Terry O’Quinn: Biography and Filmography

American actor Terry O'Quinn is familiar to the domestic viewer, first of all, through the TV series “Lost”, which was a great success, and the psychological drama “Father”. In total, his professional piggy bank contains about 110 television and film projects, and he is also a great friend of Chris Carter, the owner of an Irish terrier and a guitar virtuoso who once refused to cooperate with the “great and terrible” Ozzy Osborne.

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Biography facts

The actor was born in a small town in Michigan called Newberry on July 15, 1952 in a large Irish family. He was the eleventh child, and was raised as a Catholic. Educated at Central University of Michigan, and then in an Iowa state school. Even at the dawn of his career, the actor changed Quinn's name to O'Quinn. Terry did this to avoid confusion with Terrance Quinn.

He was interested in music since childhood. During his school years, he was fond of playing various musical instruments, especially he was attracted to the guitar.In grade 9, earning money, he could afford it. Along the way, Terry bought a tutorial and subsequently reached great heights. As a student, he earned his living by singing and playing guitar in local clubs and restaurants.

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The actor was married from 1979 to 2010. He met his wife Laurie (pictured above) during the filming of “Gates of Paradise”: she worked as a riding instructor, and Terry had to ride a lot. A tumultuous romance led to the wedding. The couple have two sons - Hunter and Oliver. In 2010, Terry O'Quinn was divorced. He currently lives in Virginia with his girlfriend Kate Baldwin.

Carier start

In the movie O'Quinn began filming in the 1970s, while he was still studying at the University of Michigan. And in several low-budget films, he showed himself as not only an actor, but also a director, as well as a screenwriter. Having decided to devote his life to acting, in 1978, Terry moved to Los Angeles, and that was when he changed his last name. One of his first notable works is his role in the movie “Gates of Paradise” (1980), which, by the way, is one of the most disastrous paintings in the history of Hollywood.

This was followed by such tapes as “All True Movements” (1983), “Places in the Heart” (1984), “Silver Bullet”, “Shalopay” and “Early Frost” (1985), “Between Women "(1986)," Blind Rage "(1989).

The film “Father”

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However, Terry O'Quinn made a breakthrough in his career in 1987, when he starred in the psychological thriller directed by Joseph Ruben “Father”. He played the role of a serial killer, the story was based on the story of John Emil Liszt, known as the “Westfield monster.” The picture was successful at the box office, now it is considered a classic of the genre. O'Quinn's talent was highly praised by critics, he was nominated for the Saturn Award for best film actor of the year.

Subsequently, in 1989 and 1992, the continuation of the tape was lifted, but they did not have such success. In the third film, T. O'Quinn refused to act without explaining the reasons. However, in addition to the main actor, the director was changed. In 2009, a remake of the original film with Dylan Walsh appeared in the role of a serial maniac.

Terry O'Quinn: Movies of the 1990s

Having gained fame, the actor in the 1990s began to act a lot. He was invited not only to the cinema, but also to television projects.

In 1990, the film "The Blood Oath" of Australian production was released.The plot is based on real events that occurred during the Second World War. This is a story about the crimes committed by the Japanese military on the island of Ambon, against prisoners. The basis of the tape lay real trials of the perpetrators. T. O'Quinn played a major role in the company of Deborah Unger and George Takei.

This was followed by minor roles in Westerns "Son of the Morning Star" (1991) and "Tombstone: The Legend of the Wild West" (1993), fantastic action films "Rocket Man" (1991) and "Techno Sapiens" (1994) , as well as the thriller “Primeval Fear” (1996), where Edward Norton and Richard Gere became his casting partners.

In 1995, Terry O'Quinn first appeared in a cameo role in the cult television series The X-Files as an invited guest. In the future, the producer of the project and a friend of the actor Chris Carter invited him to a full-length film. In 1998, the X-Files: A Fight for the Future film was shot on TV screens with the participation of Quinn. In the 2000s, the actor almost walked away from the big cinema and starred in little-known projects, but finally consolidated himself on the television screen, taking part in popular TV shows.

Terry O'Quinn: TV series

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The actor began acting in television since the 1980s. Initially, these were occasional and subtle roles in projects such as Star Trek: The Next Generation, Tales from the Crypt, X-Files, Earth 2.

In 1996, Chris Carter invited the actor to his new mystical television series “The Millennium”. A total of 67 episodes were filmed (3 seasons). O'Quinn played one of the main roles. The project was quite successful and was awarded numerous nominations for prestigious awards, as well as awards.

The collaboration of the actor and K. Carter continued further. So, in 1999, he was again invited by the producer to his new fantastic series “The Cruel Kingdom”, shot on the basis of comics. He had some success and attracted the attention of the audience, but due to the weak advertising campaign and unsuccessful airtime he could not keep the attention of the audience. There were only 9 episodes.

In the late 90s - early 2000s, the actor took part in such projects on television as “Alien City”, “Spy”, and “West Wing”.


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In addition to Chris Carter, the actor is close friends with another famous film director and producer - D. D. Abrams. It was he who in 2004He invited Terry with his series "Lost", without going through casting. Subsequently, the actor admitted that he did not particularly believe in the success of this enterprise, but he was pleasantly mistaken. The dramatic television series was broadcast over 6 seasons. It has the original format and characteristic structure of each series. The plot begins to spin from the moment of the crash of flight 815, whose passengers were lost somewhere on an island in Oceania.

The actor played the role of the mysterious John Locke, an employee of a packaging company who went on tour to Australia and when the plane crashed, he mysteriously recovered from a long-standing spinal injury. O'Quinn won three prestigious awards for his brilliant acting game: “Saturn”, “Emmy”, and “Screen Actors Guild Award”.

Career now

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After participating in the TV series “Lost”, the actor’s career began to decline a little, there were fewer offers. In 2011, the “Ring of Fire” series was broadcast on television. Terry O'Quinn played a minor role. The plot is a science fiction story telling of an alien invasion of Earth, which killed more than 90% of the entire population.The project’s executive producer was Steven Spielberg.

The next work of the actor was the project "Collapsed Heaven." Terry O'Quinn played one of the main roles along with Michael Vartan and Ian Tracy. A fantastic series has been going on throughout the entire one season.

In 2017, the actor is expected to take part in the new Andrew McCarthy “Black List: Atonement” project, in which the main roles will be performed by Ryan Eggold, Famke Janssen and Edie Gathegi.

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