The best films about the civil war in Russia

During the centuries-old history of its formation, our state has experienced many tragic events that dramatically affected the fate of entire generations. One of them is the October Revolution of 1917. Films about Soviet and modern directors still remind us of this difficult page in the history of the country. Let's consider the best films devoted to this subject.

Chapaev (1934)

movies about civil war

Let's start to review the best films about the revolution and civil war with the film "Chapaev." The cult film is based on the novel of the same name by Dmitry Furmanov, published in 1923.

The plot of the picture introduces us to an episode from the life of the famous commander of the famous 25th division of the Red Army, Vasily Chapaev. On the screen, the commander is being prepared for battle with selected, well-trained Kappelev units, headed by a career officer Colonel Borozdin.The party leadership sends to Chapaev a competent, educated commissar Dmitry Furmanov, who assists the commander in planning the battle and at the same time writing memoirs. According to historical information, it was Furmanov’s notes that formed the basis of the future novel, making Chapaev a real hero in the eyes of Soviet citizens.

"White Sun of the Desert" (1970)

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Considering the best films about the civil war, it is impossible not to note the story of the amazing adventures of the glorious soldier of the Red Army of Sukhov during his stay in Central Asia during the October Revolution. During his return to his homeland, he encounters a friendly squad, which is engaged in capturing the leader of the gang of Basurmans, Black Abdula. Soon the soldiers find the famous harem's personal harem. CSKA go further in search of Abdul, and women are left under the protection of Sukhov and his young companion Petruha. This is where the real adventure begins, overflowing with a whole mass of funny situations and dramatic episodes.

Dauria (1971)

films about revolution and civil war

According to critics, the picture is one of the first positions in the ranking of the best works, which feature films about the civil war in Russia.The shooting took place in the period from 1969 to 1971 and was distinguished by a special scale for the Soviet cinema. To prepare the scenery, a real Cossack village was built, one part of which was near Narva and the other in Siberia. Here, the actors, with the support of the film crew, organized the basic amenities and lived away from home, as well as their own families for almost two years, trying to get used to the role of the Cossacks.

The plot of the film tells about the fate of the inhabitants of the village of Transbaikalia distant from the great civilization during the October Revolution. Against the background of idyllic terrain and scenic nature, the division of social masses into separate idealistic camps is displayed. As a result, some residents of the village join the ranks of the revolutionary brigades, the rest - rebel against changing the age-old foundations.

The main character of the movie is a young and hot Cossack Ulybin. At first, the guy is worried about only one question: how to win the heart of his beloved girlfriend Dauria, which they plan to give for a merchant's son. As the story progresses, the main character notices how his homeland has changed in a short time.Around there is a war, countrymen are fighting with each other for the achievement of equality and social well-being. Ulybin, like a true Cossack, can no longer stand aside, throws romantic feelings aside and takes up arms.

"Days of the Turbins" (1976)

films about the civil war in Russia

We will continue to review the best films about the Chekists of the Civil War and the years of the October Revolution. The next in our list is the three-part television film “Days of the Turbins”, based on the play of the same name.

The film tells about the difficult fate that has fallen to the lot of an intelligent family at the beginning of the civil war. The film is set in 1918 on the Turbins estate in Kiev. The city now and then passes under the control of one and the other opposing sides. Bolsheviks come to power, the Directory, and then Petlyura. The brothers Nikolay and Aleksey Turbins do not want to renounce the white movement, while some family members decide to leave the city, leaving the family estate to the mercy of fate.

Modern films about the civil war

movies about civil war

What newest pictures about the revolutionary period of the beginning of the last century are of historical and artistic value? The most recent film on this subject, which aroused the interest of the viewer and received positive reviews from critics,is the film "Hero" (2016). The picture is set against the backdrop of the echoes of the October Revolution. In the center of the plot is a dramatic love story of the beautiful princess Vera Chernysheva and the young lieutenant Andrei Dolmatov. It is remarkable that the image of the latter was masterfully revealed by the famous artist Viktor Belan, known to the general public under the pseudonym Dima Bilan.

Considering the modern films about the civil war, finally, it is worth noting the film "Admiral" (2008). The film tells about the life of one of the most prominent leaders of the White Guard movement, Alexander Kolchak, who is played by the inimitable actor Konstantin Khabensky. The events of the film are sure to interest history lovers, as they cover a large period from 1916 to 1920.

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