The benefits and harm of horseradish health

Horseradish is useful for men, women and children. The leaves and root of the plant are applied in and out. Diseases are cured, the body is healed. The benefits and harm of horseradish for the health of the body, what medicines to prepare for children, contraindications of horseradish you will learn from this article.

The benefits of root and leaves of horseradish health

The plant has long been used to treat all sorts of ailments due to its bactericidal and anti-inflammatory properties. This is a natural antibiotic that strengthens the immune system. The plant has a diuretic effect, increases the amount of hydrochloric acid.

Useful properties for men

Horseradish is good for men's health. If there are no contraindications, regular use is recommended.

  1. The use of plants in the form of infusion normalizes sexual function and potency. Root - aphrodisiac, an alternative to Viagra.
  2. Early baldness is a common problem in men. In such cases, rub the juice of horseradish root into the scalp. To avoid a strong burning sensation, boiled water is added to the juice.
  3. The plant treats urological diseases. Due to the diuretic action, urination disorders are eliminated.
  4. In some men, the sciatic nerve is inflamed due to the sedentary work. To eliminate this problem, use compresses, pre-cooked gruel of horseradish. Useful massage, whose main tasks - the impact on connective tissue, the elimination of stagnation.
  5. Since horseradish juice contributes to the formation of blood cells, it is used in arthritis, radiculitis, and joint diseases.

Benefits for women

  1. Using horseradish, women remain slim, because the plant improves intestinal motility.
  2. Horseradish - an aid in the fight against pronounced cellulite.
  3. To reduce appetite, it is recommended to use tincture prepared from the root with the addition of honey.

Benefits for children

  1. Children make inhalation with horseradish.
  2. Horseradish with the addition of honey treat cough.
  3. When coughing is difficult to treat, an agent consisting of horseradish and lemon juice is prepared.
  4. From honey and horseradish make a compress on the chest and back.


It seems to be an ordinary plant, but what a diverse composition:

  • Essential oils.
  • Vitamins - Vitamin C is present in the composition (there is more of this vitamin in the plant than in citrus fruits), B, PP, E and others.
  • Amino acids.
  • Cellulose.
  • Macronutrients, trace elements - calcium, copper, phosphorus. The composition contains potassium, iron, manganese, sodium.
  • Organic compounds - fresh leaves are high in carotene.
  • Sahara.
  • Phytoncides.
  • Sinigrin - a component that gives the sharpness.

Harm and contraindications of horseradish

Despite significant benefits, we should not forget that the plant belongs to the spices that not every organism normally perceives. In order not to get burned, apply horseradish outwardly with caution. The burn is possible with prolonged exposure to the skin.

The product is suitable for use in small quantities by people with a healthy digestive tract. When abused, the spice harms the body. There is a risk of increased blood pressure, stomach pain, coughing, tearing, and even bleeding!


The plant is not used for impaired kidney and liver, chronic diseases of the digestive tract. From the use of spices in food should be abandoned with colitis, an excess of hydrochloric acid, acute intestinal disorders, diseases, which are aggravated due to taking horseradish.This result is possible in the presence of chronic diseases of the stomach in remission. Contraindications include pregnancy, lactation, a negative reaction of the body to the components of the root.

Recipes of traditional medicine with horseradish

Before using horseradish inside, be sure to consult your doctor!


Grated horseradish (2 tablespoons), poured with milk (1 cup), heated, but not allowed to boil. Means, which insisted 15 minutes, filtered, wait until cool and drink.

Vessel cleaning

They take dry leaves of horseradish, they add pine nuts shell, partition walls of walnuts (a handful of each ingredient), hot peppers (1 pc.). The ingredients are mixed, pour alcohol (500 ml). The agent is left to infuse for 10 days, then 30 drops are added daily to water (1 tbsp.) And drunk twice a day. Vessels are cleaned in one month.

Horseradish with atherosclerosis

Grated root (250 g) is poured with boiled water (3 l), set on fire, removed after 20 minutes. Ready broth drink before eating food (0.5 cups). The required number of techniques - three.

Neuralgia of the sciatic nerve

When neuralgia make compresses from fresh leaves, the affected area is wrapped with a warm scarf.


A glass of vegetable juice — radish, beetroot, and carrot — is poured into a saucepan.Add as much honey, horseradish tincture, which is prepared by insisting the plant on vodka for a day. Lemon juice is squeezed into the pan, the components are mixed and consumed for two months (3 times a day), a refrigerator is used for storage. Take time 1 tbsp. l Reception time is one hour before meals.

Elevated blood glucose

Unshelled horseradish root (thickness - 1.5-2 cm, length - 20 cm) is crushed and poured into a one-liter glass jar. There also add peeled garlic (9 cloves), fresh beer. The bank is filled for "hangers". Means insist in a place protected from light. The medicine is prepared for 10 days. Strain the liquid drink before meals. The recommended number of techniques - three. The dose of the product corresponds to a teaspoon; in two days it is increased to 1 tbsp. l The result appears in a month.


The root in a crushed form is mixed with a small amount of sour cream, make a compress.

Bronchial asthma

To horseradish pulp (150 g) add lemon juice (2 lemons). Homogeneous mass is used after breakfast for 1 tsp.


To rub the base was less burning, it is diluted with vegetable oil or sour cream.The medicine is taken in the morning and in the evening one teaspoon. Reception duration - 5 days. In case of acute kidney diseases, another medicine is selected!


Chopped root (200 g) is mixed with olive oil and honey, taken at 0.5 kg. Means is suitable for compresses for the night and internal use before food (in 20 minutes). The frequency of use daily - 3 times. The required dose - 1 tbsp. l


Grated horseradish (125 g) is mixed with three lemons, pre-crushed in a meat grinder. Treated for 2-3 weeks. The recommended number of receptions - once in the morning and in the evening. Dose of medicine - 1 tsp. Reception time - before meals (15 minutes). If desired, add honey. People with a sore stomach are better off using another remedy.

Joint treatment

Chopped and steamed on low heat horseradish root is applied to the fabric, which is applied to the affected area.

In case of diseased joints, an agent is prepared based on the same amount of gruel of radish, horseradish, turnip. For storage use a glass jar, treated for 2-5 weeks. Joints rubbed, warmed. The procedure is performed at night.

Long cough, bronchitis, tracheitis

In the grated root (1 tbsp.) Put honey (3 tbsp. L.).Means insist, eat every day, dissolving in the mouth. The recommended number of doses - 5. Dose of the drug - 1 tsp.

Urethritis, cystitis

A glass of horseradish tea (1 tablespoon), infused for five minutes, is drunk three to four times a day.

Runny nose

In cases of rhinitis, inhalations of shredded horseradish are useful, which is placed in a closed jar. After a quarter of an hour, the vapors inhale with their mouth, holding their breath for 3 seconds, exhale with their nose, and repeat several times.

Cholesterol lowering

From the ingredients twisted in a meat grinder (lemon, horseradish root, garlic - 250 g each), the mixture is added to which boiled water is added, keeping the proportions 1: 1. The medicine is kept for a day in a cold place, taken in the evening - before bedtime, and during the day - before meals (30 minutes). The recommended dose - 1 tbsp. l The remedy is seized with honey (1 tsp.).

Neglected cirrhosis

Ingredients - two-house nettle, horseradish leaves in a ratio of 1: 1. Gruel juice mixed in half with honey. The drug is kept in a cold place, take 0.5 cups, observing an interval of 2 hours. A break for sleep of 8 hours is required.


Chopped root (300 g) is poured with alcohol (1 l), insist day, used for rubbing diseased areas.

Strengthening the body after surgery, severe diseases

Cow's milk whey is added to a three-liter jar filled with horseradish. Means insist in a closed container for 4 days. It is important to ensure the availability of heat. Take the medicine before the meal (30 minutes). The recommended dose - 0.5 cups, the frequency of use - 3 times a day.

Low acidity, biliary dyskinesia, intestinal atony, colitis

Mix grated horseradish (1 kg) and water (3 l), after infusing for 24 hours, filter the medium and put it in the fridge. Every day, before eating food, drink a third cup of medication. The recommended number of receptions - 4 times a day. The prepared medicine is designed for one course. Treatment supplement herbs for the stomach and choleretic herbs.


Connect the juice of the root (0.5 cups) and warm water (1.5 cups), the tool is used to rinse every hour. Relief comes after three days of treatment.

Horseradish leaves - the benefits and application

The leaves of the plant treat many diseases, for example: osteoporosis, osteochondrosis, hepatitis. Tincture of leaves is useful in atherosclerosis, metabolic disorders. Common applications are compresses and tinctures that relieve pain.

The tincture is made in a glass jar, which is filled with crushed leaves, vodka and sent for a week in the fridge. Strained tincture is used up to three times a day, half an hour before meals. The recommended dose - 1 tbsp. l

The tincture is used for no longer than three months for the treatment of male and female diseases, viral hepatitis, cirrhosis of the liver. As a result, the body is strengthened, the condition is improved with sinusitis. By external use of tincture it is possible to remove pain in the back and muscles. Fresh leaves relieve headaches. In order for the medicine to work, the leaves are applied to the temples and held for 10 minutes.

From salt deposits

Salt deposits are removed by compresses from the scalded leaves of horseradish until the moment when the surface no longer becomes covered with white bloom.

With joint disease

Lemon juice is added to the mush from the leaves. Problem areas are treated with the mixture several times a day. Compresses are made from fresh leaves or gruel mixed with apple pulp in equal parts. For severe pain, choose another treatment.

With pain in the knees

When pain in the knees put the leaves, previously dipped in boiling water.Treated throughout the week for 2-3 hours a day.

With osteochondrosis

For the treatment of osteochondrosis, young leaves, scalded with boiling water, are suitable for application to diseased areas. Warm leaves are covered with a film, insulated. Compress hold all night. On the leaves of the salt remains, which stretched the plant. The duration of the course is 10 days, but if not all salts come out, perform more procedures.

Horseradish root - the benefits and application

When using drugs from the root of horseradish, when inflammation occurs in the airways, sputum is diluted and excreted.

The root of the plant is antiseptic, which is the basis for external use. Among the known properties - anthelmintic and antioxidant.

Juice and tinctures of the root based on water are suitable for treating skin, rinsing during inflammatory processes, washing wounds. With the help of the juice they get rid of the inflammation of the joints, myositis, they treat sciatica, sciatica. The components contained in the root, prevent the growth of Escherichia coli, protect against Staphylococcus aureus. Useful substances prevent the development of pathogens of tuberculosis and influenza.The composition of the root is represented by components that act on the kidneys, accelerate urination and urinary excretion.

During pregnancy

Pregnant women use horseradish to treat colds, getting rid of the flu, and only after consulting a doctor!Apply horseradish externally and inward for other purposes during this period is contraindicated.

With a cold, the gruel of the plant is recommended to be mixed with honey. The proportions are 1: 1. The recommended dosage is 0.5 tsp. 3 times a day.

With a cold

Treatment with a natural antibiotic is based on the removal of mucus from the body. An equal amount of horseradish roots and potatoes are added to the water, they breathe steam. The duration of inhalation is 10 minutes.

With hypertension

Lemon juice, squeezed from one lemon, mixed with fresh juice of horseradish, carrots and liquid honey (one glass each). The drug is stored in a dark glass container. The recommended dosage - 1 tbsp. l The tool is taken one hour before meals or two hours after.

With arthrosis

Grated plant root is added to water, brought to a boil. Gruel spread on the fabric, used for compresses.

When coughing

If sputum is not separated, horseradish gruel (200 g) is poured with boiling water (0.5 l), insisted away from light. After a day, honey (200 g) is added to the filtered liquid, heated to 50 degrees.It is important that the tool does not boil! Store the medicine in the fridge. The recommended dose - 2 tbsp. l For effective treatment, the remedy is taken three times a day. The dose for the child is reduced by half. Treatment is possible after three years.

Inhalation is suitable for the treatment of dry cough, which can be performed for children older than one year. Chopped root of medium size is poured boiling water (1 l). The minimum duration of inhalation is 15 minutes, the frequency of holding - 3 times a day.

The leaves and roots of horseradish contain the necessary body substances. This plant is a universal medicine. But do not forget about the risk of harm to yourself with careless use in food and externally.

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Not all recipes are suitable for pregnant women and children. For a child’s body, half the dose of an adult is enough. The body of a pregnant woman is treated with horseradish only with flu and cold. Before starting treatment, be sure to consult with your doctors.

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