Should I buy antibiotics for a child?

Most doctors argue today about the need for antibiotics. Theseantibiotics for babydrugs quickly destroy the focus of inflammation. But in order for the future child to be sick less and easier, immunity must work independently. Previously, antibiotics for a child were used only as a last resort, and only when there were good reasons for this. Today, many resort to antibacterial drugs with or without it.


Before buying antibiotics for a child, consider the following:

  • these drugs, as well as microbes, destroy human microflora;
  • improper use only prolongs the disease;
  • antibiotics "kill" immunity. As a result, the bacteria become less susceptible to drugs, and the disease is difficult to treat.

How do antibacterial agents work?

Antibiotics for a child do not allow germs to multiply. However, thoughtless use of them is ineffective.Each antibiotic is designed to combat only one specific type of microorganism. In this regard, only an experienced doctor can find the right tool. If the treatment fails, the drugantibiotics for breastfeedingshould change. This should be done very carefully, as in some cases dysbiosis can develop. It should be borne in mind that microorganisms very quickly become resistant to certain types of drugs in question. Therefore, many pediatricians are often reinsured and prescribe broad-spectrum antibiotics to their young patients.

When treatment is reasonable

In some cases, the use of strong drugs is justified. Examples include diseases such as sinusitis, otitis, tonsillitis, cystitis, chlamydia, sepsis. No less dangerous are tuberculosis, pneumonia, osteomyelitis, pyelonephritis, etc. Antibiotics for children with bronchitis are also fully justified and even necessary. They significantly speed up the healing process and do not allow the disease to go into a more complex form. But there are diseases in which the use of this group of drugs is useless.They do not treat thrush, viral diseases (such as SARS, hepatitis, rubella), cough.

How long does the treatment last?

So, antibiotics for a child are prescribed only by a doctor. The course of treatment is five days.antibiotics for bronchitis in childrenHowever, there are those that act much faster (designed for 2-3 days). For successful treatment and speedy recovery, you must follow the instructions of the doctor. Even if the disease has receded, it is impossible to stop drinking prescribed medications. Along with antibiotics, it is mandatory to take drugs that support immunity and restore normal microflora (probiotics). With extreme caution should be taken antibiotics while breastfeeding. Any medication gets into breast milk and may affect the health of the baby.

What you need to remember

There are some rules that must be followed when taking this group of drugs. Antibiotics washed down with plenty of clean water. In the process of treatment should not eat a lot of citrus. They enhance the effect of the drug, which can lead to overdose. A decoction of Hypericum, on the contrary, neutralizes the effect of the drug.

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