The medicine "Viferon" (gel)

The drug "Viferon" is made on the basis ofhuman interferon recombinant. It is used in the treatment of herpes, localized on the epithelium and mucous membranes, as well as a number of viral pathologies of an infectious nature. The agent "Viferon" (ointment) is used for papillomas, other skin lesions. The drug is prescribed in the treatment of inflammation in children in the first months of life. The drug "Viferon" (gel) is allowed to use in weakened babies. The drug can be recommended for pathologies that are sexually transmitted.

viferon gel priceThe agent "Viferon" (gel) is appointed after receiving the results of the test for allergic reactions. The drug can be used in conjunction with other medicines.

The drug "Viferon" (gel) is applied toproblem area with a thin layer. The frequency of application depends on the type and location of the infection. So, when treating herpes, the drug is used for the first three days several times a day. The duration of the course is usually up to a week. In the treatment of viral respiratory diseases, the agent is applied to the inner surface of the nasal passages two times a day. Use the drug until the symptoms disappear completely. In case of prophylaxis, it is recommended to use the drug "Viferon" (gel) every day for two weeks, then every other day for a month.

viferon ointmentIt should be noted that the drug has a number ofcontraindications to use. Among them, it is necessary to name cardiovascular pathologies, hepatic and renal insufficiency, thyroid pathologies, epilepsy, diabetes mellitus (decompensated). In the presence of hypersensitivity to its components, the drug is also not prescribed.

When using a medicine,side effects. Most often in practice, there is a skin rash or itching. It should be said that all allergic reactions are reversible and disappear after seventy-two hours.

In practice, there are no cases of overdose.

The drug "Viferon" is allowed to use from the fourteenth week of pregnancy. There are no restrictions in the use of lactation.

viferon gelThe medicine "Viferon" (gel) can be used inas an alternative to candles. This is due not only to the simplicity and comfort of its use, but also to the wider application possibilities. So, the drug is prescribed for gynecological pathologies, for example, in herpetic cervicitis. In this case, the gel is applied to the cervix.

The drug "Viferon" is often prescribed forprevention of respiratory diseases for preschool children. As practice shows, these patients tolerate the use of the medicine quite well. According to the conducted studies, the use of the drug "Viferon" significantly reduces the incidence of children.

It should be noted, however, that over timethe effectiveness of the drug is reduced. In this regard, experts recommend that additional preventive measures be taken with a certain periodicity.

Despite the fact that the price for the drug "Viferon" (gel) is relatively affordable, it is necessary to visit a doctor before use.

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