The causes of hair loss in girls. Hair loss: causes and treatment

People say that hair is halfbeauty of a woman. Almost all young girls can boast a healthy and thick head of hair. However, some of them unexpectedly face such a problem as hair loss. The process of balding begins imperceptibly: you find more and more hair after sleeping on your pillow, notice that in the bathroom after washing your head, there are whole strands left. How to prevent a catastrophe? What measures need to be taken urgently? In this article you can get answers to these questions, learn about the causes of hair loss in girls and start active activities.Causes of hair loss in girls

Strong hair loss: causes and treatment

The reasons leading to such an unpleasant disease are many. Denote the most common:

  1. Weakened immunity. Many women face this problem after pregnancy and childbirth. Protection of the body is also reduced in those who have had an infectious or respiratory disease. This problem can be solved by consulting with your doctor. The doctor will prescribe treatment, tell you which medications will help restore immunity and thereby stop hair loss. What vitamins to drink in this situation, the doctor will also tell you.
  2. Reception of medicines. Some types of drugs have unpleasant side effects, including hair loss. These include birth control pills, antidepressants, steroids and even aspirin. What to do in this case? First of all, do not stop the prescribed course. Do not worry, after the completion of treatment, the density of the head of hair is restored independently.
  3. Hormonal disorders and the intake of hormonal drugs are the main causes of sudden hair loss. This problem can be successfully solved by an endocrinologist who will check your tests and prescribe a treatment.Hair loss. Causes and Treatment
  4. Loss of iron. Every month, girls and women lose iron along with blood. To restore balance, on critical days, eat red meat. It contains many vitamins and trace elements, including a large amount of iron.
  5. Infectious diseases of the skin are frequent causes of hair loss in girls. Here neither folk nor cosmetic means will help. Address to the dermatologist and solve a problem once and for all.
  6. Lack of vitamins. Include in your diet more greenery, fresh vegetables and fruits. Give up hard diets and remember that mono-diets are especially dangerous to health and beauty. Twice a year, drink the vitamin course.
  7. Stress. If you are constantly experiencing anxiety and anxiety, then the entire body suffers. Antidepressants will not help you to improve the situation, especially if you have assigned them yourself. But a competent psychologist or psychotherapist will help you cope with sore points, and you will feel relief.
  8. Environmental factors. The state of the body is affected by an increased radiation background, polluted air and the presence of harmful substances in the sediments. If the reason for the abundant hair loss is in a bad environment, then you just have to move to a different place with more favorable conditions.
  9. Lack of sufficient blood supply to the scalp and hair roots - possible causes of hair loss in girls. Remember that the vessels shrink from frequent use of beverages containing caffeine.
  10. Violation of the temperature regime. Take care of your health and do not go without a headdress in hot and cold weather.Strong hair loss. Causes

Risk factors

We have analyzed the problems that cause hair loss, causes and treatment. But do not forget about the factors that can speed up the unpleasant process of alopecia. These are such as:

  • Heredity. A powerful factor that can speak of a predisposition to hair loss.
  • Age. Over the years, the body is rebuilt, the hormonal background is changing, adaptive capacity is reduced, and there are problems with the blood vessels.
  • Pregnancy. Because of the increase in hormone levels, a woman loses a lot of hair. But it's not scary, because a few months after the birth of a baby everything comes back to normal.
  • Wrong care. Badly chosen cosmetics and frequent staining.

The last causes of hair loss in girls, perhaps, the most innocuous. Having consulted with a competent specialist, you can easily solve this problem.

Do not be alarmed if you are in a risk zone - if you are armed with knowledge, you can quickly change the situation for the better.Causes of hair loss on the head

Myths about baldness

There are many legends and myths about hair loss, causes and treatment. Consider the most popular of them:

  1. Chemical perm and staining are very harmful. These procedures can affect the structure of the hair, make it brittle and fragile. However, this affects the appearance of the hairstyle, and the roots remain intact.
  2. Hair loss is aggravated by wearing hats and wigs. This statement is true only if the headgear is too tightly attached to the head and interferes with blood supply.
  3. Frequent scratching leads to a loss of moreamount of hair. This is not quite true. If you use combs made from natural materials and do not let them go too fast, then baldness does not threaten you.
  4. Some hairstyles contribute to hair loss. This statement refers mainly to the "horse" tail and African braids. Indeed, the constant wearing of such hairstyles can damage the hair. However, this is a temporary phenomenon, and with time the density of curls will be restored.
  5. You can not dry your hair with a hairdryer. Abuse of mechanical means and non-observance of the temperature regime make the hair dry and brittle. They break down and stay on the comb in large quantities, but this action does not affect their growth or quantity.
  6. Baldness can not be stopped. This is wrong, it all depends on what the cause of hair loss.

Many girls ask themselves the question: "How to help yourself without hurting or aggravating the problem?" Use our advice - and they, combined with other methods, will give an amazing result.Causes of sudden hair loss

Massage with a brush

You will need a quality massage brush,made of natural material. It can be made of wood, bristles, ebonite or horn. All movements should be light, smooth and stroking. Start to do circular movements with a brush from the temples to the top of the head. Return to the temples and move towards the forehead, then repeat the same movement from the temples to the back of the head. Repeat the procedure several times.

Laser Massage

This type of massage will be effective if the causeabundant hair loss is a bad blood supply, chronic stress, or associated with age-related changes. Experts recommend conducting sessions three times a week, for each it is spent from 10 to 20 minutes. Combing should be slow, the movements should go against hair growth.

Classic head and neck massage

To get the desired result, you needcontact a specialist. Remember that the neck skin is very tender, and rough movements can trigger the appearance of wrinkles. Contraindication for such a massage is fever, skin diseases, inflammation of the lymph nodes and blood infection.

What is the cause of hair loss?

Masks for strengthening the roots at home

Eliminate the causes of hair loss on the headcosmetic masks from natural ingredients will help. Properly selected means will moisturize your hair and scalp, it will have a beneficial effect on the roots and stimulate hair growth.

Mask from aloe

This plant is used for the treatment of diseases and inas cosmetics for three thousand years. Its healing properties can be directed to the treatment of alopecia. So, mix in equal quantities aloe juice and honey, add to them a spoonful of garlic juice and egg yolk. Mix everything and apply the mass to the scalp. Do not forget to put on the shower cap and wrap yourself in a terry towel. After 20-30 minutes, wash the head and rinse the hair with herbal decoction.

Onion mask

Of course, not all beauties will have to tastestrong onion spirit. But what to do? Serious problems require serious decisions. To prepare a mask, we need one large onion and one tablespoon of vegetable oil. It is better to use olive, but if it was not at hand, then anyone can do it. Rub the onion on a grater and mix with butter - the mixture is ready. We rub it into the scalp with massage movements and leave it for 20 minutes. As always, you should put a plastic cap on your head and cover your hair with a towel.

The procedure should be repeated every three days for six months. As a result, intense hair loss stops, and the asleep bulbs become active.

Remedy for birch buds

To prepare a useful decoction for usOne tablespoon of birch buds and one liter of water will be needed. Boil the broth for at least fifteen minutes, then leave until cooling and drain. Use the product after washing - rinse with decoction of hair and skin. It is best if the procedure is carried out once every three days.

The reason for abundant hair loss

"Miracle" funds from the pharmacy

As a rule, "magic" shampoos and balms,which promise to cure everything in the world, are not worth the money they ask for. Do not trust advertising - first ask a specialist, find information on the Internet or chat with fellow sufferers on forums. Be extremely careful - some components may be hazardous to your health!

All home remedies only in one casewill be able to stop strong hair loss - the reasons must be precisely established by the doctor. If the doctor did not rule out a serious illness, then cosmetic procedures are unlikely to help. In the event that the hair continues to fall out, the specialist can advise the transplantation or interlacing of nylon threads in his own hair. You decide whether to agree to these costly procedures or not. But, as you know, a woman is capable of much and nothing can stop her on the way to beauty.

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