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Tale for adult girls

Start with tea!
And for tea, do not forget to put on nice little socks. Throw around the mimic pictures, good, they are jammed with the Internet. Forget about yourself, your desires and feelings, do not express yourself, try to like, you can still listen to friends andsecretly hope that they will envy you when he comes ...

And then you will surely come to you from the Internet (most often from these spaces, which is typical of such individuals) and send a message to your photo and write that she is his favorite of yours. Moreover, the photo will choose arbitrarily, believe me.

And you will be happy - especially in correspondence - as much as a couple of months. (Although, according to "intelligence", some luck a little longer). It is possible that one day you will know how your prynts to all familiar women sends them pictures with the same words as you. And many more words. Same for everyone. And he does it almost simultaneously and in parallel.

Probably from an excess of energy and breadth of the soul. Or from the abundance of hormones in the body? Or maybe from the lack of your tea in the missing own apartment? But rather, from the absence of some important moral formations in the structure of the psyche. And - from the inability to love. Or he is not quite healthy and such options have been encountered in practice.
Riddle. And it's better not to solve it.Clinging like a viral disease ...

Why is happiness in two months? - you ask. Will he, then leave, throw me? I will answer: it does not at all mean that he will “leave” you after two months, it only means thatthe feeling of happiness will end very soon.

And “quit” - no, he will not quit, they do not just not quit, they are very afraid to let go. They are afraid to let go of each and every one individually, and they keep around themselves, receiving attention to their person in various ways, literally “knocking out” other emotions ... Becausethe emotions of others are a life-giving source for them.

And how do those, others feel, whose emotions feed on prynz, do not care about it. He does not care about the feelings of others, and even not by malicious intent. It’s just that he himself has a deformed sphere of feelings, andhe cannot even understand approximately how it is to feel alive.

Of all the known feelings, he developed only painful sensations. Therefore, in others, it causes the same thing. And you will be able to notice this in more and more often recurring moments in your communication, which will occur suddenly for you, completely imperceptible for him (he is accustomed to being such), during which you will feel cold, bad, or still very uncomfortable.

These spider ponyts weave their web for years. (And not necessarily in correspondence, they go on personal communication, and on sex, also in parallel with several).After all, only in the web, these spiders can somehow feel.To do this, they need to hold onto those others for whom the cobweb is hooked.

At the same time there is another small and terrible secret -afraid to let go, they are afraid to come closer.That is why they cling to each and everyone, but they are not able to decide on preferences and do not come close to anyone. With them, there is no real intimacy in relationships. In them there will always be omissions, at best, but mostly - deceptions and a feeling of rejection, which will be present both visibly and invisibly.

What then can be happiness for you personally?

As they wrote in some internet joke: do not choose people who hesitate, otherwise they both will hesitate. Or, as the famous psychologist Mikhail Labkovsky says:you are not a psychotherapist and not a doctor for this man,do not try to help or solve it as a riddle. It is fraught with complications just for you ...

Oh, no, no, everything is fine, and soon the New Year. Socks, pictures, tea ...

And the above - just a terrible tale for frivolous adult girls who believe the words. And do not believe yourself. To their feelings, sensations, to their Self. Or else they simply do not clearly understand him. These are often used by gas lighters. Those same "pryntsy".

And already quite adult girls - those who went away from such pryntsy, know: spider pryntsy came into their lives to help them become adult self-valuable women.

But after all, not all women are able to understand and use difficult experience in this way. Therefore, a fairy tale is an attempt to vaccinate psychological immunity from tears for the future now. And to choose the path of self-development without falling into the wrong web. It happens with this especially advanced.

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