Smashed the bumper ...

Guys, broke the bumper at the fiesta of the 10th year, urgently looking for a new one. Tell me where in Yekaterinburg you can get it at a small price, because I do not want to drive with a broken one, or without it ..
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Jeck nikolson
Jeck nikolson
Answered on December 27, 2017 16:19
First of all, look at the flea markets, such as Avito or Yule, they sell a lot of new parts there, and you can also bargain. Either in the service station, go straight to a good place so that everything will be installed right away.
Ultamac loster
Ultamac loster
Answered on December 27, 2017 5:00 pm
Immediately, you need to go to a normal car service center, for example, Avtocity or Avant, and then in small service stations they can easily cross-check and install a cheap non-original bumper, or a previously restored one, and this will not last long.
John barell
John barell
Answered on December 27, 2017 17:08
Repair of bumpers in Yekaterinburg is promptly carried out in normal car repair and tuning services, it’s better and true to go to such places than to look for a new normal bumper and drive it. After all, why bother changing the bumper, for example, if you can restore it? It all depends on what he really is.

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