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Drug "Tenoten": description, use, dosage

Today, almost every person is obsessed with stress and insomnia, however, people prefer not to notice this condition and continue to lead their normal life. Soothing our nerves with cigarettes, sweets and alcohol, we give our body an even greater load, causing it to experience even more stress. As a result, either everything in itself comes back to normal, or as a resulttenoten reviewsyou have to run to the doctor with the “bouquet” of diseases, because the constant stress and nervous breakdowns can very badly affect the body. With such problems, the drug "Tenoten" copes. Reviews about him leave and experts, and ordinary people.

Descriptiontenoten preparation

"Tenoten" - a homeopathic drug that normalizes the work of the central and peripheral nervous system and has a wide spectrum of action. The drug has no side effects and is not contraindicated when driving a car or taking alcohol, like other antidepressants.This is achieved through the effective and timely action of antibodies of the protein S-100. Protein S-100, located in the brain, is responsible for the human response to various situations, including the appearance of nervous disorders. Antibodies are contained in a very small amount, so they are quickly and effectively blocked by the drug "Tenoten". Responses and reactions of the body to the drug are positive: the drug does not cause drowsiness of the body, reflexes do not slow down.

Indications for use:

  • NDC (neurocirculatory dystonia) is a disease resulting from a disorder of the peripheral nervous system. Nerve endings give false impulses, thereby causing patients to think that they have a heart, stomach, or even the heel of their left leg. It is characterized by increased fatigue, redness of the skin, pressure, insomnia, and persistent anxiety.
  • VSD (vegetative dystonia) is a disease resulting from a disorder of the vegetative system. It is characterized by paleness of the skin, fainting, dizziness, high blood pressure, pain in the heart area.
  • Depressive states.
  • Asthenic syndromes.
  • Neurosis with disturbing manifestations.
  • Moderate lesions of the CNS organic nature.

The method of taking the drug

The drug "Tenoten" - a pill for sucking. The method of receiving them is as follows:

  • for mild neurosis take 1-2 tablets 2 times a day;
  • in severe depressive states, take 2 tablets up to 4 times a day.

The last reception should be at least 2 hours before bedtime. Tablets "Tenoten" need to dissolve on an empty stomach (not at the time of a meal), it is better to do it at the time of anxiety to suppress it, but not more often than 4 times a day. The course of treatment takes 1-3 months, if necessary, the course can be extended to 6 months or repeat the drug in 2 months.


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Drug "Tenoten": reviews

About the tool "Tenoten" you can find a lot of reviews, as this homeopathic medicine is sold without a prescription at an affordable price. Virtually no contraindications, side effects and non-addictive drug "Tenoten" is in great demand among people suffering from nervous disorders. Especially well respond to him, patients suffering from NDC.This disease has many symptoms that constantly appear in one form or another. Since there is no universal treatment for it, people have to constantly take sedatives, including the drug "Tenoten". Reviews say that he acts without disturbing the rhythm of life. Do not start your painful condition if your condition has not improved after taking the prescription drug. It is best to see a doctor, otherwise you can only aggravate the condition of your body. Be healthy and enjoy life!

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