon!" It is devoted to the description of a republican rally of surviving prisoners of fascist concentration camps. Together with Zhbankov, a photographer, the hero was sent to this meeting. After several glasses taken at the banquet, veterans are talking. It turns out that not all of them had to go through Dachau alone. The "native" names are also mentioned: Kazakhstan, Mordovia ... It also turns out sharp national questions about who the Finn are (Hitler is their best friend) and who is a Jew.Drunk Zhbankov defuses the situation. He puts the basket of flowers on the windowsill. The hero says that the bouquet is "chic." However, Zhbankov mournfully replies that this is not a bouquet, but a wreath.

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The author concludes that he says goodbye to journalism on this tragic word. With him enough! This ends the narrative Dovlatov ("Compromise"). The summary of this collection many people desire to get to know him better. As you can see, the art form of the book is rather unusual and interesting. At least because of her, it is worth reading the collection that Dovlatov created ("Compromise"). Feedback on your acquaintance with this book, you can leave in the comments.

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