Temple Mount: A History. The Mystery of the Temple Mount What is the name of the Muslim shrine on the temple mount?

What is the name of the Muslim shrine on the Temple Mount? Why does this place attract so many tourists today? What secrets does it hide? All this you learn by reading this article.

The Temple Mount, located in the southeastern part of the Old City in Jerusalem, is also called Haram ash-Sharif. This place is unique. It is sacred to Muslims, Christians and Jews. The shape of the Temple Mount resembles a rectangular hill. She is traditionally identified with Mount Moriah, the very place where Abraham wanted to sacrifice his son to God.

what is the name of the Muslim shrine on the temple mount

Temple of Solomon

Jerusalem is the very heart of Israel. 3000 years ago this city was conquered by King David, who intended to build the first station temple here, designed to offer prayers to the one god.However, this building was destined to be erected not to David, but to Solomon, his son, who built an imposing building on Mount Moriah. Today this mountain is known as the Temple Mount. For the Ark of the Covenant was given the most sacred place inside the erected building. In the courtyard was located the altar, which was intended to burn the victims. The blood of sacrificial animals at the time of the prosperity of this temple flowed like a river to the glory of God.

The destruction of the temple and its restoration

Until 586 BC stood the temple of Solomon. It was at this time that the Babylonian invaders arrived here and destroyed it to the ground. And after Babylon was conquered by the Persians, in 538 BC, King Cyrus issued a decree on which it was planned to restore the Jerusalem temple. He was rebuilt by a descendant of David, Zerubbabel.

At the turn of our era, during the reign of Herod the Great, the temple after reconstruction was increased. However, he stood for no more than a century, after which in 70 he was destroyed during the suppression of the Jewish uprising by the Romans.

Al-Aqsa and the Dome of the Rock

At the top of the Temple Mount today you can see 2 of the most significant structures. The first is the Al-Aqsa Mosque (pictured below), known for being the headquarters of the Templars during the Crusades.

temple on temple mount

However, the main structure is located north of Al-Aqsa. It is a mosque topped with a golden dome, which has a strange name - the Dome of the Rock. The temple of Solomon was previously located here (sometimes mistakenly believed that he was in the place of Al-Aqsa).

An interesting feature of the Dome of the Rock

Why did David decide that the place to build the temple was the Temple Mount? At the same time, he even specially bought the barn through one jebusah, whose name was Aravna (Orna). Why was it necessary to build an altar here? Answers to these questions are related to one interesting feature of the Dome of the Rock - the mosque, largely due to which the Temple Mount is known all over the world today. A photo of the Dome of the Rock is presented below.

temple mountain

This mosque was erected around a small ledge in the rock, rising about 1.2-2 m. Its length is about 18 meters and its width is 13.5. According to legend, the rock protrusion is associated with biblical text. It is believed that Abraham was here preparing his sacrificial fire in order to sacrifice his son to God. However, the angel who appeared took the hand of Abraham and told him that God agreed to accept a lamb instead of a lad.

Already one such tradition, at first glance, would be enough to choose this particular place for the erection of the temple, in which the sacrifices to God were to be held. The place where the messenger of God was, the Jews could well be considered sacred. However, you can ask yourself another question: why did Abraham choose this particular projection in the rock to perform the sacrifice?

Foundation Stone

The rock that crowns the Temple Mount is called the Foundation Stone in Tahan (the supposed part of this stone is shown in the photo below). It is considered the place from which the Lord began to create the world. A natural question arises: how should this phrase be treated? What kind of Lord are we talking about? After all, before the religion of Yahweh arose, completely different deities were worshiped here ...

the secret of the temple mountain

According to one of the existing versions to date, in the name "Jerusalem" lies the meaning of "founded by God." Meanwhile, David did not build this city, but conquered it. That is, it existed even before the arrival of the Jews. What god then founded it? This was clearly not Yahweh.

Was there a building on the mountain before the temple of Solomon was built?

All of the above suggests that there was a structure on Mount Moriah before David conquered Jerusalem. This building of the gods of Canaan - the ancient gods.

The excavations of the Temple Mount are a mystery with seven seals. Today this place has not been studied enough, or the results simply do not want to advertise. Therefore, we can not say that under the Temple Mount.

Historians say that Jerusalem at the time of David was below, and there were no structures on Mount Moriah. However, it seems that this statement is based only on the texts of the Old Testament, which mention only the threshing floor. We should not forget that, firstly, this text itself is a highly ideological source, and secondly, the Jews were given the task to completely destroy all the shrines of the gods of Canaan. And they could well destroy the ancient structure, later on the site of which a temple was built for Yahweh.

The tradition of the erection of temples at the site of ancient sanctuaries

The tradition of building temples on the site of ancient sanctuaries is widespread throughout the world. Perhaps, they are built much less often in a new place than in the one that was previously read. Therefore, it is likely that the Muslim mosque we see today was erected exactly where the Jewish temple on the Temple Mount was located.

There is one more consideration in favor of this assumption.In the Old World of the ancient world today, no analogues of the construction of temples around a ledge in a rock were found - structures that seem to enclose this ledge. Such a place to build completely falls out of all the traditions of the ancient cultures.

However, we find the idea of ​​erecting a structure around a rock (made, by the way, from megalithic blocks) on the opposite part of our planet - in Peru, a state in South America. Similarly, for example, built the temple of the sun located in the famous Machu Picchu.

Historians believe that Machu Picchu was built by the Incas. But in this complex there are many examples of outstanding skill in stone processing, so there is almost no doubt that the construction was carried out by a civilization developed much more highly - by the civilization of the ancient gods. At the base of the Temple of the Sun, you can see one of the most striking examples of the application of the highest technologies for stone processing and construction. With modern technology, something like this is extremely difficult to do today.

In Pisac, there is another similar Peruvian structure.The famous masonry here is surrounded by a rocky exit. It is already processed and is called "intiuatana". This word is usually translated as "the link of the Sun". The fact is that, according to local traditions, the sun god tied his horse to it. It is clear that this translation was suitable for conquistadors from Spain - the conquerors of the Inca Empire. However, for a highly developed civilization of the gods, a translation similar in meaning would have sounded differently, much more habitually - “the place of parking of a vehicle belonging to the Sun God”.

Arguments that there was a temple on the Temple Mount to the Gods of Canaan

Muslim shrine on the temple mount

What is the result? Two cultures in the New and Old Worlds, separated by a huge space, are erecting architectural structures built on the same principle. It may well be assumed that there was once a structure on the Temple Mount that had to do with the gods of Canaan. And it is also logical to assume that here, in such an important place, there was a temple of the main god, Baal.

The mystery of the Temple Mount has not yet been disclosed. It is curious that even in the texts of the Old Testament, there is indirect evidence of the presence at this place of an ancient structure, built long before the Jews came here.Thus, in the Third Book of Kings in the passage describing the erection of the temple of Solomon, it is said that during its erection, hewn stones were used on the structure. It is also noted that neither the tesla, nor the hammer, nor any other iron cannon during its construction could be heard. Then where could the hewn stones come from? They were probably already here on the Temple Mount. The Jews only used the old structure or preserved blocks from its ruins to erect a new temple.

temple mountain photo

Mosque Dome of the Rock today

You already know the name of the Muslim shrine on the Temple Mount. We describe it in more detail. This mosque today is considered to be the hallmark of the city of Jerusalem. A golden dome with a diameter of 20 meters is visible from almost any part of the Old Town. The mosque is not valid. Today it is an architectural monument that protects the sacred rock.

The building was built in 687-691 BC. Subsequently, it suffered from earthquakes and destruction, it was often rebuilt. After each restoration, the mosque became even more beautiful and majestic. The building was ruled by Muslims and Christians (when the Crusaders captured Jerusalem), but since 1250 it belongs to Muslims completely. For wrong input is prohibited here.

The Ascension of the Prophet Muhammad

The history of the Temple Mount is rich in events and legends. It is believed, for example, that it was from her that the prophet Mohammed ascended into the sky. One night the archangel Gabriel (Jabrail) appeared to him. He suggested to Muhammad to mount a winged horse in order to transfer from Mecca to holy Jerusalem. Here the prophet was allowed to ascend into heaven, to meet with other prophets. He appeared before Allah himself, who entrusted the precepts of the Muslim faith to Muhammad. Today in the Dome is the footprint of this great prophet, as well as 3 hairs from his beard.

Features of the architecture of the mosque

The mosque is located on the terrace. Gentle steps lead to it from each side. Its 4 doors are oriented to 4 sides of the world. The walls are decorated with tiles and mosaics in a green-blue-white-gold gamut characteristic of Islam. Many internal columns can be seen from anywhere in the building.

In the heart of the Dome of the Rock is a sacred rock platform. It rises above the marble floor by 2 meters. This playground is surrounded by a wooden balustrade, built in such a way that it creates the impression of soaring rock in the air.

During the ascension of the prophet Muhammad, according to legend, this rock was supposed to follow him. She "broke away" from the ground and "hangs" now in the air. A small cave was formed with it, almost square in shape. It was here that built the altar King David. It is not known what other treasures are hidden in the dungeons of the Temple Mount ...

What else is on the Temple Mount today?

temple mountain caves

The gate has every wall of this mountain (there are only 10). Some were immured, some were pierced when the Arabs conquered the city. The Muslim shrine on the Temple Mount is not the only interesting building of this place. Today there are about a hundred buildings that belong to different periods. The Mamluk and Ottoman periods account for most of them. Among these buildings you can see the greatest monuments of Muslim architecture, many picturesque fountains, arches and gazebos. Details such as capitals and columns were widely used in their buildings.

For a long time, Jews were denied access to the Temple Mount. But during the 6-day Israeli war, they were able to regain control, and access to historical sites was resumed.In 1998, the 3rd mosque on the Temple Mount was erected.

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