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Every day, various probiotics are becoming more and more closely entrenched in the confidence of physicians and patients. These drugs are designed to normalize digestive function, maintain immunity, create the right conditions for the functioning of organs and systems, eliminate pathogenic microorganisms that poison the life of the patient. Today, in the windows of pharmacy chains one can find a great variety of various preparations based on beneficial bacteria. One of these is "Subalin". Instructions for its use will be discussed in detail for you today.

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Characteristics of the drug

The “Subalin” instruction is described by the instruction as a highly effective means designed to restore the correct intestinal microflora and remove pathogenic organisms. The medicine is produced in the form of a porous mass, from which it is necessary to prepare a suspension. In the package, the consumer can detect sachets or glass vials of the “Subalin” preparation.

The price of the drug depends on the place of purchase. The average cost of 10 doses is 200-300 rubles. According to established opinion, in Russia this drug is quite difficult to purchase. But he is in great demand on the territory of Ukraine, where he is manufactured by the company Biofarma.

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Indications and therapeutic properties

Often, probiotics are taken by consumers on their own. Doctors do not see anything terrible in this, since the purpose of the pharmacy is to restore and maintain the natural microflora of the body and intestines. Doctors recommend using this tool in the following circumstances:

  • violation of digestive function in the form of diarrhea, intestinal distention of unknown origin;
  • prolonged use of antibiotics, chemotherapy and antifungal agents;
  • meningoencephalitis;
  • acute hepatitis A and B, chronic hepatitis B;
  • dysbacteriosis of various genesis;
  • endotoxicosis.

The preparation "Subalin" - the instruction tells - includes microorganisms inhabiting the human body. These substances enter the digestive tract along with food products: dairy, bread dishes, as well as water.A single dose of Subalin contains about a billion live Subtilis bacteria. The preparation can also be detected: sucrose, gelatin, sodium chloride and water.

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"Subalin": instructions and dosage

The medication is intended for internal use. The powdered mass before taking must be dissolved in clean water at room temperature:

  1. If you use ampoules, it is recommended to take 1-2 teaspoons of water and add them to the container. After that, the drug is thoroughly shaken for 1-2 minutes and taken before meals.
  2. In the form of a sachet, the medicine is prepared by mixing the powder with a third glass of water. Stir the substance thoroughly, take it with food.

The daily dosage, frequency of use and duration of therapy completely depend on the individual characteristics of the organism. Probiotic "Subalin", the price of which you already know, is prescribed by a doctor for reception according to a specific scheme. If there were no specific recommendations, or you decided to use the product yourself, follow the instructions:

  • For the treatment of acute hepatitis A, the drug is taken twice a day in one or two doses.The treatment lasts 10 days.
  • In acute hepatitis B, Subalin is administered 10 days, two doses three times a day. In chronic hepatitis, the term is extended for another 4 days.
  • Treatment of meningoencephalitis involves the use of the drug in one serving twice a day. Therapy lasts 10 days.
  • In order to eliminate intestinal infections or dysbacteriosis of unclear nature, the suspension is used in 2 servings 3 times a day. Depending on the severity of the disease, therapy is carried out from 5 to 7 days.
  • “Subalin” for children is prescribed in one portion twice a day. The course of treatment is three weeks.

Alternative use

About the drug "Subalin" reviews say that it can be used to make homemade fermented milk product. To do this, one dose of the drug is mixed with a liter of sterilized milk at room temperature. After that, the substance is poured into jars of 100 ml and sent to a warm place. The ideal product is obtained in a special yogurt maker.

Patients took a fermented milk product one bottle per day in order to normalize digestive function and maintain immunity.Opinions that add up about the result of such therapy are positive.

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Additional information about the drug

If you refer to the instructions for use of the drug, you can find out that the probiotic “Subalin” has no contraindications. Its use is permissible even during pregnancy and lactation. But before taking the course, you should still consult with your doctor. There is no recorded data on the side effects of the drug and the danger of its overdose. All consumers tolerate this remedy well.

The manufacturer recommends storing the drug at a temperature of 15 to 25 degrees. It is unacceptable to take a pre-prepared suspension. Before each use, you must dilute the fresh mass.

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Similar medicines

Like any other medication, the bacterial agent “Subalin” has analogues. Among them are the following:

  • "Biosporin" is a bacterial drug that can also be used in gynecology. It differs from the original means that this drug is not used for hepatitis.
  • "Bifikol" - a probiotic based on bifidobacteria and Escherichia coli.
  • "Acipol" - a drug based on acidophilic bacteria. Widely used in pediatrics.
  • "Bifidumbakterin" - a well-known drug that contains bifidobacteria.
  • "Maksilak" - a tool that is recognized as the most effective, as it contains in its composition more than one type of beneficial microorganisms.

What kind of feedback can you hear?

Opinions about the drug "Subalin" consumers are good. Patients say that a short course of medication allowed them to normalize digestion and feel better. Practice shows that probitic is effective in cases when intestinal antibiotics are powerless. The drug, according to users, has a lot of advantages:

  1. It is inexpensive and is on the OTC market.
  2. The therapy has antimicrobial, immunomodulatory and antiviral effects.
  3. The drug improves the bowels, creates a feeling of comfort.
  4. It can be taken simultaneously with antibiotics without losing the effectiveness of both drugs.

Negative opinions are difficult to find. But there will always be people whom this or that medication did not help for certain reasons."Subalin" is no exception. In a negative tone, it is more often referred to by those consumers who have taken a probiotic without a medical appointment.

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Powder "Subalin" is not as well-known tool as its counterparts. But this medicine has proven to be quite effective against diseases that other probiotics cannot eliminate. Despite all the advantages and safety of this tool, doctors do not recommend using it yourself. If you need treatment, consult a doctor. Remember that drugs that have helped your friends and acquaintances may not be effective in the current situation.

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