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Simple truths in questions and answers. Part 2

Dear friends! We continue to publish the answers of Oleg Georgievich Gadetsky to the questions asked by participants at one of the seminars. You will learn how to support a seriously ill person, whether or not to divorce after 20 years of marriage, how to tell a 4-year-old daughter about divorce of parents and much more.

Question 6. “Oleg Georgievich, how do you feel about the definition of your destination with the help of astrology?”.
An astrologer can help you choose a destination search direction, but you must find and implement it yourself.


Question 7. Elena: “It is easy for me to communicate with women, and it is difficult for men. I tense up, adapt, want to seem better. How to build deep relationships with men of different ages? ”
Your difficulties in communicating with men originate in a relationship with your father. First you need to improve relations with him and cleanse your inner world of fear. Let in your heart respect, forgiveness and gratitude, and the rest will all happen by itself.
Question 8. Tatyana: “Good afternoon! How to learn to understand the 11-year-old? How to return harmony to a relationship in which there are now many contradictions, disputes and offenses? ”
A teenager is a child with whom you need to learn to communicate on an equal footing and respect his freedom of choice. Up to 11 - 12 years old, the child’s energy is closely related to the energy of the parents. From about 11 to 12 years or a little earlier, the child’s thin body begins to detach from its parents and nature itself forces it to act in this way.
Often, parents who do not understand this begin to fight with the child. They believe that it is their property and should do what they say. Acting with the help of force, they will either break the adolescent, and he will turn out to be a “dependent person” or will repeatedly increase his aggression, which will lead to a loss of relationships. In such a situation, adults need to show wisdom and love. It is important to discuss with the child the differences that arise, listen to his opinion and gradually the mutual understanding will be restored.
Question 9. Olga: “Oleg, hello! Tell me how to survive failure in different areas of life: at work, in personal life, in sports, etc. ”
Direct all forces to search for good luck, real relationships and your vocation.You will not fight with the darkness in the room? You just turn on the light. It all depends on what strategy you choose. If you turn on the light, then the darkness will disappear, and here - luck will appear in your life as soon as you tune in to it.


Question 10. Elena: “Hello! We are waiting for the third child. When kids do something wrong, then I often break at them. How to learn to restrain your emotions? ".
Small children do not have a mind like yours. Accept the fact that they are different and without the help of adults themselves will not survive. The second point, you should have a personal space in which you could recover and get in touch with yourself. When there is fullness, peace, joy, inner peace, then a person easily copes with his emotions. You need to negotiate with your husband and find time to walk or go to a concert. All this is important and important for recovery. And yet, when a woman is expecting a child, such emotional states can naturally arise in her position.


Question 11. Sergey: “Good day! I would like to know how important it is for a man to know his Rod. ”
Whether you recognize your Rod or not is a minor issue.First and foremost, a man must respect his father and establish relationships with him. You need to become a child who shows respect and gratitude to their parents. When this happens, then on a subtle level a person receives the power of the blessings of the whole Kind. She will come to him through his parents and herself will lift him up the ladder of realization of his destiny.
Secondarily, you need to become a man or a woman, accept your nature and fully reveal it. To become a man or a woman means that you really need to become a father or mother, husband or wife. Everything else in your life is likely to be fairly organically revealed by itself.


Question 12. Alexander: “We are now divorced with his wife. My daughter is 4 years old. How, without injuring the psyche of the child, to inform her about it? ".
Alexander, thank you for your wisdom, sensitivity and love for your daughter. Not many men have such culture and responsibility. Daughters are very important to know that despite the parents divorce, they love her equally. She also has the right to love each and every one of you, regardless of what kind of relationship you have. Just tell her: “It so happened that we live separately.Know that both Mom and I - we love you very much. ” It is very important for her to understand and be sure that in her life there is love of both father and mother.


Question 13. Elena: “How can I help my own person with cancer, when she herself does not have the strength, to accept and realize this? I want to give everything, but when you realize that nothing depends on you, you do not want to live. The problem is that you cannot let go of a person. ”
It is not by chance that painful situations come to our lives, which need to be honestly experienced and lived along with a loved one. Now you have the most important period of relationship when your love will be tested. You can give it to your loved one much more than in your entire previous life. Relationships are given to us in eternity, but eternity must be sought in the present. Accept this situation and give everything that another person needs. Testing will always come to life, which will test our value system. Do not avoid them, but meet them.


Question 14. Maxim: “I am now at a very crucial stage of life. I understood that something needs to be changed. I understand that the main goal of every soul in the world is to come to God, but there is one “but”. I know all this, but I will not begin to use it, why is this happening? Perhaps this is a difficult and difficult work to go conscious and correct way that I can not afford? What to do in this situation? I really hope for your answer. ”
Maxim, thanks for your culture. You are open to the gifts that life has given you. You accepted them with gratitude, so they are now revealed in your life. In fact, you are already doing well, but there is a lack of good male communication. Look for like-minded people and God's help.
By nature, a man is very independent and wants to achieve everything himself. In this sense, it is easier for women to embark on the spiritual path of development than for men. But a man acquires great power if he begins to feel the support of God. Open your heart and ask God for help. Relying on it, follow in the chosen direction.


Question 15. Irina: “Oleg Georgievich, hello! I want to ask a very important question. In relations with her husband, we have no harmony. We constantly swear, we agree, we disagree, and so for 20 years. My husband went to another woman, but I kept him and now he drinks heavily. With the thought that we break up, it hurts me.It turns out some kind of vicious circle. How do you feel about the fact that we took everything from the relationship and it's time for us to break up? ”
You took from the relationship all the worst that you had, and missed all the best. The time has come for the next 20 years to learn to take all the best. Just so no one comes into the life of man. In a relationship, God sends us partners whose task is to teach us to be disciples and gain strength in failure. I can not explain everything to you now.
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The text of the article was prepared on the basis of Oleg Gadetsky's webinar "Simple truths in questions and answers."

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