Sholokhov's works. List of famous books

Is the creative way of the writer easy? After all, every great novelist started with something, suffered a defeat. What is known about Mikhail Sholokhov? The works, whose list will be considered in the article, are all devoted to the tragedy of war, to the historical past.

Sholokhov's works. Always about the eternal

The Civil War of 1917 caught Mikhail Sholokhovstill very young and left an unforgettable imprint on his work. He was born in 1905 in the family of Don Cossacks. But at the time of the revolution he joined the Reds. And all military vicissitudes, which survived his native village, then reflected in his main novel "Quiet Flows the Don."

After the young Michael came to study incapital and got acquainted with the writers of the circle "Young Guard", he began to make the first samples of the pen, which was appreciated as a talented work. The first story was published in the Moscow newspaper in 1924. It was called "Mole". A few more stories about the Cossack life were included later in the first collection of the writer - "Don stories".

Sholokhov's works. List.

Sholokhov, taking up the new manuscript, alwaysguided by the rule - write only the truth. Most of his books are an artistically meaningful story in detail. During the Patriotic War, the writer was a military journalist. He transmitted the suffering people saw in the unfinished novel "They fought for their Motherland", as well as in the story "The Fate of Man". This story became for Soviet Russia a real proclamation of good and humanity, despite all the hardships of the life of the post-war life.

A novel recognized by the world. Nobel Prize

Over the most famous work - four-volumethe novel "Quiet Flows the Don" - the writer began to work at the age of 22 years. And the first volume was already ready for him by 1927. The second one he gave to the print media already by 1928. His talent touched the hearts of both Soviet readers and foreigners.

Sholokhov. The most famous works

The work of Mikhail Sholokhov is estimated in1965, he was awarded for the novel "Quiet Flows the Don" the most coveted prize - the writer won the Nobel Prize. Recognition got the novel not only as a literary work, with the living characters of the characters and a fascinating multifaceted storyline, but also as a historical work that has as its basis a deep study of real chronicles.

Mikhail Sholokhov: works. List of the most famous

But his other novels are worthy of recognition. All the works of Sholokhov, whose list is not small, deserve a high status, as a man of a strong, enlightened soul and great mind worked on them. He managed to distinguish the main thing in the midst of the disastrous events of the past - the strength and beauty of the individual, and the volatility of fate.

In the period of work on the "Quiet Don" Sholokhov beganwrite a second novel. Also large and with several storylines. The book "Virgin Soil Upturned" is a novel about the events of collectivization. It highlights the times of conspiracies and deaths associated with differences in views.

Sholokhov. Works. List. The most famous

The next great historical novel was to be the book "They fought for their Motherland". But, unfortunately, the writer did not have time to finish it; he died in 1984 in the same village Veshenskaya, where he was born.

List of works by Sholokhov by years

The great diligence of the writer was manifested in the fact,that his books were published regularly, and no difficulties of fate, even the war, forced him to quit his work on prose. What other works of Sholokhov are there? Their list is presented below. All of them became classics of both Russian and world literature.

  • 1923 - feuilletons in the newspapers.
  • 1924 - collection "Don stories".
  • 1924 - collection "Lazarevaya steppe". It included such stories: "Kolovert", "Prodkomissar."
  • 1928 - 2 volumes of the "Quiet Don" were printed at once.
  • 1932 - 3 volume "Quiet Flows the Don" and 1 volume of "Virgin Soil Upturned".
  • 1940 - the last 4 volumes. The entire novel "Quiet Flows the Don" was then translated into many European and Oriental languages.
  • 1942 - Several chapters from the book "They fought for their Motherland" were published.
  • "The Word of the Motherland" is a story.
  • "Science of hatred" is a story published in July 1942.
  • 1956 - "The Fate of Man".
  • 1956 - 2 volumes of the novel "Virgin Soil Upturned."

As you can see, the works of Sholokhov, whose listnot so small, all the historical. But at the same time, they reflect both the thoughts and feelings of the heroes, the way of life of the Cossacks of that time, and the philosophy of both opposing sides of the conflict. Sholokhov really was talented. He placed monuments in many cities of Russia and in his native village, which is now in the Rostov region.

Mikhail Sholokhov. Works. List.

In addition to the Nobel Prize, he received Lenin's (in 1960) and the Stalin Prize of the 1st degree in 1941. He was also awarded the international prize "Sofia", intended for the awarding of Asian writers - "Lotus" and the prize of the World Peace Council for Culture.

Sholokhov's Shielded Works: List

Books are wonderful! But life goes on as usual. With the development of cinematography, many of Sholokhov's works were put on and removed, the list of films based on the books of the writer is also large. The picture on 4 volumes of the novel "Quiet Don" was shot most fully by the director Sergei Gerasimovich in 1958, having received several awards for this work.

List of works of Sholokhov by years.

"Mosfilm" made a film based on the story "Destinyman ", in 1961 the story" Nahalenok "was screened, in 1963 the film" When the Cossacks Weep "was shot, and in 2005 - the short film The colt. Perhaps in the future will be screened other works by Sholokhov. A list of his works inspires new writers. All his works are 8 full-length volumes.

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