The head aches: what to do?

Probably every person at least once in a lifetimeIt was necessary to ask the following important question: the head hurts: what to do? Causes of headaches can be very different: mental, emotional fatigue, stress, stress, migraine, osteochondrosis and many others. And before you treat, you should always determine the cause of the ailment by contacting a specialist.

Medications in this case are good,However, they should not be abused. And if it turns out to remove the headache with simple folk remedies, one should try to manage them, only resorting to medications as a last resort.

Headache. what To do this, we are often told invarious telecasts, publications of physicians, give advice to friends, friends and family. But to find "your", proven way to get rid of the disease is not easy. What will help you, it is difficult to say. However, trying to find "their own" remedy for headaches is, especially, for those who suffer this ailment quite often.

If your head hurts, for starters it is worth tryingrelax. The state of rest has a beneficial effect on the body. Then massage the whiskey, the ear and the back of the head and lubricate these parts of the head with menthol oil or the so-often used ointment "Zvezdochka". Though for a while, but it should ease the condition. You can also try to lubricate the parts with lavender or mint oil.

Another means used for rubbing the parts of the head: butter, melted and diluted with vodka (1 teaspoon of vodka). At the same time, whiskey is greased.

A simple method, applicable in any conditions: cold treatment. You can snuggle your forehead against the cold glass for a while or, if possible, attach ice to your forehead, first putting it in a bag. The pain will gradually subside.

By the way, heat treatment also takes place. In this case, you can apply a simple heating pad or wrapped in cloth and preheated salt or flax seeds. It is interesting that different people react to the cold and heat in their own way. Someone from a headache will be helped more by cold lotions and compresses, someone will feel relief from them, but hot. It is worth trying and finding "your" way.

My head hurts. What to do, we are told and folk medicine. Decoctions, infusions, lotions, baths and inhalations - all this is applicable in this case. And to use them is not only desirable, but even necessary, especially for those who aching headaches overtake often, who constantly tormented by the question: "Headache: what to do?"

At home, treatment for a disease can begin witha soothing bath with the addition of pine extract, mint, linden, sage and other medicinal herbs. After that, drink tea with herbs. Such tea can be prepared using mint, valerian, motherwort and melissa.

In the mornings on an empty stomach you can eat an apple with salt. This remedy is used for chronic headache.

Compress from sea buckthorn juice will greatly facilitate the condition. Juice the damp gauze in several layers or a rag, put on the frontal and temporal parts of the head.

It will also help infusion of mint, oregano and kapreya in equal parts (1 tablespoon of each plant for 500 ml of boiling water, insist, wrapped, 30 minutes, then strain and take a ½-1 glass.

Some people with a headache help ordinary honey, which must eat 1 teaspoon. The pain will be less or completely calm down after 30 minutes.

An infusion of valerian rhizomes, taken for several weeks, will also have a beneficial effect and reduce headaches.

The methods and meansalmost the simplest.

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