The drug "Pentax" - a new generation of vaccine

The drug "Pentax" - a new generation of vaccine (acellular type). She has replaced cellular (cellular) medications for immunization.

Pentaxim vaccine

Properties of the medication

The acellular type of vaccine is less reactogenic, because it contains no lipopolysaccharides of the bacterial membrane, which often provoke various reactions after vaccinations. The drug "Pentax" - highly immunogenic vaccine, that is, it provides a high rate of immune activity. After vaccination with the drug, the body is protected from diseases such as tetanus, hemophilic infection B, diphtheria, polio, whooping cough. Pentaxim is suitable for children who have contraindications for whole-cell vaccines (DTP and others). The medication has safety indicators that make it possible to reduce the risks of the development of vaccine-associated polio in vaccinated people. It contains inactivated polyvaccine.

The composition of the medication

Pentaxim vaccination

A single dose of Pentaxim consists of the following components:

  • diphtheria toxoid - 30 ME;
  • pertussis toxoid - 25 µg;
  • tetanus toxoid - 40 ME;
  • filamentous hemagglutinin - 25 µg;
  • inactivated polio viruses of types 1, 2 and 3, respectively, 40, 8 and 32 U.
  • a separate lyophilisate conjugated with tetanus toxoid to create a suspension containing Haemophilus influenzae B (polysaccharide).

Dosing and Administration

Medication "Pentax" - a vaccine that can be administered to children of three months of age. The standard dose is 0.5 ml. It consists of two components: antihemophilic (in the dry state in a special vial) and pertussis-diphtheria-tetanus in a separate syringe dispenser (in the liquid state). Before using the dry part must be dissolved in the liquid. The latter is adapted for easy storage and transportation and is packaged in an aseptic blister. The syringe dispenser has a special needle that minimizes pain during injection. Its use allows to exclude overdose. Repeated use of this syringe is strictly prohibited. The vaccine is administered intramuscularly in the middle third of the thigh. Older children are injected into the deltoid muscle. Buttocks injections are not practiced.Subcutaneous administration is allowed, but intravenous administration is strictly prohibited!

Pentamax vaccine instruction

Vaccine "Pentax" - instructions for immunization

As a rule, immunization is easy and without side effects. It takes two courses for vaccination to be successful. "Pentaxim" is administered in the amount of three doses with an interval of 45 days between injections. Revaccination (repeated course) is performed in the same way a year after the last vaccination. Medication "Pentax" - a vaccine, the use of which is not clearly linked to age. It is extremely important to observe the frequency of drug administration. If the intervals between injections are greatly increased, then it will be impossible to resume the course, since a violation of the scheme leads to a decrease in the activity of the immune system to the components of the vaccine. Hemophilic component of the drug in children older than 1 year is administered once, and this vaccine is the only one. In the future, continue only the injection of pertussis-diphtheria-tetanus composition. According to the scheme approved by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, vaccinations should be given to children aged 3, 4, 5 and 6 months.

Use with other types of vaccines

The drug "Pentax" is a vaccine that can be used simultaneously with all the drugs listed in the National Vaccination Calendar of the Ministry of Health. Injections can be given on the same day (except for BCG). Combined use on immunogenicity does not affect, tolerability does not deteriorate, the number of side effects does not increase. The introduction of several immunological drugs does not create an excessive load on the immune system. The drug "Pentax" is allowed to use in order to complete immunization courses initiated by other vaccines against tetanus and whooping cough, hemophilic infection, diphtheria, polio. All preparations of the National calendar are interchangeable.

Pentaxim vaccine

Side effects

Reactions to "Pentax" are of the general and local type. Severe complications are rarely observed. Local reactions include reddening of the epidermis, swelling, painful sensations at the injection site. General, as a rule, are expressed by increasing the temperature to subfebrile, less often febrile values. Severe complications include lymphadenopathy, sleep disorders, irritability, itching, headaches, and the appearance of induration in the injection area.The share of side effects of this type does not exceed 0.01-1% of the total number of vaccinated.


The drug is not administered if after a previous injection allergic reactions were observed. Also a contraindication to immunization are diseases that are accompanied by fever, manifestations of acute infectious diseases, exacerbation of chronic illnesses. In these cases, vaccination is postponed until full recovery. Contraindications are also hypersensitivity to any of the components of the drug.

Immunization Pentaxim

Additional Information

The drug "Pentax" is a vaccine that should not be used to form immunity against diseases triggered by other serotypes of Haemophilus influenza, pneumonia, and meningitis of a different etiology. Before vaccinating a child, a pediatrician must be examined. Immunization is possible only with his permission after passing the appropriate tests. Their indicators should be within the normal range, and the child should be completely healthy.

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