Smartphone Xiaomi Redmi 2: reviews, features, prices

One of the most stylish new products of 2015is Xiaomi Redmi 2. Reviews about this amazing device, its technical specifications and capabilities, as well as its pros and cons will be discussed in detail below.

xiaomi redmi 2 reviews

Positioning the device

One of the best entry-level smartphonesfor today by right can be considered "Xiomi Redmi 2". This device has everything you need for comfortable and comfortable work: a small by today's standards, a diagonal of 4.7 inches, a 4-core productive chip, a sufficient amount of built-in and memory. It is also worth noting that there is a more advanced version of this gadget - Xiaomi Redmi 2 Pro. Reviews indicate a higher level of its performance, which is provided by a larger capacity of the built-in drive and twice the amount of RAM. Otherwise, they are identical devices. Separately it is worth noting the different color options of the device body. In addition to typical white and black, there is also pink, green and yellow. It is this nuance that allows you to pinpoint the potential buyers of this device - the youth. After all, it is she who tries to express her individuality in this way.

Gadget Kit

Typical, as for most devices of this manufacturer, bundled in Xiaomi Redmi 2. Reviews for this once again indicate. Its boxed version includes:

  • The smartphone itself.
  • The battery is 2200 mAh.
  • Charger with an output current of 1A.
  • Warranty card and instruction manual.

smartphone xiaomi redmi 2 reviews

In some cases this device is optionalis equipped with an adapter for domestic sockets. But in the previously mentioned list, obviously there is not enough cover and protective film for the front panel. The case, as was noted earlier, this smartphone has a plastic one, without these accessories it is simply indispensable. Also, not an extra will be an additional memory card, which, like a cover with a film, will have to be bought additionally. In addition to this, you will still need to purchase a stereo headset.


Much in common have two generationsthis smartphone. The front panel has a screen with a diagonal of 4.7 inches. Above the display are sensors, a speaker and a front camera. Under the screen is the familiar control panel of the three standard touch buttons. On the underside of the device there is a hole of the spoken microphone and a microUSB port. On the contrary, on its upper edge, an audio port 3.5 mm is output. On the right side of the device there are buttons for adjusting the volume of the gadget and its locking. But on the left edge there are no communication or control elements. The front panel of any device in this series has only one color - black. But the back cover, as noted earlier, can be white, black, green, yellow or pink. This design solution makes this intelligent phone with the iPhone 5c. So a very practical option for the back cover of the Xiaomi Redmi 2 Black. Reviews of hisowners say that dirt, printsfingers and scratches on it are not too noticeable. But the female half of humanity more like Xiaomi Redmi 2 White. The reviews of happy owners are superfluous to this confirmation. The rest of the color options (yellow, green and pink) will be the best choice for young people. On the back of the device there is an eyelet of the main camera, LED illumination for it and the main loud speaker.


As in the smartphone Xiaomi Hongmi 2, Redmi 2,reviews on this feature of this device are often pointed out, the same chip is installed - "Snapdragon 410" from "Kualcom". The second name is MSM8916. He has 4 computational modules based on the fairly modern architecture of the "Cortex A53". In the high-load mode, they can give out 1.2 GHz each. Again, this CPU will cope with most problems without problems. The only thing that is certainly beyond his powers is the most demanding toys of the last generation. But in this case it is necessary to look towards devices with a cost of $ 300 or more. And this is a completely different price category.

xiaomi redmi 2 8gb reviews

Screen and graphics subsystem

The diagonal of the display in this gadget is 4.7 inches. It is based on the most popular technology for the manufacture of matrixes for screens - "IPS". The color reproduction is excellent, and the viewing angles are close to 180 degrees. The resolution of the display is 1280x720. That is, the image on it is displayed in "HD" - quality. The basis of the graphics subsystem of this device is the video accelerator Adreno 306. It can not boast of an impressive level of performance, but it will work fine for most everyday tasks. Also, the initial and intermediate level toys on this graphics solution will go without any problems. But the most demanding games of the latest generation should not be run on this gadget: performance is not enough.

Cameras, photo shooting and video recording

The main camera in this device is based onsensor in 8Mp. It also implements such important technologies as autofocus, digital zoom and face recognition. Do not forget the developers and the LED backlight. The quality of the photos taken with it is simply excellent, as for such a device. This camera can shoot video in the format 1080 р. In this case, the refresh rate of the image will be 30 frames per second. The sensor of the front camera is more modest - 2 Mp. But this is quite enough for "selfie" and making video calls. Also, it should be noted that the video front camera can record in the format 720 p.

xiaomi redmi 2 black reviews


In the basic configuration, this phone is equipped withonly 1 GB of RAM. At the same time, only 300MB is allocated for the user's needs. The capacity of the built-in storage is 8 GB. It is divided as follows: 3 GB - system software, 2 GB - internal memory for the installation of application software, 3 GB reserved for the user's personal data. This is clearly not enough for comfortable work. Therefore, the potential owner of such a device when buying will also have to purchase an external flash card for an additional fee. Its maximum capacity in this case can be 32 GB. But there is a more advanced modification of this smartphone - Xiaomi Redmi 2 Enhanced Edition. Reviews highlight her memory subsystem. RAM capacity of the gadget is increased 2 times and is already 2 GB. That is, for the needs of the user is allocated not 300 MB, but already 1300 MB. Accordingly, more applications can be simultaneously launched on such a phone. The capacity of the built-in drive is increased to 16 GB, and the user in this situation can expect 11 GB for personal data. To top it all off, this device has exactly the same expansion slot as the "low" model, and it can have a 32 GB memory card installed.


Not bad autonomy can boast a phoneXiaomi Redmi 2. Reviews say about confident 2-3 days of work from one battery charge at an average load level. If you run the most demanding applications on this device, you can count on 1 day of battery life. Well and in case of the maximum economy of a charge of the battery it is possible to stretch and 5 days. The battery in this device is removable, its capacity is 2200 mAh (200 mAh more than the previous generation model). Charges it from the complete charger in just over 2 hours.

xiaomi hongmi 2 redmi 2 reviews

Information exchange

This device supports all major interfaces for data exchange. Among the wireless ways of transferring information, one can distinguish among them:

  • Support for all existing to datemobile networks: GSM, 3G and LTE. In the first case, the data transfer rate can reach 500 kb / s - this is enough only to download small sites and social networking. But in the case of 3G or LTE files of any size or demanding Internet portals will be loaded quickly enough.
  • To navigate usingThis phone is best used by the GPS system. The corresponding transmitter is there. Also at the program level, the support of the domestic GLONASS system is realized. There is also the A-GPS system, which uses mobile towers to determine the location of the smartphone.
  • The device is equipped with a "Wai-Fay" transmitter, which allows you to download files of any size in minutes.
  • There is also a "Bluetooth", which allows you to connect to the gadget wireless headphones or share small files with similar devices.
  • For charging the battery and for connecting to the computer, a standard microUSB port is used.
  • A 3.5-mm audio port is provided for wired headphones.


"Android" with the serial number 4.4 is a system software, on the basis of which the smartphone Xiaomi Redmi 2 operates. The reviews highlight its stable and reliable operation. Over the operating system, the proprietary shell of this manufacturer is installed - MIUI version 6. The interface of this software system is simple and intuitive. Therefore, it will not be difficult to deal with it. The rest of the set of software is standard: social mini-programs (Facebook, Tweeter and, of course, Google), add-on programs for the operating system (calculator, organizer, calendar, etc.) and a set of utilities from Google (browser, "Google News" and others). The rest of the applied software will have to be added to the newly created owner of this device from the Play-Market app store.

xiaomi redmi 2 enhanced edition reviews

The cost of the device at the moment

It is an excellent ratio of low cost andexcellent technical characteristics and is the strength of this manufacturer. This model of the smartphone was not an exception in this respect either. At 130 dollars to date, the most affordable version of this gadget is estimated - Xiaomi Redmi 2 8Gb. Reviews also highlight a more advanced modification of the device with the prefix "Pro". It is estimated at $ 195. But at the same time it doubles the capacity of the built-in storage and RAM.

Reviews about the gadget

Virtually no shortcomings in Xiaomi Redmi 2. User reviews generally indicate a small backlash backlash. This minus is not so often found in the devices of this model. In the rest it is an excellent entry-level smartphone, which has everything you need to work. On the other hand, its technical specifications and a price of $ 130 correspond to each other. If you need more memory, then pay attention to the version of the gadget with the prefix "Pro", but in this case you will have to pay an additional 60-70 dollars.

phone xiaomi redmi 2 reviews


If you do not take into account certain censureson backlash play in some smartphones of this model, then Xiaomi Redmi 2 turned out to be perfect. Reviews this once again only confirm. So this is a great buy for those who need an inexpensive and functional entry level gadget.

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