The best plots on pregnancy

Maternity is the main purpose of a woman, which fills her life with meaning. It is hard to imagine more grief in the family than the problems of conceiving a child. It is especially difficult in situations when official medicine cannot help or, on the contrary, does not see the cause of infertility. In this case, it is worth referring to the wisdom of the ancestors, who knew the various plots on pregnancy, which helped Slav women to have healthy and numerous offspring.

Conspiracy to pregnancy

Conspiracies: fiction or effective help?

Far from everyone believes in magic, many consider it an invention for minded and desperate people. Although deny that it exists for thousands of years, it is impossible. Among modern people, at least once every second turned to magicians and sorcerers, and those who, using various magical rituals, tried to solve their problem on their own, and even more.

Therefore, pregnancy conspiracies in many cases are extremely effective. This is due to the fact that the aura of a woman can be weakened by various problems, a wrong lifestyle and behavior.In addition, women are often exposed to spoilage, which prevents pregnancy. Ladies do not even realize how carelessly spoken a word or a sidelong glance can affect their energy. And if someone deliberately wanted to harm a woman and sent damage, then getting pregnant without a special ceremony, she is unlikely to succeed. It is difficult to assess the effectiveness of such rituals, because not every woman is ready to admit that she conspired against pregnancy. Who did, the reviews are left quite rarely, but still sometimes women express their attitude to the magical rituals that helped them feel the happiness of motherhood. Thanks to these reviews, you can choose the most simple and effective conspiracies.

Plot Vanga on pregnancy

How does magic work on conception and pregnancy?

Healers claim that in the process of reading a conspiracy around a woman a very special energy field is created. It is able to heal the aura and fill in the breakthroughs in the damaged biofield of the woman.

It is worth noting that the conspiracy of pregnancy will be effective only when a woman is fully tuned to the positive.She must give up any contact with negative energy in any of its manifestations. First of all it concerns thoughts, because absolutely everyone knows that they have the ability to transform into something tangible and material. Therefore, if you dream about the baby and use the help of magical powers, then completely immerse yourself in a special state of peace and joy. And most importantly, give the magical ritual time to perform. After all, even miracles do not happen at lightning speed.

Conspiracy to pregnancy on the knots reviews

Conspiracy Rules: Key Points

Like any magic, pregnancy plots require certain rules to be followed. Their observance ensures the effectiveness of the ritual. To do this, it is necessary to clean the house of negative energy. To this end, you can bypass the apartment in a clockwise direction with a set of dry wormwood set on fire. This herb is used to clean any premises, its smell is able to expel evil spirits from the house and disrupt negative programs. With the same purpose, you can take the church candles, they are lit and bypass the living room, reading "Our Father." After cleaning the candles are removed to a distant place away from human eyes.

Planning to carry out a conspiracy for pregnancy, the reviews of which seemed to you the most positive, watch the moon.Best of all, conceiving helps the growing moon, you can perform the rite on the new moon. It will be just as effective.

It is better to make a conspiracy to be pregnant at home alone on Thursday evening. The presence of strangers can disrupt the energy field, and the ancient forces will have the exact opposite effect.

If the plot didn't work ... What is the reason?

It happens that the plot is useless, and hope is replaced by despair. You should not give in to it, because basically the reason for failure is always in the woman.

Mages and healers warn that one should not want a child for any purpose. He should be long-awaited and loved before it appears. Future parents should desire the baby with all their heart, and not try to improve their living conditions or material conditions with its appearance.

There is also no rite of passage if a woman wants a child from a man who does not belong to her. You can only conspire, starting a baby with her husband. Otherwise, magical power can punish you.

Another reason for failure can be in the unbelief of the woman herself, she must without doubt believe in the effect of her words and actions.Best of all, if the spouse will also know about the ritual and support his wife.

The most effective conspiracy to conceive

For those who do not know how to choose an effective plot for pregnancy, reviews of happy moms will always help to decide. But since there are quite a few of them, we have compiled a list of effective rites that can facilitate the conception of a long-awaited baby. These include the following rituals:

  • slander on candles;
  • on the mirror;
  • conspiracy on pregnancy nodules;
  • the rite of Vanga;
  • the rite of the egg;
  • Christmas plot;
  • rites with stones and amulets.

We will tell about each conspiracy as thoroughly as possible.

Plots with stones

In ancient times, the magical power of some stones was known. They help a woman to strengthen her energy and strengthen family relationships. Naturally, wearing stones on the body can contribute to pregnancy. The following minerals help with this:

  • amethyst;
  • aventurine;
  • rhinestone;
  • chrysoprase.

These stones need a few minutes in the new moon to hold in your hands and think about your future child. It needs to be visualized in detail and only after that you put all the minerals in a small leather bag with drawstring. It is advisable to sew a bag with your own hands and carry it around your neck without removing it.

When pregnancy occurs, the stones are not desirable to remove, they must be worn until the child is thirty days old. On this day, the leather bag must be removed and never put on. It would be more correct to give it to those who need the help of magic. Just keep in the house already spent stones can not.

Plot 40 nodules for pregnancy

Conspiracy of pregnancy on the knots: reviews

This method has come to people from ancient times. For the ceremony will need a natural rope, it is best if it is made of natural fiber. The color of the rope also matters - red symbolizes health and vital energy.

Prepare to tie knots by pronouncing the following words: "I begin to knit a knot, conceive a fetus in my womb. A strong knot will not untie, the child will not refuse me. God help me! Bless! Amen!". It is necessary to begin the ritual according to the lunar calendar on the first day, the best time is midnight.

It is necessary to tie knots every night (the ceremony will take exactly forty days), further the rope should be hidden from prying eyes before the onset of pregnancy. After that, it must be removed to the closet or the farthest high shelf before the child is born.In the future, the rope with knots created at midnight becomes a family amulet and amulet for the newborn. It can be stored until the majority of long-awaited children.

The plot of "40 knots" for pregnancy is considered one of the easiest and most effective. Women are extremely enthusiastic about his actions, they argue that a properly done rite will surely work.

Conspiracy of pregnancy who did reviews

Rituals with church candles

This is a special ceremony, and for its execution it is necessary to come to church. But keep in mind that he helps only a certain category of women - those who have never performed abortions. It is believed that only pure souls, higher powers can help in the conception of the baby.

For the conspiracy will need seven candles, bought in the church. The best date to start the rite will be any day at the beginning of the lunar month. The first three candles are put in the following order (it must be carefully observed):

  • To Jesus Christ;
  • The Virgin;
  • Nikolai the Benefactor.

At each icon a woman should say a prayer to a certain saint and mentally ask him for a baby. You cannot move away from the icon until the candle burns down for one second.The remaining four candles can be set arbitrarily, but the ritual of the prayer-request-burn-out of the candle must be strictly followed.

Rite with mirror

This plot, like everyone else, must be carried out at the beginning of the lunar month. The ideal date will be the one when you see the very first moon sickle at night. For the ceremony will need a large mirror that will match the growth of a woman. It must be positioned in such a way as to see itself and reflected moonlight. Therefore, note that the night should be clear and cloudless (this is very important). Looking at oneself, one should say the magic words: "The month is born, the child is conceived. As the month grows and grows beautiful, so does the child recover in the womb. Amen." You need to repeat the plot as much as your own intuition suggests. As a result, the woman should feel the heat inside the abdomen and plunge into a state of rest. A great sign will be to see your reflection with a rounded belly.

Plot Vanga on pregnancy

Women consider this conspiracy simply magical; many conceive a baby thanks to him literally at the first attempt. Its implementation requires the utmost concentration and accuracy.As usual, the rite is performed at the beginning of the lunar month. The future mother needs to be left alone in a room with a large mirror. Hands should simply lie on your stomach or make strokes from left to right. After uttering the words of the plot comes the turn of honey. He also needs to speak - a spoonful of sweet food is asked for a child. Honey should be given to her husband and she should not eat a little herself (in no case should she be washed down), after these manipulations conception should occur on the same night.

pregnancy plot reviews

Egg Heels

A conspiracy with the egg on pregnancy is carried out with the husband. Spouses must take home a fertilized egg. It is better if it is no more than a day old. During the ceremony, you need to take the egg with your husband with both hands. Before this, the couple must light a church candle and say the conspiracy nine times.

The text can be arbitrary, but both spouses must understand what they are asking for and think about each word. After that, the egg is carried back to the chicken and waiting for the chick to hatch. Usually in the same period (it is twenty-one days) a woman conceives a child.

Christmas plot

Christmas is a special time when the most incredible miracles happen. Therefore, conspiracies at Christmas for pregnancy have great power. In the people there are several, but the simplest is the ceremony with a church candle. Before Christmas, you need to come to church and buy a few candles. In the evening, a woman should light a candle and turn to the Virgin Mary with a request for a child. You need to ask sincerely and with all your heart, looking at the burning candle. It should burn all night until dawn. A woman changes candles as they burn, and in the morning she goes to church and puts candles in front of the icons of the Mother of God and the Matronushka.

Many ladies are conspiring on Christmas morning. From the very morning they get up on the threshold with their right knees and, having uttered cherished words asking for the little one to the Lord and Our Lady, drink a glass of water. Words should slander on the water. Judging by the reviews, this rite is extremely effective.

Conspiracies at Christmas for pregnancy

A happy family is impossible without children, so every woman wants to give her beloved man a son or a beautiful daughter. We hope that with the help of conspiracies this dream will come true.After all, folk magic is designed to help women in finding happiness.

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