Syrup "Omnitus": instructions for use, indications, composition, reviews

A cough may appear in a person with a respiratory infection, or with allergies. This is a rather unpleasant symptom, especially when the cough is dry. To get rid of this condition requires special medications. They are chosen by the doctor depending on the condition of the patient. Quite often, with a dry cough, Omnitus syrup is prescribed. The instruction recommends its use for children from 3 years and adults. It is best to use the drug as prescribed by a doctor, as there are certain contraindications to its use.

general characteristics

The instruction to the Omnitus syrup refers it to antitussive drugs. It acts directly on the cough center, but has nothing to do with narcotic drugs. In addition, the main active ingredients of the drug penetrate into the bronchi and have anti-inflammatory and bronchodilatory effects there.As a result, the cough turns into a more productive form, sputum begins to expectorate.

This is necessary because a dry cough not only causes a lot of suffering to the patient. It still does not bring any benefit, since mucus and other harmful substances are not removed from the respiratory tract. Therefore, it is recommended to get rid of dry cough faster or transfer it to a more productive - wet. Not so many drugs that would have such an effect, usually need complex therapy. Or appointed "Omnitus".

This drug is produced in Serbia by the international company Hemofarm. The tool is available in the form of tablets and syrup. Children are most often prescribed a liquid form, because it is in this way that the main active ingredient is easier to digest, is better tolerated and is faster excreted from the body. Syrup is a transparent, viscous liquid. It is sweet and has a slight odor of vanilla. The preparation is packaged in dark glass bottles and equipped with a measuring spoon of 5 ml.

The composition of the Omnitus syrup is such that allergic reactions rarely occur on it, since it contains only one active ingredient - butamirata citrate.It is contained in an amount of 0.8 mg per 1 ml. Auxiliary components are needed only to give the drug the desired consistency and a pleasant sweetish taste. These are sorbitol, saccharin, vanillin, anise oil, glycerol and ethanol.omnitus instruction syrup

Action features

Omnitus cough syrup is a drug of a new generation. It relieves dry cough and effectively removes phlegm from the bronchi. The active ingredient in syrup has an effect on the cough center in the brain. But it has a complex action:

  • has anti-inflammatory properties, therefore, reduces fever, reduces pain and swelling in the bronchus region;
  • relaxes the smooth muscles of the bronchi, expands them and facilitates breathing;
  • inhibits the cough reflex, reduces its excitability;
  • relieves irritation from the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract;
  • dilutes sputum;
  • accelerates the evacuation of mucus from the lower respiratory tract;
  • enriches the blood with oxygen.

omnitus syrup reviews

Indications for use

Omnitus cough syrup is prescribed mainly for children. This form is also preferable when the patient cannot swallow the pill.The main indication for the use of the drug is the presence of dry cough. Moreover, it can be caused by various pathologies. The instruction to the Omnitus syrup recommends its use in such cases:

  • with ARVI;
  • with flu;
  • with whooping cough;
  • with acute bronchitis;
  • to suppress the cough reflex before surgery or bronchoscopy.

Basically, Omnitus syrup is intended to relieve acute cough. If it is chronic, the complex therapy prescribed by the doctor is necessary. After all, butamirate can remove a cough, but it will not save it from its cause, so the disease will return again.cough syrup omnitus

When you can not take syrup

Basically, Omnitus syrup is prescribed for children over 3 years old. But before using the drug, it is necessary to exclude conditions that may be a contraindication to the use of syrup. First of all, these are allergic reactions and individual intolerance to the components of the product. If any negative reactions occur, the drug should be discontinued.

In addition, Omnitus is not used for patients with renal failure or any other pathologies of the urinary system.Due to the presence in the syrup of a small amount of ethyl alcohol, it should be carefully taken to patients with impaired liver function, epilepsy and other abnormalities in the work of the central nervous system.

Reception of syrup "Omnitus" during pregnancy should be carried out according to strict indications and under medical supervision. In the first trimester, it is generally forbidden to use it, since butamirath penetrates the placenta and may adversely affect the development of the child. In the later periods, the drug is used only when essential. Do not drink "Omnitus" also while breastfeeding.Omnitus syrup for children

Possible side effects

Subject to all recommendations of the doctor and the exact dosage of the drug, negative reactions to it are rare. "Omnitus" affects the cough center, but does not change the functions of respiration, does not inhibit the work of the central nervous system, unlike opium drugs. Therefore, side effects are only with individual intolerance to the components of the tool. An accidental overdose is also possible, as a result of which negative phenomena can also be observed. Most of the side effects include:

  • allergic skin reactions;
  • nausea, abdominal pain;
  • bowel disorder;
  • apathy, drowsiness;
  • lack of coordination of movements;
  • dizziness, headaches;
  • lowering blood pressure.

omnitus syrup during pregnancy

Omnitus syrup: instructions for use

The drug is prescribed by a doctor depending on the characteristics of the disease, the patient’s individual condition and age. Although the instruction recommends the necessary daily dose, it is determined mainly individually. Most often, the dosage of the Omnitus syrup is calculated based on the patient's body weight. Moreover, it is easy to measure the required amount, as the set includes a special measuring spoon. Such dosage is usually recommended:

  • children under 6 years old or with a body weight of up to 22 kg need 10 ml per dose, these are 2 scoops, they should be given 3 times a day;
  • from 6 to 9 years old, with a weight of up to 30 kg, 3 measuring spoons are prescribed, which is 15 ml, also three times a day;
  • children over 9 years old need 3 spoons, but already 4 times a day;
  • Adult patients need to take 6 spoons three times a day.

Usually the drug is taken within 5 days. If the patient does not feel better during this time, it is necessary to consult a doctor to prescribe another medication. And independently prolong the course of treatment is not recommended.omnitus syrup dosage

Special instructions for taking the drug

Omnitus syrup can be taken only on prescription. In addition to the possible side effects of its use, there may be negative consequences when using it in complex therapy. Due to the nature of the active ingredient of the drug, it cannot be prescribed together with antitussive drugs. In this case, the development of airway obstruction and the spread of infection are possible.

In addition, you can not use "Omnitus" in conjunction with hypnotics, tranquilizers and other means of suppressing the central nervous system. It is not recommended to take alcoholic beverages during treatment. But patients with diabetes can use the syrup. It does not contain sugar, only sweeteners harmless to diabetics.omnitus syrup composition

Analogs of the drug

There are several similar drugs whose active ingredient is butamirate. They can be produced in the form of tablets or syrup. The choice of the drug should be made by the doctor, as they differ in the dosage of the active substance and the method of application.

  • "Codelac Neo" is also available in syrup or drops. Contains a little less butamirata.
  • "Panatus" is a complete analogue of "Omnitus", but is intended only for children, as it contains only 4 mg of butamirate.
  • You can use the Swiss drug "Sinekod", also used for dry cough.

Omnitus syrup: reviews

The high efficacy of the drug and its availability make it one of the most popular remedies for the treatment of dry cough. In pharmacies, this syrup is sold without a doctor's prescription, and its cost ranges from 170 to 250 rubles. Parents of sick children really like the fact that the drug is well tolerated, rarely causes side effects and helps quickly. Already after 1.5-2 hours after taking the first dose, the cough subsides, it is easier for the child to breathe. Doctors also often prescribe Omnitus syrup. Feedback from experts point out mainly its high efficiency. It quickly makes cough productive, relieves inflammation, facilitates breathing.

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