Russian bath is an excellent and useful end not only for the working week, but also for each working day. Regardless of how often you are going to please your body and soul with light steam, you need to build a bath first.

Our ancestors knew about the benefits of the Russian bathOur ancestors knew about the benefits of the Russian bath
And it is absolutely not necessary for the construction of a bath to hire specialists, builders - the construction can also be carried out on its own. The main thing is to follow simple but very important rules.

Subtleties of building baths

- A place for a bath. If you want to save on lighting, sewage and plumbing, it’s better to build a bathhouse either as an extension to the house or in the house itself. But there may be a problem of fire safety. Therefore, it is better, after all, to spend a little money, but building a bathhouse far from residential buildings, choosing a place not far from a natural or artificial reservoir, corresponds to the fire safety rules, and will be where to dive after the steam room.
We build a Russian bath with our own hands
- Planning. An integral part of the Russian bath is a dressing room and steam room. Tambour, soap - room optional, but providing comfort.
Steam room - the heart of the Russian bathSteam room - the heart of the Russian bath
- The height of the room. The smaller it is, the better. After all, a large space warms up much longer and harder, and reduce the volume better due to the height.
- Ventilation. It will provide fresh air, helping the bath to dry after use and last longer. Good ventilation helps prevent mold.
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- Interior decoration. Russian bath, as a rule, is built of non-varnished wood. Usually the walls are sheathed with clapboard. In extreme cases, the material is covered with stain or impregnated with linseed oil.
Wood - the traditional finish of the Russian bathWood - the traditional finish of the Russian bath
- Lighting. It should be dim. A prerequisite is to use moisture-proof lamps.
- Pool or font. This is an optional but enjoyable item. However, if we are talking about a bath, which is located near the river or lake, then the pool is not required.

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