The text in the picture. How to add fonts to Photoshop

The program "Photoshop" uses the same fonts as the Windows operating system itself. Their standard set provides ample opportunities in the design of various kinds of images. However, when working with drawings and photographs, it is sometimes necessary to use some other options. We will talk about how to add fonts to Photoshop and how to use them in our article.

Where to get the necessary font

Finding almost any font is easy on the Internet. This opportunity provides just a huge number of sites. The difficulty usually lies only in the ignorance of the name of one or another font you like. In this case, the Photoshop program itself will help, as well as all sorts of Internet services of the corresponding specialization.

So, before you begin to figure out how to add fonts to Photoshop, let's try to find what you need on the web. First you need to open a picture with the inscription you like in Photoshop.Next, you should use the function of framing. Select the plot with the text and cut off the rest of the picture. If necessary, inscriptions should add contrast, using any tool provided by the editor. Next, the resulting piece of text should be saved as a separate image in a folder.

how to add fonts to photoshop

After that, the image is loaded into the appropriate field of one of the Internet services for font definition. As a result, the program installed on this site will give the necessary name. After that, it remains only to find the font on the Internet and download it to your computer.

How to find out the font name when using a PSD image

Finding the name of the font on the downloaded from the network image in the format of the program "Photoshop" PSD is even easier. You just need to open the image in the editor, go to the layer with the text and open the Character window from the Windows section. The name of the font will be displayed in its upper part. You can also use another way. In the event that there is no font on the computer, double-clicking on the text layer will display an inscription warning about this.In the same dialog box will be put down and its name.

install fonts for photoshop

How to install a font

Now let's see how to install fonts for Photoshop. To do this, the downloaded file will need to be moved to the appropriate Windows folder. First of all, click on the "Start" and go to the "My Computer" section. On the C drive will need to open the Windows folder. OS fonts are located in the Fonts directory. Now also open the folder in which the downloaded version is saved. Copy the font file to the clipboard (you may have to unpack the archive) by clicking on the mouse button (right) and selecting the "Copy" function. Next, paste the file into the folder Fonts. To do this, also click on the right mouse button and select the "Insert" section.

upload fonts to photoshop

How to use the font

So, we figured out how to add fonts to Photoshop. Now let's see how to use them. By the way, the added font will be available not only in this popular editor. They will be able to write texts in other programs that use a set of Windows fonts, for example, in Word.

The font downloaded and installed in the Fonts folder will appear in the list of fonts in the Photoshop editor drop-down menu.It is located in the upper left corner of the program window (you need to take the Type Tool tool). However, if the editor was opened while copying to the Fonts folder, you will not see the new font in the list. In order for it to appear, you must restart Photoshop.

Photoshop fonts

How to make inscriptions in the "Photoshop" editor

We think you managed to download the fonts in Photoshop. How do the captions on the pictures in this program? For this there is a tool Type Tool. Taking it and selecting the downloaded font from the list at the top, you need to click in the selected location for the inscription. After that, you can start typing. Of course, you must choose the size of the letters, as well as the color. This can be done on the same panel as the drop-down list. Particularly accurate when choosing a place to write text is not necessary. Later it can be dragged anywhere using the Move Tool, as it is created on a separate layer. Texts in the editor are originally written in vector format. In order to translate the inscription into a raster, you should right-click on its layer and select the Rasterize Layer item.

inscriptions in the photoshop editor

If desired, the inscription in the "Photoshop" editor can be positioned not only horizontally but also vertically or even turned upside down.You can also make it not paint, but simply make a selection on the outline of the letters. In this case, it is possible to paint each letter in a separate color.

Some rules for the use of fonts in the design of images

Now you know how to add fonts to Photoshop. Consider some rules for their use:

  1. When performing the inscription in small letters, it is worthwhile to use the simplest font as possible without any kind of special effects.
  2. Experts do not advise to use the bulk font for the entire inscription. It will be enough to visually highlight in this way only the capital letter.
  3. Font design should not interfere with text perception. That is, do not abuse it too florid options.
  4. You should not use the font in the event that some letters in it are replaced with symbols. Also, do not make inscriptions in low-quality fonts. In this case, some letters may not even be visible at all.

Well, we figured out how to add fonts to Photoshop. This can be done in a couple of clicks. Even with the search for the necessary option in our time difficulties arise almost can not.The very same program provides tremendous opportunities in the design of pictures in this way.

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