Sofa repair

Our sofa is already 8 years old, in some places the upholstery has been stuck, and the cat has tried, stripped the side walls. Tell me where in Moscow you can find a master so that you can drag the sofa?
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Answered on March 17, 14:27
As for me, it is better to buy a new sofa. How many do not over-drag it, the sofa itself is already outdated, and the work itself, most likely, will not be cheap. And the new sofa has both a modern design and better materials.
Answered on March 17, 14:35
I agree, you must first find out how much materials for the sofa and the work itself will cost. If the amount is very high, then I do not see the point in repairing the sofa and it is better to buy a new one.
Answered on March 17, 14:48
I think that if there is an opportunity to repair the furniture, then it must be done. After all, if the furniture body is in excellent condition and only the upholstery is worn out, then why not change it. Now there are a lot of modern high-quality materials, the main thing is that the experts with work experience repair the furniture.

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