The biggest spider in the world

general description

Spiders are obligate predators that feed on insects and small animals. Only the horse spider eating acacia leaves is an exception. There are about 41 thousand known species of these insects, they are distributed throughout the Earth, with the exception of Antarctica, oceans and seas. The length of the body of representatives of various species ranges from tenths of a millimeter to tens of centimeters. The biggest spiderthe biggest spiderToday's well-known science is a spider-tarantula, whose body can reach 9 cm in length, and the paw span is 30 cm. The body length of the smallest representative is 0.37 mm. The most dangerous spider is considered karakurt. Although he is not included in the category of "the biggest spiders", but his poison is 15 times stronger than the poison of a rattlesnake. The karakurt bite mortality is 4%, according to scientists. His poison, though not very dangerous, can still kill a person.

Largest spider

The tarantula, which belongs to the tarantulas, is the largest spider in the world. It was first described in 1804 by the French entomologist Latreil.South America, Australia and Africa - the habitat of this arthropod. He is able to reach sizes of 30 cm in diameter, which is comparable to a plate for dinner. The weight of the tarantula spider reaches 100 grams.the biggest spiders

Behavior when feeling threatened

The largest spider has a hairy body. If there is a threat, by a quick movement of the paws, it releases into the air a cloud of villi, which, once on the skin or mucous membranes, cause severe irritation and itching. In addition, with a sense of danger, the spider tarantula can hiss, thus warning possible approaching enemies. This sound is heard within a radius of 15 meters from it.

How dangerous is the biggest spider

The bird spider has poor eyesight, although it has 8 eyes. He is guided with the help of the villi that have covered his entire body, which capture the slightest vibrations of the environment. Despite such a threatening arsenal, the bird spider does not pose a danger to human life. He has a poison, no more dangerous than the poison of a bee. A spider bite can cause pain, fever, redness at the site of the bite, or excessive sweating. Despite this, it must be remembered that the largest spider has the largest teeth among spiders, whose length is 2.5 centimeters.


The spider-tarantula lives in rather deep burrows, the entrance to which is lined with cobwebs, or in gorges among stones. The basis of the diet of these spiders - frogs, toads, lizards,the largest spidersmall spiders, various rodents, birds. In addition, he hunts even small snakes. The spider-tarantula, after a “satisfying meal”, can sit in its hole for months. There is evidence that spiders, which are kept in captivity, are able to refuse food for 1-2 years. Such starvation does not harm their health in any way.

Bird Spiders as Pets

The largest spiders in the world are very popular as exotic pets and are considered a rarity for spiders because the export of the bird spider from more countries where it lives is prohibited. Since the breeding of this species in captivity is very difficult, these spiders are mainly caught in the wild. Bird-eating spiders live up to 30 years. The lifespan of these spiders depends on the temperature and the amount of food.

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