Sushi diet. Sugar Calorie

Today sushi and rolls are among the mostpopular dishes of Japanese cuisine. Many prefer them because of the unusual taste and low caloric value of the dish. Some gourmets prefer to even lose weight on sushi, arranging unloading days.

Sushi diet became popular in Russia in the late 90's,when Japanese restaurants began to come off everywhere, and the most basic recipes for sushi and rolls were learned by almost all housewives. The peculiarity of the dish is that in the composition of products enriched with minerals and vitamins. In seafood is also a lot of iodine, phosphorus, amino acids and other nutrients. They actively fight heart diseases, improve the condition of nails, hair, and affect brain activity.

The calorie content of the land is low due to the composition. At the heart of all dishes is rice. Rice is, first of all, carbohydrates, fiber. In rice, a lot of potassium, which neutralizes the salt. All seafood is also low in calories. They are the source of protein. Also, it is known that seafood is the strongest aphrodisiac. Rice combined with sea products is able to remove toxins from the body.

The next component of the dish, due to whichThe calorie content of the land is low, and the benefits are indisputable - algae. Algae are a source of iodine, iron and calcium. Iodine also affects the activity of brain cells, minerals contribute to the development of the skeleton and the healing of the circulatory system.

Wasabi and ginger are also important in the dish. Wasabi is a crushed dry root. The taste of wasabi resembles horseradish. Without ginger and wasabi, sushi and sashimi lose their palatability.

Sushi, the average caloric content variesfrom 90 to 160 calories per 100 grams, of course, is a dish not only tasty, but also useful. Answering the question: "Are sushi calories dry?", We conclude that the dish is low-calorie and with the help of it you can lose weight if you eat it no more than 1 time per week. Standard portions of the dish are small, so you can eat a small amount of food.

If you disassemble by composition, the calorie content of sushidepends on what foods are included in the dish. For example, sushi with tuna has 31 calories per piece, and in one piece of sushi with salmon 38 kcal. The most calorie sushi with eel smoked (51 calories). Sushi with other seafoods have an energy value in the range of 50 kcal.

Diet. Caloric content of sushi dishes.

Sushi taken is 2 Japanese woodenchopsticks in small portions. Stomach as a result of such consumption of food digests food gradually, without overloading the body. The risk of sushi overeat is quite low, since saturation occurs instantly. Sushi is digested for several hours, therefore, the feeling of hunger will not return to you for a long time. Also a positive feature of the diet is the fact that it is quite diverse. There are a lot of species of sushi, sashimi and rolls, which means that you will not get bored with food in this way.

According to the diet, use should be differenttypes of sushi. For breakfast and lunch it is necessary to eat about 10 rolls, for dinner the quantity is reduced to 6. You can also try salads with seafood, miso soups and much more. You can drink only green tea.

In Japanese omelets, only 12 calories, and caloriessoup cream from mussels is 80 kcal, which is also not much. The largest calorie content in shrimps is 112 kcal. Avocado has only 10 calories, so it is indispensable for any diet.

As nutritionists say, sushi is only useful inreasonable limits. The rate of consumption of a dish is individual for everyone. This is quite heavy food, so there are some contraindications to people with stomach diseases (gastritis, ulceration, etc.). Contraindicated sushi and those who suffer from allergies to fish and soy. In no case can you continue the diet for more than 1-2 days. Unloading days are not a long-lasting diet.

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