Solar collector with their own hands

In the summer, at the dacha, to save onyou can collect a heating device or a solar battery. Summer, rich in solar heat, is the most successful time for creating a solar collector with one's own hands, while operating for two months, it fully pays for itself. He is great at heating water and heating. Moreover, solar energy can be equally effectively used not only in summer but also in winter.

The capacity of the reservoir tank is calculated at 200 liters. To build it, you need materials such as 4 sheets of particle board (you can use old furniture). Two sheets should have a length of 92 cm and two - 90 cm. The height is thirty centimeters.

In addition, a black polyethylenefilm. With a thickness of 0.15 millimeters, it should be 1.5 and 1.5 meters in size. You need universal screws in the amount of eight pieces. The window glass is 6 mm thick and not less than 92 x 92 centimeters in size. Two plates of polystyrene measuring one hundred and fifty centimeters. When constructing a solar collector with your own hands, do not forget about such an important thing as a garden hose. It should be made of PVC, reinforced, the thickness of its walls - one millimeter. It will require a brass tee thread ¾, with two threads will be external, and one - internal. The hose requires a brass nozzle and a pair of crimp clamps. As a sealant will require a Teflon tape and two gaskets made of paronite.

The best placement of the collector is on the roofat home, so that it gets more sunlight. At the beginning of the assembly of the manifold box, you need to cut the sheets of particleboard (or any other sheet material). To protect wood from moisture, it needs to be covered with varnish or alkyd enamel. Collecting the solar collector with your own hands, you can do with a pair of screws to fasten the shields to the butt. It is possible to prevent cracking of the material, pre-drilled for screw holes. At the bottom of the box you need to pack the foam. It will retain heat and promote slow cooling of water. For the hose, it is necessary to make a notch in the upper shield, with the edge. For this purpose, a saw and pliers are useful. Then you need to lay a black plastic film that can heat up in the sun in just a few minutes.

When a solar collector is createdhands, it is necessary to take into account the bending radius of the hose during its installation. This is necessary to avoid its bend. The hose should be put on the roof, and it is better if its length is slightly larger than it was necessary in the calculation. A hose in the middle of the path should be fixed, a regular adhesive tape, which can be glued to the wall, is suitable. It must be taken to the solar collector, lowered to the bottom of the heater and covered with glass. In the completion of the installation of the collector, it is necessary to strengthen the supporting elements of the structure. For the stability of the glass it is necessary to screw a pair of screws to create stops.

In addition to the water heater (collector) can beThe solar battery for the house which will provide the electric power at absence of connection to its traditional sources is created by the hands. And this method is not only economical, but also environmentally friendly. In fact, the solar battery is a photoelectric generator of direct current. He transforms the radiant energy of the sun into electrical energy.

If you have chosen solar power as a source of electricity,they will require a little more effort and availabilityfollowing components. We need elements capable of generating 0.5 watts each. And their sizes can vary. For the base of the battery, a wooden box with ventilation holes along the sides is suitable. It is necessary to make a substrate from a piece of particle board, to pick up the glass to cover the device from the weather. To connect the elements, they will have to be glued and soldered into chains. Then the wires are led through the ventilation holes. Each panel that enters the system must have a blocking diode. It will protect the battery from discharging during cloudy weather or at night.

Thus, you can use natural energy at home and make your life more comfortable.

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