The best holiday in Montenegro: reviews of tourists

Picturesque and hospitable Montenegro is located on the Balkan Peninsula, on the shores of the Adriatic Sea. The state borders with Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania and Kosovo. The capital of the country is Cetinje, and the largest city and administrative center is Pogoritsa.

Montenegro climate

The climate of the country is Mediterranean, in its northern part - moderately continental. The average summer temperature is + 23– + 25 ° С, winter + 3– + 7 ° С. Summer is dry and hot, winter is in Montenegro tourists reviews

Benefits of holidays in Montenegro

Rest in Montenegro (reviews of tourists allow to say this) attracts with unusually beautiful nature. In addition, there is very clean air, which contains a large number of ions and essential oils. The water of the Adriatic Sea is clean, containing thirty-eight milligrams of salt per gram of water. In addition to a beach holiday, guests are offered a spa treatment of diseases such as infertility, respiratory diseases, heart and others.

Those who wish to spend their holidays on the beach in Montenegro are better to come in July and August. At this time it is always hot here, and the sea warms up to very comfortable temperatures. Many tourists are attracted to rest in Montenegro in September, when the heat subsides and the number of tourists decreases. And all winter (until March) in Montenegro, you can relax at the ski resorts.

In this wonderful country, everyone will find a suitable vacation. There is everything here: the warm sea and the cleanest lakes, mountain rivers and strikingly beautiful mountains, priceless historical monuments and ancient monasteries.

We will introduce you to the most popular resorts in this country. Choosing a vacation in Montenegro with children or friends, you will not be disappointed, because you will definitely find in this country a place that you will like.

Complex "Igalo"

If you want to have a good rest and strengthen your health, then you need to go to the medical and tourist complex "Igalo". It has the most modern equipment and is well known not only in Montenegro, but also far beyond its borders.

Highly qualified doctors work here who will recommend you an effective treatment with mineral water or special sea mud that will help you with your illness.The mineral water that is used here is called "grinder". rest in montenegro reviews

Cold mineral radon baths are especially beneficial to health. Immunity as if “invigorated”, the body begins to work without failures.

Montenegro: vacation at sea

If you prefer a beach holiday, then you should pay attention to the three tourist regions of Montenegro: Ulcin, Budva and Herceg Nova. Each of the zones has its own attractive points.


The resort of Budva, which forms the Budva Riviera, deserves special attention. This city is the main seaside resort of the region. There are three churches, a museum, as well as the central square, which is surrounded by the restored walls of the old fortress.vacation in montenegro in september reviews

Budva is famous for its gorgeous beaches. There are a lot of them in Montenegro, but sandy ones are found only on the southern coast - in the Ulcini and Budva Riviera. Therefore, many tourists believe that the best holiday in Montenegro is in Budva. Lovers of pebble beaches can argue with this statement. But in this matter it all depends on your preferences - everyone chooses their own vacation in Montenegro.Where it is better to spend a vacation, you will be prompted by tour operators, based on your requirements.

Sea coast in other parts of the country will appreciate the pebble beaches. Pebbles on them are small, resembling buckwheat. In the north-west of Montenegro (the resorts of Igalo, Herceg Novi, Tivat) there are artificial beaches, which are concrete platforms. All of them are located in the bays. Their advantage is that they are reliably closed from the waves and wind. All this attracts vacationers.


Rest in Montenegro can choose and lovers of hiking. To do this, go to the Dormitor mountain range. Here you will see glacial caves and mountain lakes that will amaze with their beauty. Find here the occupation and lovers of rafting on mountain rivers. At Dormitor, you will be provided with the necessary equipment, and instructors will help you with the in montenegro in september

There are a huge number of wild animals in these mountains, therefore hunting for wolves, foxes and wild boars is allowed here.

Ski Resorts - Zabljak

Not all people love to spend their holidays under the scorching sun. Many prefer a different vacation in Montenegro. Reviews of tourists say that in this country lovers of skiing like to spend their free time. rest in Montenegro with children

One of these resorts, having a funny name Жabljak, in the opinion of many vacationers, is the best place for those who like to ride from a steep descent. This is the highest mountain resort in the Balkans. It is located on the Dormitor mountain range. It provides everything for full-fledged skiing: modern lifts, well-equipped ski slopes and routes laid for skiing.

City Cetinje

In Montenegro, you can visit the most prestigious resorts, but it does not feel the soul of this beautiful country. So try during your trip to visit the town of Cetinje, located at the foot of the Lovcen mountain. For a long time this historical place was the center of the struggle against the conquerors from Turkey. Cetinje became a symbol of love for his country, courage and bravery.the best holiday in Montenegro

On vacation the whole family

Many tourists are interested in rest in Montenegro. Reviews of travelers who have already visited these places indicate that this is almost an ideal place for a relaxing family holiday with children. This is a unique opportunity to improve health, restore the psychological mood of an adult and a child in an ecologically clean region.This is especially true for residents of noisy and polluted megacities.

As the name suggests, it is a mountainous country. The tourist from Russia will certainly be interested in the peculiarities of the local nature and the original architecture with a slightly Italian bias. And the child (of course, if he is not too small) will long remember a boat trip on Lake Skadar, which is located in the mountains. It is surrounded by surprisingly bright and unusual vegetation. Montenegro hotels for families with children

Quite a lot of Russian tourists choose holidays in Montenegro with children. It is always very comfortable to spend time here. Almost all resorts in this country do not forget about the needs of little tourists. In each resort town along the beaches, in addition to traditional cafes, various attractions are set: shooting galleries, slot machines, carousels, sports and playgrounds. Vacationers note that many hotels in Montenegro have been thoroughly prepared for families with children. At your request, a cot will be installed in the room. Almost all hotels have game rooms with professional educators.

St. Stephen's Island

In this quiet fishing village, which eventually turned into a fashionable tourist center, it will be comfortable for both adults and children.There is no usual resort bustle, and the hotel complex is made in the style of medieval architecture. Both one-year-old kids and older schoolchildren feel comfortable here. For them, rest in this place turns into an informative tour. An additional bonus is a rich program of marine entertainment, which consists of snorkeling, diving, walking on yachts. The beach at this resort is pebbly, with no sharp stones. In addition, the descent to the sea is shallow, which is very convenient for children.

Montenegro hotels

Today hotels and hotels in Montenegro represent the maximum services for a comfortable stay of their guests. We want to present you some of them.

Splendid 5 *

According to tourists, this is the most comfortable hotel of high category in Montenegro. This is the first hotel on the Adriatic coast has a Wellness-center. The hotel is open all year round.Montenegro sea holidays

328 double rooms, 15 apartments with large balconies, Superior apartment - 160 m2Presidential Suite - 350 m2with private garden, jacuzzi, swimming pool. The hotel has its own beach, covered with small pebbles and sand. For hotel guests umbrellas and sun beds - free of charge.

Rooms are equipped with air conditioning, telephones, wireless Internet. All rooms have satellite TV, safe.

Iberostar Bellevue 4 *

Located in a picturesque bay in the Adriatic Sea. We are talking about the hotel IBEROSTAR Bellevue, in the city of Budva. Here will be an unforgettable holiday in Montenegro. "All inclusive" - ​​a system on which the hotel has been operating for several years. It is located on the first line of the beach, surrounded by trees and green areas. This is an ideal option for families with children. At your service: a huge selection of activities for hotel guests, the opportunity to do your favorite sport, gourmet cuisine, which includes special dishes for young guests. Hotels in Montenegro for families with children have their animators who will make the pastime of children fun and in Montenegro all inclusive

September in Montenegro

The holiday season in Montenegro lasts from May to October, but in the middle of September, the weather changes here - it starts to get cold. The resorts are becoming much freer. In September, there is no strong heat, as in the summer months, the sun is gentle and soft, and the sea is still quite comfortable for swimming.

As in the main season, rest in Montenegro in September (reviews of tourists convince of this) is best to choose the beach.At this time, many families come here with children, since the feature of this season is not only wonderful air and beautiful nature, but also fruit. In September you can eat plenty of figs and watermelons, mulberries and nectarine, grapes and melons.

In most of the regions in September, the weather can present unpleasant surprises: for example, prolonged rains. Therefore, if you have decided to go to Montenegro in the first month of autumn, bring warm clothes and a light jacket. For evening walks, it will be very helpful.

Popular autumn tours in Montenegro

In September, rest in Montenegro (reviews of tourists confirm this) is especially popular in Budva. In this sunny city, which is often called the pearl of Montenegro, the first autumn days are no different from the summer.

For many, this resort is attractive in September by the fact that there are many Orthodox and Catholic churches, ancient streets and other sights that can be visited in case the weather presents an unpleasant surprise.

Nearby are other, no less popular resorts: Tivat, Podgorica.At a distance of three kilometers from Budva there is another famous resort - Becici. He was awarded in Paris for gorgeous beaches, emerald sea and amazingly clean in montenegro where it is better

Petrovac is a wonderful resort, which is located in a beautiful bay. Here, travelers have the opportunity to attend numerous excursions, to get acquainted with historical places. The resort is located on a cliff. It is decorated with the Venetian fortress Castello. Here is the monastery Gradište, which was built in the Middle Ages.

In September, there are fewer holidays in Montenegro than in summer, but they all surprise and delight with their grand scale. For example, in Herzog Novi in ​​September you can see and even take part in the colorful festival of mimosa. During this period, sightseeing tours become especially popular.

Why you should go to Montenegro in September

There are several reasons for making this decision:

  • since September, reduced prices for tickets to Montenegro;
  • living and entertainment in hotels and hotels becomes much cheaper;
  • in September, the chance to buy a hot tour to Montenegro increases, which will significantly reduce your total costs.

Rest in Montenegro - reviews of tourists

Vacationers in two ways relate to the autumn season in this country. Therefore, it is necessary to clarify the difference between the holidays in Montenegro in September. Reviews about it are left by people who give preference to this month of the year. They are pleased with the fact that the daytime heat in September subsides, the sun does not seem so burning, and the evening coolness makes the air even clearer and fresher.

However, there are other opinions. Not everyone is happy with the autumn holidays in Montenegro. Reviews of those who prefer the hot sun are less optimistic. Many complain that in the evenings and at night it becomes too cold. True, they note that the water in the sea is very warm. And if 1-2 rainy days fall out, then they can be devoted to excursions.

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