SMERSH (all films): list and description

Today we describe SMERSH all movies.A list of them will be presented later. The topic of intelligence is often raised by directors. In the USSR, such paintings were particularly popular. The abbreviation stands for "Death to Spies". It's about the organization that was engaged in intelligence, primarily during the war. It was disbanded in 1946.

SMERSH: all movies, list. "Foxy burrow"

dusk all movies listFirst, we will discuss the mini-series created by Russiaand Byelorussia. The director of the picture was Alexander Daruga. The events unfold on the territory of Belarus during the war. On the calendar of 1944. German saboteurs kidnap documents of special secrecy. They have to send the papers abroad. This can not be done, since the group is detained at the border. Secret documents, however, they were not found. An error is impossible, since the reliability of the information is beyond doubt. In the meantime, the Abwehr is preparing a campaign aimed at the liberation of saboteurs and the transfer of papers to Germany. The Soviet leadership for such cases has a special organization - "Death to Spies."

"The Hethers of Major Sokolov"

dusk all movies list in orderWe continue the conversation about the structure of SMERSH.All the films (list in order) about this organization will continue to describe, having considered the picture "The Hetters of Major Sokolov." The film was directed by Bakhtiyor Khudoynazarov. The plot narrates about the confrontation of the staff chiefs of Smersh and the KGB. Their task is to expose the terrorist organization called the "EOMM". This is a military drama.

SMERSH: all movies, list. "Military Intelligence. Northern Front "

films about the death listThe director of the picture was Peter Amelin. The plot narrates about the activities of Soviet spies. They worked in 1939 on the territory of the Northern Front. The world rating of the picture is 6.9.

Other tapes

dusk all movies list of fox burrowLater, less known ones will be considered, butworthy of the films about SMERSH. The list continues the picture "Death to Spies: Shock Wave". The director was Alexander Daruga. The picture was created by joint efforts of three countries - Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

In the center of the story line is the school watchman.Intelligence agencies in Ukraine are testing what kind of person this is and why so much intelligence is being given to it by Germany. As a result, the struggle for a special nuclear reactor begins. It includes a technology capable of providing an advantage to the country that has it. The watchman turns out to be a former nuclear physicist.

There are several curious pictures,narrating about the activity of the SMERSH organization. All the films (list in order) will continue to be examined, having told about the tape "Military Intelligence. The Western Front. " The director was Alexey Holidays. The plot of the film tells of a group of scouts who were hardened in battles. They are assigned the most important tasks. The group needs to destroy the special German saboteurs, then transfer secret documents and cover up the officials of the Soviet Union. Recall that the topic of this material: "SMERSH - all movies."

The list continues the picture "Military Intelligence. First hit". The director of the tape was again Alexei Holidays. The series tells about the exploits that Soviet spies did at the beginning of the war.

Next, we will discuss the film Death to Spies.The Hidden Enemy. " This is a mini-series production of Ukraine and Belarus. The director is Eduard Palmov. The plot tells how the Abwehr sends a sabotage group to Ukraine, consisting of several Soviet prisoners of war. Two of the heroes, Zaitsev and Belyaev, decide to surrender. They want to start cooperating with the command of the USSR. Further events develop very dynamically.

Consider another film - "SMERSH: A legend for a traitor. " This is a mini-series of Russian production. The director was Irina Gedrovich. The plot tells about the events taking place in the next few years after Germany's surrender. The USSR is launching activities directed against Western special services. The picture tells of the difficult fate of a Soviet spy.

The last was the picture "Liquidation". This is a series of Russian production in 2007. The director is Sergey Ursulyak.

So we briefly discussed all the films about SMERSH. The list of the most curious paintings is presented above.

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SMERSH (all films): list and description SMERSH (all films): list and description SMERSH (all films): list and description SMERSH (all films): list and description SMERSH (all films): list and description SMERSH (all films): list and description SMERSH (all films): list and description SMERSH (all films): list and description SMERSH (all films): list and description SMERSH (all films): list and description