Biography of Anna Skidanov

Anna Skidanov's childhood

Anya was born in the village of Zhasminovka, which is located on the very outskirts of the city of Saratov. When she went to school, it became clear that Anna had an aptitude for humanities, so she studied at the Lyceum of the humanities in high school.
As Skidanova recalls, in Saratov for many girls, the ultimate dream is to go to university for “political science”, get married, buy a two-room apartment in Saratov, somewhere in the village of Solnechny, and so on. It can be said that Anna’s life began to develop along just such a scenario. After graduating from high school, she entered the University, studied in the specialty "political scientist". Simultaneously with the University, she worked as a model, successfully participated in various shows, was invited to London. She began to earn good money, even was able to buy an apartment for parents closer to the center of Saratov.
Actress Anna Skidanova in Scary Movie-5Actress Anna Skidanova in Scary Movie-5
Already in her third year, Anna began to understand that the prospect of working in the city hall did not attract her, it seemed a very boring job, and the model’s profession could not be viewed with a long-term view, because the career of any model is very short. She decided to become an actress. When Anna announced at the university that she was leaving, everyone was very surprised. But she fulfilled her plans - she went to Moscow and became a student of the Russian Academy of Technical Information, getting into the course of S. Prokhanov.

The first roles of Anna Skidanova

When she was a student at the theater institute, Anna did not sit still; she made herself a plan of action and, if possible, tried to stick to it. So, already in the second year, she took part in the filming of the TV series “Margosha”, where she played a small role in several episodes. Elena Perova, Maria Berseneva, Eduard Trukhmenev and others were also involved in this project.
Later, the aspiring actress took part in the television series "The Man in Me", where she played a tiny role.
Anna Skidanova in the movie "Very Scary Movie 5"
As a student, she participated in student productions of the Nameless Star, Dorian Gray, Abode of Women and Warsaw Melody.In the enterprise "Samson in shackles" Anna played the role of Delilah.

The first big roles of Anna Skidanov, the best films

Skidanov's great role was offered in the mystical series “The closed school”, which was released on screens in 2011. She played Maltseva Polina Alexandrovna. According to the script, the heroine worked in the “Logos” boarding school as a teacher of choreography.
Anna Skidanova. Happy New Year
Around the same time period, the actress appeared in the series "The Lavrova Method", and the film "Do not cry for me Argentina." In addition, Anna was invited to the mystical television series titled "Angel and Demon."

The work of Anna Skidanov in Hollywood

Skidanova understood that she had to try to get through to the West. The actress was fluent in English, so there was no problem with that. One of her friends went to Cannes, and Anna asked her to help with the accreditation. So she got to Cannes.
At one of the parties she was introduced to the producer Harvey Weinstein. After they met several times at other events and greeted each other, the actress considered it possible to ask the well-known producer about possible roles for her. He promised to call and called.So Skidanova was on the set of the movie "Scary Movie 5". In the film, she participated in an episode where the painting Planet of the Apes was parodied.
According to the script Skidanova was supposed to play a spectacular blonde. She had to enter the main characters on a visit to the same room, where the monkey was also, in which, when the heroine Anna appeared, according to the plot, her jaw dropped. In order to somehow decorate a small role, the actress came up with a stumble upon entering the room. For filming she was given complete freedom when choosing a dress. Later, Weinstein praised her work, saying that her game was funny.
Anna Skidanova and Keanu ReevesAnna Skidanova and Keanu Reeves
The next film, where Skidanova shot, was "Random". Samples were held in Los Angeles. While in America, the actress worked for The Weinstein Company.
The last film in which Skidanov appeared was “Moscow never sleeps”. There she played a young nurse. The film tells the story of five heroes, it has as its goal the destruction of the stereotype about the Russians in the West. Moscow is shown in it as it has never been, and no one has yet shown it.

The personal life of Anna Skidanov

The actress said that at that time, when she graduated from the third year of university in Saratov, she had an unhappy love. Deciding to enter the theater, she childishly dreamed that she would one day become a famous actress. At the same time, the girl planned that in one of her interviews she would answer the question about the first big feeling that such a person was in her life, but that now she does not love him. Young Anna imagined that he would once read this interview and understand that it was said about him.
Already starring in Hollywood, the actress had the opportunity to meet many famous actors, including during attending parties and events.
When Anna during the second Cannes festival in her life was invited to the private party by the same Harvey Weinstein, she went there with her friend. There she met with. They talked a lot. The paparazzi were able to take some photos of where they are next. Soon there were many articles in the press that they supposedly had a novel.

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