"Toyota Mark 2" ("Samurai"): review, features, features, prices

"Toyota Mark 2" is a whole family of mid-size sedans, which was produced from 1968 to 2004. In the fall of 1992, a new car was born - the Toyota Mark-2 Samurai. 90 body surprised many: the car was not like the previous generation "Markov." The model quickly gained popularity around the world. Since the 2000s, the Mark-2 Samurai machine has been actively used by our compatriots in the Far East and Siberia. What got this car so popular? The review of the car, technical characteristics and the prices - all this is presented to attention of the reader further in our article.


Compared with the previous, sixth generation, the new "Mark" has changed significantly. Changed optics, front and rear bumpers. Bevels racks are now smoother and smoother.Toyota Mark 2 SamuraiIn front, the 90th body looks like a real samurai: slanted headlights, a long hood and a wide bumper.The very "Toyota" has a pretty sporty look, although the machine itself was not positioned. This is a regular midsize sedan. However, it was for this body was made the most skirts. With them looks pretty sporty sedan "Mark-2 Samurai." Tuning the car clearly to face. A massive arch allows you to install any drives, even collapsible, with a shelf.Mark 2 SamuraiThe black Mark-2 Samurai looks particularly impressive. By the way, this nickname 90th body was not received because of the front end. Behind the car has a narrow strip of lanterns, which stretches across the entire width. As it looks, the reader can see in the photo below.Mark 2 Samurai TuningThe strip of rear lights is somewhat reminiscent of some samurai saber. Despite belonging to the business class, the car has a squat and dynamic silhouette with an elongated trunk. Mixing the two styles didn’t prevent the Mark from gaining much popularity. This combination of presentability and sportiness makes it unique and recognizable. Even now, this car is easily recognizable in the stream of other cars.

As for the size, the car is quite large. The length of the car is 4.75 meters, width - 1.75 meters, height - 1.39 meters.Ground clearance - almost 16 centimeters. However, due to the long wheelbase, the car often clings to the bottom, especially on dirt roads. And with the installation of skirts this clearance will decrease by another couple of centimeters.

The car "Toyota Mark-2 Samurai" was not intended for the European market. In Russia, he got through the Japanese auctions. Therefore, the machine has a square cutout for the rooms. And both in front, and behind (the Japanese and American standard).car mark 2 samuraiMany fail to obtain license plates of this type (they usually go for trucks), so drivers drive with European-class signs. Naturally, this impairs aesthetics. Real connoisseurs of JDM-cars should take care of license plates in advance or purchase a certified copy of the American format.


Even now, the design of the cabin of the seventh generation "Mark" looks good. Yes, there is a lack of a modern multi-rudder, chrome-plated inserts and fashionable "twists" of climate control. But, sitting in the salon, you understand how well even the smallest detail was developed.sale mark 2 samuraiErgonomics is at a decent level. The center console is slightly turned towards the driver.There is a convenient dashboard. By the way, it was of two types - digital and analog. In the photo below is a rare left-handed version of the Toyota Mark-2 Samurai sedan.black mark 2 samuraiTuning the interior is not needed. Japanese engineers have completed everything from the factory. Inconvenient this salon can not be called. Plus - quality, not rattling plastic. It is much stronger than the modern "Camry" and "Corollah".

Another distinctive feature - velor interior. The thickness of the velor is comparable to the Persian carpet. Inside the Toyota Mark-2 Samurai gives a real homely atmosphere. No wonder the car is called the "sofa in the rear wheel drive." On the passenger side there is a small glove box, and between the seats is a comfortable armrest. Not deprived of space and rear passengers. Even tall people knees do not rest against the back of the front seats. All thanks to the long wheelbase.

With its "adapted" appearance, the car has a weakly expressed lateral support. And this is the main drawback of the cabin. In terms of sound insulation machine pleased: at least crickets after a 20-year period of operation.

The car "Mark-2 Samurai" quite roomy trunk.However, putting big things here will be quite difficult. All the fault of a large loading height and a narrow opening. The rear lantern strip could be made an integral part of the trunk lid - this is a more practical solution.


So we got to the most important feature of the Toyota Mark-2 Samurai - the engine compartment. The engine range was quite extensive and included both gasoline and diesel units. Let's start with the first.

The base for the Toyota Mark-2 Samurai is a 1.8-liter 4-cylinder engine with distributed fuel injection. The engine is not equipped with a turbine and gives out 125 horsepower.

Next on the list is a two-liter 1G-FE naturally aspirated engine. This is a 6-cylinder engine that was 10 horsepower more powerful than the previous one.

We now turn to the "charged" modifications with the "JayZet" engines. The car was equipped with three motors of this line. The first is a 2.5-liter turbo-charged engine that developed 180 horsepower. The second is a three-liter engine on 6 cylinders with a power of 220 horsepower. And finally, the flagship for Toyota Mark-2 in the 90th body is the turbocharged 1JZ-GTE with a capacity of 280 horsepower (with a working volume of 2.5 liters). Motor perfectly tunable.JayZet series units have a high potential - up to a thousand horsepower.Toyota Mark 2 Samurai TuningThe turbocharged “JayZet” was installed on sports modifications “Mark”, namely: Tourer V (in common “Turik Veshka”).

Diesel Mark: Acceleration

There were also diesel versions of the Samurai. There are not so many of them in the open spaces of Russia. Diesel "Toyota Mark-2 Samurai" staffed 2.4-liter engine with 97 horsepower. Of course, no dynamic indicators are out of the question (although the units were equipped with turbocharging).

As for the atmospheric petrol units, with them, Toyota accelerated to a hundred in 9-10 seconds. Well, the flagship "JayZet" with a capacity of 280 horsepower accelerated the "Samurai" to a hundred in 6.2 seconds. Even now it is a solid indicator, not to mention the 90s.


In terms of fuel consumption, the Mark-2 has never been economical. Of course, if we are not talking about the "vegetable" diesel unit. With him, consumption rarely exceeded the 8-bar level. Motors with a volume of 2.5 liters and above consumed a hundred at least 15 liters of gasoline. In addition, the turbo version required the use of only 98th gasoline.


A 5-step mechanic or a 4-speed automatic was used as transmission. The last checkpoint is more common in Russia. Many Markov owners do SVAP, installing an automatic manual gearbox instead. That it is suitable for drift. In terms of maintenance, both transmissions do not cause problems. And in the event of a breakdown, you can always find a contractual gearbox from Japan and replace it entirely. By the way, many units on the Japanese right-hand drive cars are bought entirely. To purchase a contractual gearbox or engine is much cheaper than repairing an old one.


The car has a very soft suspension. Those who want stiffness, install coilovers and sports gas-filled shock absorbers. In standard equipment, the Mark-2 is very shaky, but it works well on the bumps. The front suspension is built on two levers, rear - mnogorichazhka with a coil spring. Brakes on both axles - disc (front - ventilated).Toyota Mark 2 Samurai TuningSteering - gear-rail, complete with hydraulic booster. GUR is already in the basic configuration, as well as power windows. The car has rear wheel drive.The flagship 280-strong version is characterized by the presence of a limited slip differential with locking.

"JayZet" for everyday use

JZ series engine won the hearts of many motorists. Its main trump card is high power and reliability. The engine resource is about 1 million kilometers. In terms of service there are only consumables. Motors do not repair - it is easier to purchase a new disassembly. It will be cheaper and faster in time. Now about the problems. Over time, begins zhor oil. Grease begins to penetrate the candle wells. As for the other shortcomings, car owners call high fuel consumption. For those who need efficiency, this engine is not suitable. Otherwise, it is a very reliable and resource engine. Acceleration pleases even on atmospheric 2.5-liter engines. It becomes clear why there are many legends about “JayZet” among motorists. Motor put on many domestic cars. This and the "Volga", and "Lada", and Oise, and other equipment. Recently, the unit began to put "gazelists."

Cost of

"Toyota Mark-2" - this is probably the only car that has such a large run-up in prices.In 2017, the cost of a right-hand drive sedan ranges from 100 thousand to 1 million rubles. Surprisingly, the sale is very fast.toyota mark 2 samurai 90 body"Mark-2 Samurai" - a very popular car in Russia, especially in the eastern regions. In more or less normal condition "Mark-2" can be bought for 150-250 thousand rubles. The most expensive versions are turbocharged. Their price may be 600 or more thousand rubles. As a rule, these are no longer factory modifications - the owners themselves install a second turbine, a screw suspension and other elements.


So, we found out what features and technical characteristics of "Toyota Mark-2" in the 90th body. The car does not lose popularity. Experts say that the car will be fashionable among young people for many more years. The engines have great potential for tuning, and the dynamic performance of the charged versions can hit many experienced car owners.

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