The guy below the girl: does growth affect relationships?

Long established stereotypes suggest thata man must occupy a dominant role in the family. So, he must be older, smarter, more successful, stronger and higher than his second half. But is it always the case in life? Quite often it is possible to observe couples where the guy is below the girl.

the guy below the girl

Perception by

In some pairs, the difference in growth may bequite insignificant and visually unseen. In others, a girl can be much higher than her boyfriend. As practice shows, others may not even pay attention to the difference in growth, if in the pair itself because of this there is no feeling of embarrassment. Even when the lady is much higher than her boyfriend and also wears high heels, which increases the difference by another 6-10 cm - this does not make the couple ridiculous and ridiculous, but says that everything is in order in their relationship.

The guy below the girl's photo

Behavior of the girl

Dissatisfaction with the physical data of his younga man in girls usually comes under the pressure of the public. When girlfriends and mom tell the girl that his boyfriend is low, which is better when the man is above his companion. The lady begins to try to visually hide this defect. She stops wearing shoes on her heels and begins to stoop, trying to appear lower. But from the side there is a feeling of fakedness. The embarrassment and attempts to seem lower are very evident. In such cases, the couple may look inharmonious, even if the guy below the girl is only a couple of centimeters.

Do girls like low boys?

Specificity of growth

Most of the complexes originate inchildhood and adolescence. Girls up to a certain age develop more rapidly than boys. To the senior classes, boys begin to grow faster, surpassing girls. But this does not happen to everyone. Genes play a decisive role in many ways. When the family is short, it's hard to expect a basketball player to grow from a son. Children who spend many years together, studying in the same class and communicating with each other, do not cease to be friends because of differences in growth. Friendly companies are made up of joint interests in which physical data is hardly determinative. That's why you can not believe that if the guy is below the girl, then their relationship is doomed to failure. If the relationship does not add up, then for other reasons.

what to do if the guy is below the girl

At the same time, problems with self-esteem do not arise in young people who are open and sociable in nature. Growth for them will not be a problem for realizing their potential and finding a place in life.

If a young person in itself is veryshy and can not find a common language with people, then it is more difficult for him to find his place in life. In addition, if in the family he is constantly criticized, including for physical imperfections, then complexes and self-doubt will be abundant. In order not to be a loser, you have to work on yourself. Develop those qualities that were given by nature. It is proved that low men can better adapt to different life situations. In addition, it is important to understand for yourself that if the guy is below the girl - this is normal. Success in a career can perfectly raise self-esteem. The more self-confidence, the more chances of success.

Misconception or truth

Are all girls looking for tall men?In fact, as studies and surveys show, not everyone likes it when the partner is significantly higher. Girls next to such gentlemen sometimes feel uncomfortable. Not everyone wants to feel like a small and defenseless girl next to a big uncle. Many ladies say that it is much better when the pair in both partners has the same growth, while it can differ both in one and the other direction.

the guy below the girl is okay

But if we talk about the difference in growth, canto get the impression that we are talking only about squat men, which is wrong, because girls can sometimes be very high. And if they pick up a pair of men whose height exceeds a two-meter mark, it's far from the fact that even if such a person exists, he will also meet the other requirements of the lady. Therefore, if the guy is below the girl's height - this is normal, and many do not even pay attention to it.

When there are feelings

If people are drawn to each other and are presentmutual interests, then they will not pay attention to physical data. By the way, to start a relationship, you need to get acquainted. And for this it is necessary to pay attention to a particular person. For this to happen, it must be different from the others. For example, emotional manifestations that attract people, and charisma. Or, conversely, sadness and immersion in your own thoughts. The image of a person consists of many parts. Clothing, hair, physical data - all this is perceived in general, in conjunction with the manner of communication.

But when feelings pass, appeardissatisfaction and irritation, then every little thing will be a disadvantage. Even those qualities that yesterday were virtues, today will seem to be the most serious drawbacks.

Low growth is not a sentence for a man

It is believed that tall young people enjoygreater interest on the part of girls than their low counterparts. In fact, it is only worth looking at the list of women known "shorties" to understand that growth can not be blamed for problems with the female sex. Charisma, charisma, emancipation is what attracts girls more than high growth.

couples where the guy is below the girl

Couples in which the guy is below the girl meetconstantly. Sometimes it's not the mother nature that is to blame, but the fashion for the highest heels. And, taking off her shoes, the lady may even be below her chevalier. Therefore, the difference in growth can be very changeable. Men, proud of their beautiful half, often do not hesitate because it is higher.

Advantages of low growth

The low ones presented a strong halfhumanity has several serious advantages. They are usually better at dancing, as it is easier for them to control their body. They also often outnumber their two-meter-old brethren in an intimate life. Thus growth and the physical form are two absolutely different things. Therefore, you can find beautiful muscles and a young man. A beautiful male figure always attracts attention.

The lack of growth makes a young mancompensate for this complex. That is why such people are ambitious, they often achieve a lot in life. Do girls like the low guys? Yes, often they are more attentive to the girl they like, they are considered very good boyfriends. And many people say that they are very good and faithful husbands.

How does a girl look like below?

If a lady is inclined to perceive her highergrowth as a disadvantage, you can use several techniques so that it is not so conspicuous: give up shoes with heels and choose models on a flat sole. Do not make high hairstyles.

What if the guy is below the girl and she does notvery like? You need to pay attention to your wardrobe and make some adjustments to it. Clothes in a vertical strip in it is not the place. Tight models of skirts and dresses make the girl visually higher. If you want to seem lower, you should give preference to free styles. Bright accessories: a wide belt, an unusual bag, extravagant shoes - well conspicuous. Therefore, few people pay attention to growth. A young man can wear shoes on a small platform, which will make him taller by a couple of centimeters.

The easiest way to hide the fact that the guy is below the girl is a photo made using small tricks. For example, a girl can step on a step below if a couple takes a picture on the stairs.

if the guy below the girl's height is normal

No matter how many girls argue about theirpreferences and did not dream of high handsome men who will always wear them on their hands and bring a lot of love and money to their lives - the reality confirms that in one knight all the positive qualities are almost never combined. And the ideals change with years and experience. But when the guy is below the girl and for some of them it's a problem, it means that people do not fit together.

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