Slimming herbs

Herbs for weight loss are the basis of herbal medicine and homeopathy: they are part of many medicines, officially recognized as medicine, and fees according to the recipes of traditional healers. It is clear that to lose weight by drinking a couple of cups of fragrant infusions, most likely, will not work. Medicinal herbs for weight loss are really effective in combination with a balanced diet and physical exertion. Moreover, they need to drink courses for some time, only then it will be possible to talk about a stable weight loss.

slimming herbsWhat herbs contribute to weight loss

Herbs for weight loss contribute to weight loss due to its healing properties, that is, they struggle with the cause of the disease, and not with the result. Depending on the dosage, method of application and composition of the collection, herbs can treat most diseases, as well as be used for their prevention. According to the methods of influence on the body, they are divided into several groups.

Suppress hunger

Often a person is confronted with emotional hunger, that is, physiologically, the body does not require food, but morally he is constantly haunted by thoughts about food.The reason for this can be stress, unemployment, lack of demand. Herbs, which are able to suppress the feeling of hunger, act in two ways: either they increase several times, getting into the stomach (absorbing moisture), or envelop the inner surface of the stomach with a special film. These include dagil, Althea root, flaxseed, bubble fucus, spirulina.

Fluid removal

The use of salted and smoked food, artificial spices, semi-finished products, sugary carbonated beverages helps to retain the liquid. That it is often the cause of excess weight, swelling, increased volumes, flabbiness. In this case, you need to activate the process of removing liquid and slag using diuretic and choleretic agents: corn silk, tansy, dandelion, immortelle, burdock, horsetail, mountaineer bird, barberry and others.

GI workslimming herbs recipes

Often the causes of excess weight can be improper work of the digestive system: for example, poor digestibility of food. In such cases, take parsley, dill, anise and fennel - herbs for weight loss, which normalize the work of the digestive tract.The result of slagging can also be frequent constipation. You can fight them with the help of laxative herbs: chamomile, buckthorn, yarrow, cumin.


Delayed or impaired metabolism is one of the most common causes of overweight. This is a consequence of taking any drugs (often for weight loss), experiments with diets, changes in the hormonal background. Restore metabolism is not easy, but possible. Along with the main treatment, it is recommended to take broths, which include rosemary, elderberry, nettle, turmeric, ginger, elderberry.

Power consumption

Energy consumption, burning calories - these are the basic rules for losing weight. We mainly spend calories in gyms, swimming pools, fitness. But, oddly enough, with the help of some natural seasonings this is also possible. Using rosemary, ginger and turmeric in cooking, you can lose a little extra weight. But with such spices you need to be careful: an excessive amount of them can increase the appetite.

medicinal herbs for weight lossVitamins

Not only herbs for weight loss, but also berries, fruits and vegetables that replenish the body with vitamins and amino acids, contribute to weight loss.Morsy and compotes from mountain ash, wild rose, currant, raspberry and lingonberry perfectly tone up, speed up metabolic processes and vitaminize.

How to take herbs for weight loss

Herbal recipes are varied. Often they are aimed at solving several problems at once - this is not only losing weight, but also a general improvement of the body. It is necessary to drink herbal preparations for at least a month, first of all, after consulting a doctor and familiarizing yourself with contraindications. Pay particular attention to the collection of diuretic and laxative effects.

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