Tile expansion joints

I want to put tiles in the house and I was advised to use special expansion joints for tiles. I understand this a little bit and therefore I ask you to tell what you should pay attention to when buying tiled expansion joints? And maybe someone knows a cheap store in Krasnodar, where you can buy these same seams?
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Answered on July 16, 21:38
The most durable and durable are aluminum deformation panels, but at the same time they are the most expensive. Steel panels are also very good, in my opinion they are an ideal option if you choose something between price and quality.
Answered on July 16 22:44
Before buying deformation panels, you need to determine exactly what you need. It is absolutely necessary to take into account everything: the type of load, the intensity of movement, the size of the seams, the type of topcoat and much more.
Victor Lidermann
Victor Lidermann
Answered on July 17 09:55
If you want to buy a normal profile of expansion joints for a tile, but at the same time save money, then I advise you to buy PVC profiles. Their base is really made of PVC, but the inserts and fasteners are aluminum and steel, so these panels are quite strong.

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