The sizes of a pig-iron bathtub for every taste

The traditional cast-iron bath is undergoing modern changes, so much so that no one would call it old-fashioned. Retaining all its advantages, it acquired a new look, and the size of the cast-iron bath has changed a lot.

Brief description of the cast-iron bath

When buying should pay attention to the enamel. According to GOST, it should be uniform, without cracks and blisters. Enamel may include either titanium or silver ions. Outwardly, this is unnoticeable, but it affects the quality of the coating. It becomes either durable or disinfectant.

Foreign cast-iron baths are cast from thinner cast iron, domestic - from a thicker. This affects the weight of the product. And in fact, and in another case, the bath is heavy, so it will never turn over if you sit on the side.cast iron bath sizes

Water is dialed without loud sounds. This is one of the main advantages of a bath.

In the bath, you can embed additional accessories - armrests, seats, headrests. Or turn it into a jacuzzi.

Standard Cast Iron Baths

They are usually installed along the wall. Such baths are most in demand. They can be found in every store, because they are suitable for ordinary standard apartments and bathrooms. These are standard cast iron bath sizes:

  • 150x70 cm;
  • 140x70 cm

cast iron bath size

In such a bath is convenient and stretch out and sit. Technologies have changed so much that the forms of casting may be different. Therefore, it is possible to find models of not quite standard form or configuration.

Large cast iron baths

In them, of course, more comfortable to relax, but such models require a different size of the bathroom, and they are usually heavier. The size of the cast-iron bath for those who love space:

  • 170x70 cm;
  • 180x85 cm;
  • 185x85 cm

The two mentioned last models are cast iron baths, which are produced individually.Corner Baths Cast Iron Sizes Prices Photo

These models for the most part can be useful if the bathroom is large or located in your own home. Unusual spacious dimensions of the cast-iron bathtub will allow to style and refine the room. Despite the fact that such a bath is heavier and, as a rule, there are difficulties with the installation, you should not deny yourself additional comfort and convenience.

Small cast iron baths

Such baths have a long search. But if the room is very small, then such a bath will subsequently be installed not along the long, but along the short wall. This will get more space and space. The sizes of a pig-iron bath for small rooms:

  • 120x70 cm;
  • 130x70 cm

In fact, this is a sitz bath, because it’s impossible to lie in it. Non-standard dimensions of the bathroom, cast-iron compact model can be changed in the right direction. This is her undoubted advantage.

Types of corner baths

All cast iron corner baths, which are manufactured at the present time, are very diverse. And this is not only in color. They are simple enough to install. However, the negative quality is the high price and the fact that it is almost impossible to buy a corner bath from any manufacturer other than Kohler. The market for corner models is extremely poor.

How to choose a corner bath

First of all, you need to get acquainted with what the plumbing market offers. It should consider where the bath will be installed. If you install it on the wall from the front door, then the space in the room will be greatly saved. These baths are deeper than usual, and two people can wash in them at the same time.But this bath will be filled with water longer, and the water consumption will be more. Both pens and legs can be included in the package. Also, there is often a hydromassage function. Models can be asymmetrical or the usual symmetrical shape, as well as have a different installation - right or left. And although angular cast-iron baths are made by Jacob Delafon, Odoksan, ROCA and Goldman, finding them is not easy.

cast iron baths according to individual sizes

Further, we give as an example some cast iron corner baths: sizes, prices. Photos of one of the models posted above.

  • 122x111 cm - about three hundred thirty thousand rubles. This is the most popular model of the American company Kohler.
  • Domestic manufacturers set prices from 12,000 rubles. But finding them on the market is difficult.

When choosing a bath, from whatever material it would be, first of all pay attention to the size of the bathroom, then to the design, and after that the model itself is carefully selected in all respects so that it fits completely into the room. In general, the choice on the market is large enough. It will allow you to find the necessary product that meets all needs. Although, unfortunately, not all designs of designers can be embodied in cast iron.Casting iron is a complex process, and until the forms that follow the curves of the human body, round and angular forms are mastered.

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