Strawberry wine at home: a recipe

If you think that this drink of the gods can only be made from grapes, then you are deeply mistaken. For example, wine made from strawberries, this sunny and aromatic berry is a worthy alternative to the traditional grape. In the relevant literature offers a lot of recipes for its preparation. Despite the fact that it is similar in taste to dry wines, it is still classified in the semi-dry category. The main nuance: wine made from strawberries does not require additional fixing with alcohol, like some fruit and berries, but is formed naturally by fermentation.strawberry wine at home

No alcohol

It is noted that wines made from berries without additional alcoholing have a more delicate taste and aroma. They do not gain a harsh and coarse flavor, characteristic of ratified. Such drinks are more demanding on the quality of the raw materials, but also rich in succinic acid, esters, aldehydes and many other usefulness.Of course, this aroma, as in the factory, where the wine is aged in special containers in compliance with high technology, at home, you can not fully achieve. But still, homemade strawberry wine is worth trying to cook, especially if you have your own plantation of this berry. Well, or in a season you can buy a bucket - it will not be too expensive. And in the winter evening, warmed wine from strawberries in a wide glass, will reveal all its aromas and tastes and will delight you and your loved ones. So, we proceed?

Wine made from strawberries at home. Recipe basic

For the preparation we need strawberries in the amount of 7 kilograms. They will take a little more than a kilogram of sugar. Pay attention to the fact that in this recipe water is not used at all, as in many other fruit wines, where its addition is almost obligatory. Wine from strawberries at home according to this recipe is made in its own to make wine from strawberries

Selection and preparation of berries

Raw materials need to be selected and prepared in the most thorough way. Take only intact, perhaps - slightly overripe and the most ripe berries. Rot and damage immediately sweep aside, so as not to spoil the final product.People often ask: to wash or not to wash these berries before making wine from strawberries at home. The fact is that the strawberry itself does not like washing, and when you try to wash it diligently, it is often deformed. So much zealous with this is not necessary. You can rinse a bit in the pelvis, for example. But after that, some berries will have to be removed, since they, if crushed, will lose a lot of juice. But the leaves and the stem must be separated. Some pros of home distillation recommend removing dirt from the berries by soaking in a suitable container for a short time. After washing, it is not necessary to dry the strawberries, it is enough that the excess water is glass.

Warm up

Before you make a wine from strawberries, do the following step: we knead the berries with mashed potatoes for mashed potatoes or with a squash. Some people prefer to do it with their hands, but then try to, at a minimum, they be clean - the extra microbes need nothing to us. You can skip the berry and through the meat grinder. But from contact with its metal parts, the juice impairs its qualities. You can cut berries in a blender. The idea is simple: to prepare a fairly homogeneous mass - pulp, while losing as little juice as possible.strawberry wine recipe

What to do with pulp

The resulting juicy mass is poured into a 10-liter bottle (you can take a glass or from food-grade plastic, but not metal). Attention: the cylinder should be filled only on 2/3 of its volume. Otherwise, the blame is not enough space to properly wander. Add to the mass of a kilogram of sugar. All carefully mix. By the way, there is no need to abuse sugar and put it significantly more (they say that the wine turned out better).

Primary fermentation stage

The narrow neck of the balloon is covered with a piece of gauze of suitable sizes. The capacity itself must be removed in a dark and warm place (the temperature for fermentation is not more than +24 degrees), without exposure to sunlight. Primary fermentation wakes up in about a day. There is an active selection of juice. Closely monitor the temperature: at lower temperatures, the process begins with difficulty, at higher temperatures, the yeast may die. And in favorable conditions, the pulp is subdivided into oilcakes and juice completely on the 4th day approximately. The cake rises up, forming a cortical layer. Juice is below. The primary fermentation process is considered complete.strawberry wine at home recipe

Wine making

Now we need to drain the juice into a clean prepared container and plug it into a water trap. How to make such a device? There are plenty of options - both purchased and homemade. The simplest: remove the hose from the neck, which is hermetically sealed. A hose is lowered into a small container with water, which is located near the main dish, where fermentation takes place. Starts secondary fermentation. We do not allow excess air into the container (using a manufactured gate), because otherwise vinegar can be prepared instead of making strawberry wine at home. The recipe is controlled by the intensity of fermentation (the number of bubbles bubbling in the gate). Gas formation should be quite intense. It is not recommended to influence the resultant process (except for compliance with the temperature regime).strawberry wine

The final

The completion of fermentation is indicated by the fact that bubbles in the closure no longer stand out from the main bottle. But it still takes a couple of days for the hydraulic lock not to be cleaned up so that the wine is fertile. This is followed by a clarification process, during which the corked wine is placed in a dark, now cool place.Wine is divided into sediment and light, almost transparent liquid. Without arousing sediment poured and bottled. They need to be capped and stored in a recumbent position in a dark and dry cool place (for example, a wine cellar cabinet). This is a non-alcoholic semi-dry strawberry wine. The recipe, as we see, is quite simple in execution, and the wine itself turns out to be excellent!

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