Thrombophlebitis: Symptoms and Treatment

Thrombophlebitis is an inflammation of the vein walls as a result of the formation of a blood clot in its lumen. Most often this disease affects the lower limbs. However, there may be inflammation in the arms and even on the neck.thrombophlebitis symptomsAcute thrombophlebitis, the treatment of which must be started immediately, is a condition in which a thrombus attaches to the wall of the vein, thereby intensifying the inflammatory process.

What is the cause of the disease

The causes of this disease a lot, but the main was and remains heredity. If your loved ones suffered from this disease, then, most likely, it is also peculiar to you. This is the main, but not the only reason. You can also be "visited" by this unpleasant disease if you are sitting for most of the day or are constantly wearing high heels.

Thrombophlebitis: symptoms

Signs of the disease are visible even to a layman. The affected vein is strongly compacted and reddens. The place around it swells, most often swelling spreads over a large area.But this is an inflammation of the upper veins, and what if a deep thrombophlebitis is suspected, the symptoms of which at first may not appear at all? In this case, it remains only to wait and hope that the disease will not affect you.acute thrombophlebitis symptomsIf the disease of deep veins is present, then over time the affected limb begins to redden and swell. The illness can proceed slowly, and therefore the patient's condition worsens gradually. The pain and swelling will become stronger every day. In order to avoid undesirable consequences, it is necessary to consult a doctor as soon as possible at the least suspicion of thrombophlebitis. After all, if the disease worsens, then the risk of a blood clot separating from a blood clot and getting into the lungs increases.

Treatment of the disease

If you have been diagnosed with thrombophlebitis, the symptoms and treatment of which are, in principle, understandable, but frightening, then you need to completely trust your doctor and not take the initiative in self-treatment. By the way, in case of inflammation of the superficial veins, it is completely unnecessary to go to the hospital. But remember that treatment should be strictly under the supervision of a physician.In this case, you can assign a variety of ointments and gels that have anti-inflammatory effect. And, most likely, it will be prescribed to wear compression underwear, which will provide support for the veins and provide some massage effect.

How to treat thrombophlebitis, the symptoms of which indicate inflammation of the deep veins?

In this case, the doctor may refer you to the installation of a cava filter, which is located in the inferior vena cava and prevents the penetration of blood clots in the lungs. Possible and surgical intervention. In this case, large accumulations of blood clots will be removed from the pelvis, abdomen and legs.thrombophlebitis symptoms and treatmentIn conjunction with these methods you will be prescribed drugs that have the ability to thin the blood. These are trombolitics, which should not be started without supervision of a specialist. By the way, self-medication with the help of folk remedies can only aggravate the situation and harm. So do not rush to extremes, go immediately to the hospital.

Let's sum up

Thrombophlebitis, whose symptoms are so obvious, is becoming more common. But in most cases we forget how insidious the disease is, and launch it.But you can avoid many problems if you start treatment in time. Be healthy!

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