Tractor "Uralets" for home use: specifications, reviews

For some reason, it is always assumed that agricultural machinery must necessarily be large in size. However, in practice this is far from the case, more precisely, not quite. Modern machines for cultivating the land and performing operations with land may also have small dimensions. A striking example of this is the Uralets mini-tractor. This unit we consider in detail in the article.

Uralets tractor


Tractor "Uralets" was created to work in the communal, agriculture, for personal use. The small dimensions of the machine make it possible to operate it in rooms with a very small area, therefore it is indispensable for servicing greenhouse complexes, gardens, and hangars. In addition, the tractor takes up little space during storage. It is easy to fit even in a garage with minimal linear dimensions.

Most often, the Uralets tractor is used in conjunction with a trailer designed for a payload of two tons. In winter, transport can work together with sleds.

Just perfect the unit has proven itself during the processing of potato fields. And all because the tractor can, if necessary, be equipped with a potato planter, a comb-former, and an hiller. Recently, there was also a universal device designed for planting in the ground already fully prepared seedlings.

Also the Uralets tractor (reviews about it do not carry negative information) is good in the process of harvesting fodder - mowing hay. For this, special mowers of the rotary and cantilever type, rakes, agitators, reel and rollers are used.

mini tractor Uralets

Positive traits

The Ural resident tractor is distinguished by the fact that it is very economical. The power plant of the machine is characterized by a relatively low fuel consumption and at the same time has a very high efficiency. The tractor is easy to maintain. Most of its systems are located so that they can be easily reached. Also, the technique is unpretentious to the quality of fuel and oil.

The lineup

The Uralets tractor is manufactured by the Russian enterprise Tractor, which is located in the Chelyabinsk region, the city of Yemanzhelinsk. However, individual component parts for the machine are manufactured in China.tractor for household uralets

In total, today there are three types of the described unit:

  • "Uralets-160".
  • "Uralets-180".
  • "Uralets-220".

Each of the machines has proven itself in practice. In addition, each of the tractors differs from the other only in engine power.

Model with 16 horsepower engine

This tractor is the youngest in its class. He has the smallest weight, which is often not considered a disadvantage, but rather an advantage. In particular, it is recommended to apply as little pressure as possible to the soil in the area of ​​crop growth when feeding crops. Therefore, in this case, this mini-car is simply irreplaceable.

18 hp mini tractor

"Uralets-180" is optimal for loosening the soil, plowing, harvesting and planting crops, as well as use in other agricultural work. In addition, the machine is used in the communal area for street cleaning, transportation and shipment of bulk materials.

The tractor has a small payback period, has perfect maneuverability and controllability. Also, the machine has a lower cost than its imported counterparts and can be additionally equipped with special attachments.

As for the negative features of the tractor, they also exist. “Uralets-180” is quite difficult to manage, therefore, it is not easy to ride it without experience. In addition, the replacement of the oil engine is quite expensive. The body, made of plastic, is very vulnerable to mechanical damage.tractor uralets reviews


Characteristics of the Uralets tractor with an engine of 18 horsepower are as follows:

  • Weight - 940 kilograms.
  • Turning radius - 3900 mm.
  • Traction effort - 3,7 kN.
  • Movement speed - 27 km / h.
  • Fuel consumption - 246.2 g / kWh.
  • Fuel tank capacity - 17 liters.

Special features

The described model has certain technical nuances, among which we indicate the following:

  • Wiring the car improved and strengthened.
  • Levers of the front suspension received increased strength.
  • High power battery is equipped with a pre-launch system.
  • A cold start system is provided.
  • The gearbox is equipped with rugged gears.
  • The seat is adjustable in the horizontal plane.

tractor uralets owner reviews

The most modern model

Tractor "Uralets 220", reviews of which are extremely positive, is equipped with a power plant, which is able to ensure the operation of the machine with the most diverse equipment of the mounted type - a two-body plow, a soil mill, a cultivator for hilling. Manufacturers regularly increase the functionality and safety margin of the unit.

Let us study what the consumer like the Uralets tractor so much. Reviews of the owners state that the car pays for itself in literally the first season of its operation. In addition, there is a stable engine performance and reliability of the chassis.

The use of the tractor occurs in temperate climates, which is explained by the lack of a cabin. Without it, there is no possibility to regulate the working conditions of the driver. However, as practice shows, craftsmen learned to do a roof over their heads with their own hands so that they could work in the rain.

Basic data

The technical characteristics of the Uralets tractor (model 220) are as follows:

  • Engine power - 22 horsepower.
  • The specific fuel consumption is 260 g / kWh.
  • Fuel tank capacity - 8 liters.
  • The maximum possible speed of movement is 27.35 km / h.
  • Clearance of the car - 300 mm.
  • Track width - 960 mm front wheels, 990 mm - rear wheels.
  • The minimum possible turning radius is 3900 mm.
  • Weight - 960 kg.
  • Wheel formula - 2 x 4.

characteristics of the Uralets tractor


The Uralets tractor in version 220 is equipped with a single-cylinder four-stroke diesel engine TY-295, which has a distinctive feature - the vertical arrangement of the working cylinders. Working temperature in all systems of the unit became possible due to the presence of a cooling complex in a liquid version.

The volume of the engine is 1,531 liters, which allows it to have a power of 16.1 kW. In addition, the engine is equipped with a special electric starter, which makes it possible to start the tractor even in negative environmental conditions.

general information

“Uralets-220” is equipped with a manual gearbox, in which there are two rear and six forward gears. Also in the presence of the shaft power takeoff, which is used to connect external attachment accessories. Shaft rotation frequency - 540 rpm.The tractor's passability is also quite high, it calmly overcomes viscous and soft soils.

It is worth noting the fact that the machine does not require additional running after the purchase. The resource is the same unit depends entirely on how often it is used and in what conditions it is stored. The driver's seat is equipped with springs, which, in turn, makes the trip more comfortable even on uneven stretches of road.

220 model of the tractor is implemented in two versions: basic and improved. As such, between them there is no difference. The only thing that distinguishes the improved version is the ability to block the differential in order to increase the maneuverability of the car. At the same time, it is not possible to install such a stop on the base model separately from a technical point of view.tractor uralets 220 reviews

Operational features

Any of the above tractors "Uralets" requires the driver to carry out the following activities before starting work:

  • Check fuel and oil levels.
  • Ensure that the clutch is securely fastened and, if applicable, the attachment.
  • Inspect all bolted connections from the outside of the vehicle.
  • If after three attempts to start the engine, it still does not start, then you need to check the correctness of its connection.
  • Please note that after a new electrolyte filling the battery will be ready for operation in no less than thirty minutes. In this case, the electrolyte level must always exceed the fuse by 10-15 millimeters.
  • After a long period of inactivity without a battery, it is required to return the battery for recharging.
  • The warm-up time of the engine at medium speeds should be in the range of two to 5 minutes. The oil pressure will be up to 0.4 MPa.
  • Always check the brake pedal operation before driving. After pressing it should always return to its original position. It’s not worth keeping your foot on the clutch pedal.

In case of failure to comply with these simple rules, a technician can fail quite quickly, and even for a long time, while repairs will be very expensive.

Cost of

If we talk about the price, the "Ural resident-220" is not an expensive transport. For the new car, the buyer will have to pay approximately 200,000 Russian rubles.At the same time, the cost of foreign analog will be almost twice as high.

Attachment is sold separately. The unit of each such universal device costs from 20,000 to 50,000 rubles. It goes without saying that it is most advantageous to purchase auxiliary devices with a kit.

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