"Tiloron": instructions for use, analogues, descriptions and reviews

The great variety of drugs represented by pharmacy chains makes consumers think seriously. This difficult step in the choice of a drug, some patients do not in the right direction. Such therapy threatens the deterioration of health and complications.

Statistics show that antivirals become the leaders in popularity in winter and autumn. Many of them work according to a single principle: they boost natural immunity. Today you will be presented with a medicine called "Tiloron." Instructions for use, price, reviews, analogues are further described in the article.

tiloron instructions for use

How much is the drug and what is included in it?

The tool "Tiloron" instruction characterizes as a highly effective antiviral drug that has an immunomodulatory effect. Available claimed drug in the form of capsules.Each pill contains 125 milligrams of the component of the same name (tilorone). Cellulose, copovidone, calcium stearate, silicon dioxide, and gelatinous shell supplement the preparation. Attached with each medicine "Tiloron" instructions for use. The price of ten tablets is about 600 rubles. It may vary in a smaller or larger direction in certain regions of the country.

Drug efficacy

On the immunomodulator "Tiloron" instructions for use reports that it is quite effective. After ingestion, an immediate induction of three types of interferons begins (gum, beta, and alpha). They are designed to overcome different types of viruses and increase the resistance of the organism as a whole. During the day, the active substance is determined in the intestines, liver and blood. The drug inhibits specific proteins of the virus. It is effective against influenza A and B, ARVI, herpes and hepatitis, as well as cytomegalovirus.

As soon as you have taken a dose of Tiloron medication, the instructions for use promise its immediate effect. The drug is absorbed from the digestive tract, evenly distributed throughout the body.After about 48 hours, the concentration of the drug in the blood is halved.

tiloron instructions for use price reviews analogs

Important about indications and limitations

Before use, be sure to find out what the instructions for use mean. The price is not indicated in it, but there is another important information: indications and contraindications. Since the capsules have an antiviral effect, they are used in the following diseases:

  • influenza A and B;
  • ARVI;
  • viral hepatitis A, B or C;
  • cytomegalovirus;
  • multiple sclerosis and autoimmune diseases;
  • Chlamydia (urogenital or respiratory).

It is used to prevent these diseases and in the treatment of bacterial pathologies.

It does not recommend the use of "Tiloron" instructions for use in case of hypersensitivity to the main or additional active substance. It is forbidden to take the drug in children under the age of 7 years. Do not use medicine to expectant mothers and women during lactation.

tiloron instructions for use price

"Tiloron": instructions for use

Analogues of effective means will be listed for you below. Before reading them, you need to figure out how to use an immunomodulator.Capsules "Tiloron" must be taken after a meal. Preliminary crushing or opening they do not require. Wash down the medicine with enough water. For treatment, the drug is prescribed in a dosage of 125 to 250 mg (1-2 pills) per day, and for the purpose of prevention, 125 mg (1 tablet) per week. Depending on the nature and severity of the disease, the duration of capsule administration varies:

  • acute respiratory infections and influenza virus - 7 days;
  • Hepatitis A - 2 weeks, B - 4 weeks, C - involves taking two doses per week for a month;
  • herpes, CMV and chlamydial lesions - 30 days;
  • multiple sclerosis - 1 tablet every other day for 20 days;
  • immunodeficiency corrected on average 4 weeks (two doses per week).

tiloron instructions for use price reviews

Drug Substitutes

You already know a lot about Tiloron tablets: instructions for use, price. Analogs should also be roughly presented. You may need to replace the drug for specific reasons. Alternative medications may be similar in structure or have the same effect. In the first case we are talking about absolute substitutes. These include: “Lavomax”, “Ingavirin”, “Aktaviron”, “Tilaxin”. All of them are sold in pharmacies without a prescription.The composition of drugs is present active ingredient tiloron. Pay special attention to the fact that its amount may differ from the originally claimed drug. The most popular of all recognized "Amiksin."

If we talk about drugs with the same action, but with a different composition, we can mention Kagocel, Ergoferon, Cycloferon, Izoprinosin, Polyoxidonium and many others. Manufacturers produce a variety of medicines, among which you can choose what is right for you. You should not try to cope with this task yourself. Visit the doctor and find out what is permissible to take in your case.

Tiloron instructions for use analogues

What can be heard from consumers?

Users say that the instructions for use are described in detail and in a accessible manner for the preparation “Tiloron”. Price reviews has the most different. Some patients say that the drug is worth it to pay such a large amount for it. Others talk about the unreasonable high cost of medication. Despite all the controversial figures, each patient decides for himself whether he should buy this medicine or not.

Positive feedback on capsules can be heard from many consumers.Medication in the period of respiratory diseases reduces the severity and duration of catarrhal manifestations. After a few days of regular use, the patient becomes much easier. Recovery is faster, the duration of bed rest is reduced. Studies have shown that taking the drug prevents the development of bacterial complications.

tiloron instructions for use price analogues

A few words in conclusion

This article is designed to help you learn important information about the drug "Tiloron." Instructions for use, price, reviews, analogues of the drug are presented to your review. Not always the patient can correctly diagnose himself. Because of this, self-treatment is not entirely correct. The drug "Tiloron" is expensive enough to waste money on the wind. Therefore, before purchasing it, be sure to visit a medical institution and consult a doctor. You may need additional medication or a more affordable medication. Good health!

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