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Here came the first warm days, and manypeople want to go to rest on the seaside. It is noticed that to plan a summer holiday usually begin in the spring, are determined with a "destination", analyze the budget and sort out the contents of suitcases. And then when all preparations are finished and the long-awaited moment of vacation has come, we set off on a journey.

Anapa resort on the Black Sea coast. Once you have been there, you are unlikely to be able to forget the rest in this nice and cozy town. Very popular are pebbly beaches and quartz golden sands, fascinating sunsets and surf noise. Coming to Anapa, you get into a fairy tale!

Settle in the resort town, will not bewhat kind of work. Hospitable hotels in Anapa will open their doors to you. Hotels in Anapa can offer vacationers rooms for every taste and price level. If desired, you can choose an area on the coast or in the center, close to entertainment centers or in a quiet corner.

The only five-star hotel in Anapais the Grand Hotel Valenitna. Advantageous is the individual design of all rooms, interior and decoration of guest areas. This hotel will be appreciated by true connoisseurs of comfort and will be able to enjoy its elegance in comfort.

Listing hotels Anapa can not help mentioninghotel Captain, located on the central waterfront of the city, almost at the very water. Thanks to this original architectural solution, you can enjoy right from the room how the hot sun descends into the sea surface. And also contemplate the white-sailing yachts peacefully swaying on the waves. Leaving the hotel, you immediately find yourself on the seafront of Anapa.

Not many hotels in Anapa have the status of "threestars. " These include the Eurasia Hotel, located in the first resort area. Almost at its entrance there is a yacht club, and hand it to the water's edge. Walking just a few minutes along the waterfront, you get into a whirlpool of bright spa life: restaurants, cafes, night clubs, water parks and attractions and much more will be at your disposal. But back to the hotel. Tastefully decorated rooms are equipped with all necessary appliances, quality furniture and household items. Each room without exception has its own balcony, from which an excellent view of the sea or the resort town.

And another hotel, which you can not just notto mention, this is De La Mapa. Location - city center. The main advantage of this hotel is its location, as all cultural and entertainment centers are literally within walking distance. This is the theatrical area "Motherland", which hosts all kinds of festivals and festivals, an amusement park and the best water park in the city. And of course, the embankment of Anapa is also not far away, about three hundred meters from the hotel. If you want, you can easily reach it and have fun at the cafe, which is there a lot.

But all the hotels of Anapa without exception have oneadvantage - they are part of Anapa, this unique resort city, which all tourists can appreciate at their true worth. You are sure to come to the delight of the sandy coast or forever remember the unique sunsets against the backdrop of the boundless sea. And gourmets will appreciate the delightful Anapa wines. But the main value of the city is its inhabitants. It is not possible not to agree that the basis of any city is its enterprising and energetic people, who partly make the city what it is. All without exception, guests of the resort city of Anapa can have a great time and appreciate the hospitality of the inhabitants of the town.

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