The legs swell. Cause of pathology

It happens that absolutely healthy people complain aboutthat the legs are swollen. The reason for this pathology is hidden for them, as a rule, in an excessive burden on the lower limbs. It's just a little rest of the legs, and the tumor will pass by itself. A more serious problem is puffiness, which signals a certain ailment. If the feet are swollen, the cause of this phenomenon should be identified by a specialist. Only setting the right diagnosis will allow to assign an effective course of treatment.

swollen legs cause

The ailments causing swelling of the lower extremities, there is a large number. They can be many pathological processes. Often the disease occurs as a result of common diseases.

Happens, as at healthy people legs swell up. The cause of this phenomenon can be covered, in addition to heavy physical exertion, in excessive consumption of salt, as well as liquid. Most often, this swelling manifests itself in the summer. The body simply does not have time to withdraw water consumed by a person in the heat. As a result, the heart can not cope with a large amount of blood, which causes it to stagnate in the lower limbs. This phenomenon also contributes to the excess body weight. In these cases, the swelling of the legs passes independently when the volume of salt and liquid used decreases. Full people can get rid of this problem by dropping those extra pounds.

In the case when after sleep or in the evening they swell uplegs, the reason for sure lies in heart failure. With the progression of the disease, there are also swelling of the hands, dyspnoea, which occurs even with a slight physical exertion, an increase in body weight due to a delay in the body's fluid. If these symptoms are present, consult a specialist immediately.

leg is swollen and sore

Varicose disease of the lower limbs can alsobecome the cause of swollen feet. Puffiness is manifested in the evening hours. In addition, patients complain of heaviness in the legs, their veins widen and sometimes there are trophic ulcers and minor hemorrhages. The appearance of these symptoms should be the reason for visiting a phlebologist.

In the event that the leg is swollen and aching, you cansuppose thrombophlebitis. With this pathology, clotting of the vessels of the lower limb with blood clots is observed. In the veins, there is an inflammatory process, which is acute, which can cause sepsis, gangrene, etc. In this pathology, patients complain of a constant fever, which is felt in the lower extremity, which is prone to an ailment.

Swelling of the feet can be the result of excessivediets and vegetarianism. In the event that a person adheres to a special food structure, protein metabolism may be disturbed. To correct the problem, you must adjust your diet by contacting a specialist for assistance.

swollen leg in ankle

Swelling on the legs may indicatediseases of the liver and thyroid gland. Sometimes, lower limb tumors can be triggered by taking hormonal medications, antidepressants, and beta-blockers.

The reason that the leg in the ankle may have swollenBecome a pathology that causes swelling of the lower extremities, and an insect bite or a burn. The accumulation of fluid can provoke a long stay in an unchanged position. Often, women on the legs or ankles complain during pregnancy.

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