Tips for making omelette fluffy

Eggs - one of the most popular and sought after products. They can be both an independent hearty dish, and act as an additional ingredient. Many housewives enjoy cooking quick, easy and tasty egg dishes - omelets. But not always it turns out the way you want. Quite often, you can observe a high elastic press on a dish during cooking, whereas when it comes to the table it settles. Or the egg mass does not rise at all, staying lying pancake. How to make an omelette lush, so he did not fall down later? It is worth more to understand this issue.

how to make an omelette fluffy

Method one

In order for the omelet to be lush, you need to put egg powder instead of eggs. Or add these ingredients one by one.

An omelet cooked in this way is not a very useful dish, but it does not bear any harm to health. Its mass is much larger, and the layer is higher.

Quite often, this method of preparation was used in Soviet times, which is why everyone is familiar with the so-called kindergarten "Magnificent Omelet".

The recipe on the pan of this dish is very simple.It is necessary to mix the powder with milk and whisk the mass with a whisk, then pour the resulting mass onto a hot frying pan and cover with a lid.

Second way

How to cook omelette fluffy if you do not have egg powder? Very simple. Thanks to the experiments of culinary lard, it is known that if you mix two types of butter, your dish will be high and elastic. If you follow the step by step instructions, your omelet will surely be lush.

The recipe on the pan is almost the same as the preparation of a standard classic dish. You need to take the right amount of eggs and beat them with a fork with the addition of salt and the necessary spices. Then the milk is added and everything is mixed using a fork. Take two kinds of butter: butter and vegetable. Melt the first and mix with the second, then pour the mixture onto a hot frying pan. Heat the surface and pour out the egg mixture. Cook the omelet under the lid until cooked.

how to make an omelette lush

Third way

This method, how to make an omelette fluffy, is ideal for people on a diet. Everyone knows that eggs are a product containing cholesterol.In this case, you can use them without fear for your figure.

Beat the egg mass with a fork and salt to taste. Instead of milk, take soda and pour into the eggs. Stir the substance gently so that the existing gases do not come out. Pour the mixture into the pan and cook under the lid. In order to make the dish more tasty and fragrant, add to it a bit of greenery.

Fourth method

Surely every housewife knows what makes the baking splendor - this is the usual table soda. Since the omelette can be cooked lush with the help of soda only in the oven, this method will not suit the fried dish.

Beat eggs with a fork and add spices to taste. Pour in milk and pour half a teaspoon of soda. Stir the mass thoroughly and pour it into a baking dish. Put in the oven and bake until tender.

omelette lush recipe in the pan

Method Five

Another secret how to make an omelet fluffy is a separate whipping of ingredients. Separate the whites from the yolks. Beat the mixture of proteins to the state of foam, add to them the required amount of milk. Pour the resulting mass into a hot frying pan, then whisk the yolks very quickly and add to the middle of the frying pan.

After the done actions it is necessary to cover the egg mass and cook until fully cured.

so that the omelette was lush

Sixth way

Perhaps one of the most common ways to make an omelette fluffy is to beat it thoroughly.

Break the required number of eggs and using a blender or mixer, beat them up to a state of foam. Add spices to taste and pour the milk in a thin stream while continuing to beat. Heat the pan to a hot state, lubricate the surface with oil and pour the egg mixture.

Seventh way

This option of cooking a lush omelet is suitable only if you are not afraid of extra pounds and do not stick to a diet.

Stir the eggs with a fork and add sour cream or heavy cream instead of milk. You can also add a little mayonnaise. These ingredients will give the finished dish a greater density and a pleasant delicate taste. Cooking such an omelet is recommended in the oven so that the moisture does not evaporate and the juiciness of the product is preserved.

to make an omelette fluffy


Summarizing, you can see that thanks to lovers of cooking art and experienced culinary specialists, there are many ways in the world to make an omelette magnificent.Which of the recipes you choose for yourself depends solely on the availability of the necessary ingredients and your taste preferences.

It is worth recalling that eggs contain cholesterol, which is why nutritionists do not recommend using them more than three pieces a day. Watch your health and figure.

To create a more delicious dish, you can add a variety of vegetables to the omelet: pepper, beans, tomatoes, greens. It is also possible to add meat products and semi-finished products: sausages, wieners, different types of sausages or regular meat and minced meat.

In order for an omelet to turn out even more tasty and appetizing in appearance, it is necessary to cook it, putting your love and good mood. That's when your home and guests will appreciate your efforts and the resulting culinary masterpiece.

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