The series "When the Snow melted": actors and roles

In 2009, the screens went outMilitary-adventure series "When the snow melted". Actors Martin Yakowski and Ekaterina Reshetnikova recreated on the screen a tragic love story of a Soviet girl and a German submariner during the Second World War. The article contains a summary of the eight series of Russian drama. Enumerated actors and roles.

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"When the snow melted": the plot

The film takes place in the late thirties. The main character is Anna Arsenyeva, a student of the Faculty of Foreign Languages. The girl studies German language and literature, dreams of becoming a scholar-philologist. Once she meets a pilot, Alexei Kapustin. A young man is in love with her at first sight. Later, many years later, he will become her husband.

Meanwhile, in the offices of the NKVD, fate is being decidedAnna. In the state security agencies there is a serious shortage of personnel. First of all, translators from German are required. Arsenyev, the best student, is summoned to the Lubyanka. The girl acts as an interpreter during the interrogation of the arrested Finn. The interrogation is conducted by Major Shuvalov. In the course of this, Arsenyeva receives information of special secrecy. And soon the major offers her cooperation with the state security agencies. Being expelled from the institute on a false report, Anna agrees.

Arsenyev receives a task, during whichgets acquainted with the German officer Walter von Rieden. A feeling arises between them, which in the future will change the destiny of both Anna and Walter. But the war begins. The Soviet girl and the German officer are on different sides of the front line. Anna goes to the concentration camp. There she meets with von Rieden, who, contrary to Anna's expectations, is not the last.

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After the war Walter wrote a book about lovea German submariner to a Soviet girl. He goes to the Soviet Union to find a linguist who will be able to translate his novel into Russian. Von Rieden is recommended by Anna Kapustin. This is Arseniev, who married a Soviet pilot. She brings up their common son, named after Walter - Valentine.

The fate of Alexei Kapustin is tragic. He commits suicide after learning about who is the father of his adoptive son. Walter is arrested on charges of espionage. However, not only scoundrels, capable of making ridiculous accusations, work in state security bodies. Among them there are also decent people, for example, Shuvalov. The major helps Anna and Walter. A former German submariner is at large. This is the plot of the series "When the snow melted". Actors and roles are presented below.

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main characters

Martin Yakowski and Ekaterina Reshetnikova performedmain roles. "When the melting snow melted," the story and actors of which are given in the article, is a film dedicated to historical events. The period of 1938-1951 is shown. But still the main storyline is the love story of Walter and Anna. Yakowski played a submariner in the film "When the melting snow".

The actor was born in 1974, graduated from the Berlin Academy of Sciences. Yakovsky already had experience of cooperation with Russian cinematographers. So, he played one of the main roles in the film "Half-glam" (2005).

Ekaterina Reshetnikova made her debut in cinema in 2001, in the series "Slaughter Force". Other films with the participation of the actress: "The Law of the Mousetrap", "The Era of the Archer", "Dangerous Combination", "Live First".

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Andrei Sokolov

One of the most popular Russian artistsCinematography played the chief of one of the departments of the NKVD. Actor, as always, coped excellently with the role of a strong, wise man, for whom in the first place honor and duty. Sokolov viewers are accustomed to seeing on the screen in this role. One of the few negative roles of the actor - the role of a saboteur in the film "The Last Armored Train."

Other actors of the film "When the melting snow melted"

The role of the pilot Alexei Kapustin was played by Anatoly Pashinin. The career of this actor began at the beginning of the two thousandth. Fame for Pashinin came after the movie "Provincials".

A lot, of course, and the negative characters in the"When the snow melted". Actors Alexey Fedkin and Fedor Lavrov played unconscientious officers of the NKVD. Evgeny Leonov-Gladyshev - a teacher recruited by the Chekists. Other actors of the series were Alexey Solonchev, Vladimir Maslakov, Vladimir Bogdanov, Oleg Metelev, Roman Zhilkin,Anatoly Petrov,Yaroslav Vorontsov,Henna Haverinen,Anton Bagmet.

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